What is it Best Tajweed books? The is tajweed rule is that science that depends on changing the tone of the voice by standing, or lowering and raising the voice, in order to clarify the meaning of the speech or to convey an expression within the soul through the tone of the voice.
We will get acquainted with the best tajweed book and clarification the rules of Tajweed and advanced Tajweed and its different types in the article. Continue reading

Definition of Tajweed

In the following lines, we will mention the definition of Tajweed, linguistically and idiomatically:

Tajweed Language 

Linguistically, Tajweed is the perfection and improvement of pronunciation by reading the letters correctly.

Tajweed idiomatically 

The science of tajweed idiomatically is the science of the exits of the letters, improving their performance and rulings with qualities, and conveying the meaning in a clear way by simply listening to the sound, and this is an important matter when reciting the Quran.

What is the importance of the science of tajweed?

  • The importance of this science lies in the correct reading of religious texts, thus understanding them in the correct manner, and working with their meaning.
  • As it prevents any verbal distortion of the texts of the Quran.

Therefore, in What is it Best Tajweed book, we find that many Muslims are eager to learn this science, after the science of Tajweed was defined linguistically and idiomatically, and its role in establishing prayer properly.

As for the art of intonation in the aspect of music, it lies in conveying the feeling by raising and lowering the voice, in certain words, and some feelings may appear through this art such as anger, surprise, joy, and sadness.

What are the provisions of the science of intonation?

  • There are many readings in which the Quran is recited, and there are many fonts in which the verses are written.
  • But we will mention some rulings related to the narration of Hafs, which are drawn in the Ottoman script.
  • It is worth saying that there are signs at the end of the verses, and this is all part of the rulings of this science.
  • So that the suspension and separation between the verses are completed, and thus the meaning is known.
  • The nun sakina and tanween, and it has three provisions: immersion, concealment, and inversion.
  • The first ruling means that the consonant nun is connected to the vowel behind it, and it may be with or without singing.
  • Concealment means not to show the n at all as if it does not exist, and this is after one of the letters (th, c, d, y, z, s, u, r, z, i, z, f, q, k, t).
  • As for the inqilab, it is the change of the pronunciation of the nun to a salinated meem, in What is it Best Tajweed books and this occurs after the nun meets the letter ba.
What is it Best Tajweed books
What is it Best Tajweed books?

Ruling on the static meme in the science of tajweed

  • There are three rulings for the static meme, dithering, concealment, and manifesting.
  • The diffusion occurs when the consonant meme meets the letter meem, whether it is an original meme or a reversal of the nun sakina and tanween.

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We apply the rule of concealment in its convergence with the letter baa and show it is in all cases where the static meem does not meet with the ba or meem.

There are many other rulings, such as the rulings of the qalqala, the ra’, and the apparent and hidden, and the linking and endowment of verses.

The science of tajweed is a wide field of research and knowledge.

Writers and linguists saw the science of intonation

  • There is no doubt that the science of tajweed has received many studies to know the origin of this science and its relationship to the prophetic texts.
  • But it was found that there is a close connection between them.
  • The existence of hadiths and religious texts is considered to prove the existence of this science before anyone knows it.
  • That the science of intonation is not a linguistic phenomenon.
  • But rather a form of extensive knowledge for understanding texts.
  • They finally unanimously agreed on the importance of this science for both the speaker and the listener.
  • Where it was found that this science makes the speaker more self-confident.
  • Aware of the meaning and thus he can communicate the meaning to the listener in an honest manner.
  • As for the listener, he receives the speech and the description in a way that is easy to imagine in the soul.

What is the benefit and purpose of the science of tajweed?

The most important benefits of learning tajweed are preserving the tongue from error (or the so-called melody) when reading the Noble Quran.

Tajweed rule

  • This title is comprehensive, not specific, because the ruling here includes learning and application, and this is in detail.
  • With regard to the ruling on learning the science of tajweed.
  • It is an obligation of sufficiency, meaning that if some people study it.
  • It falls away from others, What is it Best Tajweed books.
  • Learning it means learning the theoretical part of it and of course the practical one.
  • But for Muslim scholars, it is an individual obligation.
  • As for the practical part of it, applying it, and working with its rulings.
  • It is the duty of every Muslim to master it and act upon it as much as possible.

Rulings for seeking refuge and Basmalah

  • Among the provisions of the science of Tajweed is seeking refuge with Allah and Basmalah.
  • Since seeking refuge is not part of the verses of the Noble Quran.
  • But it is desirable, and it is required when reading.
  • Some scholars have made the rule of seeking refuge obligatory.
  • Especially when it comes to starting to read.
  • Whether the beginner is reading the Noble Quran at the beginning or middle of a surah.
  • There is some detail as to whether the seeking refuge is aloud or secret.
  • Each case has its place What is it Best Tajweed books.
  • As for the Basmalah, it is obligatory at the beginning of every surah except for Surat al-Tawbah.
  • As for saying the Basmalah throughout the surahs.
  • A person has the choice in that, if he wants, he says it, and if he wants.
  • He suffices with seeking refuge only.
  • There are some details also in the case of the Basmalah falling between two surahs.
  • We are talking about the provisions of the science of tajweed somewhat briefly.

Rulings of Idgham in Tajweed – What is it Best Tajweed books

  • Idgham is the insertion of two letters into each other so that the first letter is a consonant, and the second is a vowel.
  • So we delete the consonant letter and put a shadda over the remaining vowel.
  • Adjectives have types, including diphthongs, and this is when two united letters occur in the exit and the adjective.
  • Whether they are in one word or in two consecutive words.
  • The second type is homogeneous merging.
  • It means that the two successive letters are united in the exit from the mouth, and differ in some characteristics.
  • Such as the letter dal with taa for example, What is it Best Tajweed books.
  • As for the third type of diphthong, it is the combination of convergent.
  • Which is that the two successive letters are close in the articulation and in the adjective.
  • What is it Best Tajweed books for example in the letters lam, ra, qaf and kaf.