Learn Quran Online for everyone who wants to learn the Quran in a correct way and for everyone who wants to learn the Quran with Tajweed, So, you are in the right place. The Rahman School website will Learn Quran Online from the Best Quran academy, as this site has the best Arabic-speaking Quran teacher and a graduate of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and in the following lines, we will mention in detail how to Learn Quran Online through Learn Quran online Academy.

Learn Quran online for adults It is preferable to memorize and then install on a sheikh who corrects the recitation. Memorizing daily is in two periods, the first after Fajr, and the second, either after Asr or Maghrib.

The Learn Quran online with Tajweed

  1. How do I Learn Quran online with Tajweed? The Holy Quran is the holy book of Muslims.
  2. And they believe that Allah revealed it to His Prophet Muhammad through the revelation of Gabriel over a period of twenty-three years.
  3. The Quran is read in a certain way and with special provisions called “Ahkam al-Tajweed” or “Ahkam al-Tajweed Quran”.

What are the provisions of intonation? And how do we learn it?

  • In this article, my reader friend tells you how to learn Quran easily.
  • Until you reach the stage of proficiency in reading Quran.
  • However, let us know in principle what is intonation.

What is Tajweed?

  1. Tajweed is improvement and beautification.
  2. So Tajweed of the Quran is: improving and beautifying the reading of the Quran.
  3. By observing and applying the rules by which the Noble Quran is read.
  4. This leads us to another question:

Is it necessary and necessary to recite the Quran, observing the provisions of intonation?

This part contains two details:

First: Theoretical knowledge of the provisions of intonation:

  1. Theoretical knowledge is not obligatory for all Muslims.
  2. It is enough to have a group of people.
  3. They specialize in this science and its subtleties.
  4. Then they simplify this science for the common non-specialists.

Second: The practical application of the provisions of Quran recitation:

This is required of all Muslims because it is a divine command that must be implemented.

What are the provisions of intonation that must be observed?

  1. The rules of intonation that must be observed, we will find that they are divided into two parts:
  2. The first: things that are easy to understand and apply to beginners.
  3. Second: accurate things, you need specialists in the sciences of readings and intonation.

Learn Quran online for kids Memorization is done through the Rahman School website, the best site for learning Quran online.

Learn Quran Academy

Rahman School is one of the best sites to learn the Quran online. It provides many services that help learn Quran online, including providing the following advice:

  1. Get up as early as possible after Fajr prayer.
  2. Start with Juz Amma and short the surah.
  3. Learn every day a rule of intonation from the Rahman School website. one of the best sites for learning the Quran online.
  4. When you finish the book of rules of tajweed, open the Quran from the Mushaf whose letters are uncolored.
  5. Read any verse and try to extract rulings on it, and write it in your notebook.
  6. Use the Quran with colored letters and review the ruling for each day.
  7. Always read aloud to strengthen your voice and control the correct pronunciation of letters.
  8. Reading Quran is obligatory with tajweed.
  9. Reward yourself whenever you exceed a rule of intonation.
  10. And the more you improve your pronunciation of letters.
  11. Read in front of your friends and learn from their advice.

Learning Quran online is an easy way

It is learned to read Quran correctly by learning to identify the letters.

And deliberation in its performance so that its meanings are understood.

In addition to giving each letter its right from the characteristics of the output.

And it is entitled to it from the provisions of intonation.

Learn Quran Online
Learn Quran Online

How to learn Quran online?

In the following lines, we will mention learning Quran online through the online Quran Academy:

Moral means:

  • Before starting this matter, you must have a strong determination to learn the Great Quran.
  • So that the difficulties will be eased for you, and you will be rewarded for every effort you make.
  • And to make it easy for you to learn it.

Renewal of intention:

  1. It is necessary to ensure that all this effort is for the sake of Allah Almighty and not for anything besides Him.
  2. It is preferable to pray two units of prayer before proceeding with this step.
  3. May Allah Almighty support you in this step.
  4. In the prayer of need, I ask your Lord Almighty to facilitate the learning of the Quran.
  5. Do this prayer in the dead of the night.
  6. This is claimed to check your request and respond to your claim.

Physical means:

  • This method requires you to have a Quran, preferably of a large size.
  • But the most important thing is that its letters be colored, and audio recordings.
  • An internet connection, and a computer to see and hear the readings.

Teach Quran online tips

  1. Wake up as early as possible after Fajr prayer.
  2. Start with Juz Amma and short the surah.
  3. Learn every day a rule of Tajweed from Learn Quran Academy.
  4. When you finish the book of rules of tajweed, open the Quran and read any verse and try to extract the rulings with it.
  5. It is worth mentioning to write on the adjacent notebook.
  6. Use the Quran in colored letters and review the ruling for each day.
  7. Always read aloud to strengthen your voice and control the correct pronunciation of letters.
  8. Reading the Quran is obligatory with tajweed.
  9. Reward yourself every time you pass a rule of tajweed.
  10. The more you improve your pronunciation of letters.
  11. Read in front of your friends and learn from their advice.
  12. Beautify your voice by reading the Quran.
  13. Record your readings and listen to them to assess yourself.
  14. You know that some Quranic verses are verbally similar, this will make it easier for you to recite a lot.
  15. When you become certain of your ability to read correctly.
  16. And taking into account the provisions of intonation, sounds, and letter exits.
  17. Enlarge your dream and make it memorize Quran.

How to learn Quran online correctly?

  • There are many ways that can be followed to learn Quran and to recite it correctly.
  • Including direct receiving from scholars who specialize in reading the Quran, and taking care of it.
  • It is one of the best ways to learn to read the Noble Quran correctly.
  • He learned the science of reciting the Quran and its recitation from a specialized sheikh.
  • Where the learner listens to the correct reading.
  • And read it, to correct its reading and intonation.

Teach Quran online

  1. Holding the intention to preserve the word of Allah.
  2. And honesty in it means that this matter is purely for the sake of Allah Almighty and not for bragging and ostentation among people.
  3. Trying to cleanse the soul of sins and transgressions and strengthen it by obeying Allah.
  4. We all know that the most difficult type of jihad is jihad against the soul, and Allah Almighty rewards it.
  5. Turning to Allah Almighty and supplicating to Him.
  6. And asking Him for help and assistance in honoring us with the understanding of the Prophets and the protection of the Prophet.
  7. Always renew the intention and a lot of supplication and seeking forgiveness.
  8. Strengthening and strengthening the soul and renewing determination and will.
  9. Daily review of what you have saved and read.
  10. And a weekly test of what was contemplated during it.
  11. In your prayers, try to read the surahs or verses that you memorized during the day.

How to learn Tajweed online? Learning Tajweed is suitable for the student who does not know any prior knowledge about the science of Tajweed.

How to learn Quran online without forgetting?

  • If you can create the appropriate atmosphere and climate for you in the session of remembrance of Allah and memorizing his book.
  • Also, I was keen to implement the points mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • You will easily be able to memorize Quran without forgetting.
  • Also, one of the most important things that may help a Muslim man or woman in memorizing the Quran is to worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you do not see Him, He sees you.
  • And also, you should fear Allah Almighty in all your life matters, because Allah-fearing revives hearts and enlightens insight.
  • Also, make sure that you are not tired or sick or prejudice yourself in reading, memorizing, and reciting.
  • So as not to put pressure on yourself and stress during pregnancy.
  • Because Allah Almighty is merciful to His servants.
  • And He is All-Knowing of your condition, and He knows what the breasts conceal.

Learn Quran online for adults

  1. One of the easy ways to memorize the Quran for adults is to reflect on reading and understanding the meanings of the verses of the Quran and contemplate its meanings.
  2. And try to search and identify the cause and time of the revelation of that verse and the situations that occurred in it.
  3. Knowing these matters helps in linking the verse with its specific position in memory.
  4. Which works not to forget it at all.
  5. But rather to be able to memorize it with the utmost ease and ease.

Learn Quran online Academy

In the following lines we will mention how to Learn Quran online easily:

Good intention

  1. There must be a sincere intention for the sake of Allah.
  2. So that you can memorize the Quran and may God be pleased with you and help you to memorize and be of Allah and his family.
  3. You renew the intention daily.

Away from sin

  • If you intend to memorize Quran, then you should abandon sin.
  • Because it is one of the worst things that keep you away from Allah and preserve His words.

Keep reading

  1. It is necessary to continue reading daily so that you do not forget what you memorized Quran.
  2. An example would be people who memorize a day and miss a week.
  3. Then they go back to memorizing again and find that they have forgotten what was previously memorized.
  4. Everyone who wants to memorize the Book of Allah Almighty must continue, even if it is a little.

The way you will save

  1. The method is the easiest way to memorize Quran and the best way for you to be good at memorizing.
  2. That is, when you begin to memorize, recite the verse (five) times.
  3. Then read the following verse and repeat it (five) times.
  4. Then collect the first verse the second verse.
  5. Thus, he closed the Quran and recited the verses that I had memorized by memory.
  6. And the next day before you start memorizing new verses.
  7. Read the verses you memorized yesterday and so on.

Choose the time and place

  • Choosing the time and place is very important for those who want to know the easiest way to memorize Quran.
  • You have to choose the appropriate time and place for keeping quiet.
  • And you know very well that no one will interrupt you to keep you and your solitude to bring your mind.
  • And you are done with your work and completely free to memorize and extinguish anything that may occupy your mind while reading.
  • If your mind is occupied with something like the Internet and others, you will not get anything from the Quran.
  • It is the best time to save time before dawn.
  • As the imams said before, the best times for memorizing magic.
  • The best of them are for early research, for writing in the middle of the day, and for reviewing and reading at night.

Quality reading

  1. When you start memorizing, strive to have your memorization of the correct letters exit.
  2. Such as Alghanh and Alqlab Aldgham and others.
  3. Leaving the judgments is considered a clear melody.
  4. As this helps you to consolidate the memorization.
  5. And also save in a correct and fast way.

Memorizing from one Quran

  • A person memorizes Quran using certain senses, which are based on these senses.
  • Entering the information into the mind, increases the power of memorization.
  • Therefore, it is required to install a Quran to save it.
  • And try to have a number of the Quran that you memorize, but different sizes from each other.
  • You leave one with the family, one at work, another in the car, and so on.
  • Whenever you go to a place, you read in the same Quran that your eyes are accustomed to memorizing through it.

Hearing the Quran from others

You must listen to the Quran from others, such as listening to Sheikh Al-Husari, Al-Banna and others. This strengthens your memory and you also review.

Having someone to recite what you have memorized

  1. There must be someone to whom you recite what you have memorized in order to prove your memorization.
  2. And you will have no doubts about your preservation.
  3. In this way, encourage yourself to save more.
  4. And this person is well-versed in memorizing so that he can review your mistakes.

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