The Holy Quran is the words of Allah Almighty. He had great credit for the development and unification of the language rules, he had a reference to the language scientists such as Siboy, Al-Farahi.

Fadel Save Quran

  1. Neil interrogation on the Day of Resurrection.
  2. Wear the crown of dignity.
  3. The people of the Koran are from the people of Allah.
  4. Neil the greatest mattresses on the Day of Resurrection.
  5. The best of the world is indicating the bone of the virtue of memorizing the Holy Quran that the Messenger of Allah – Allah bless him and grant him peace.
  6. Neil guidance from Allah.
  7. Neil HE Darin as the coupling of memorizing the Holy Quran to do so for the valid business reason to win the happiness of the world and the Hereafter and the reason for the survival of the fire as the memorization of the Holy Quran is a reason for the survival.

Benefits of learning the Holy Quran

  • Understanding the verses of the Holy Quran to extract legitimacy and moral provisions, where the education of the Quran must be familiar with how to get off, and causes of descent.
  • These verses should also be understood, resulting in and to define the copy and copy, and scientific and indentation.
  • Learning the Holy Quran is one of the most important sciences and knowledge where a man gets on al-Qufa’a and as isolated in this world and the Hereafter.
  • It is a great honor that gives his companion culture and great knowledge, as it is valid for self and the heart and me, raises the nation and society.
  • Recognizes the educated of the Koran sound, and be able to adjust the characters correctly, as characters are sound, tune-free, and error.
  • The learner of the Holy Quran is a world of provisions in it significantly, and thus avoids sins and sins.
  • Because learning the Holy Quran and I do not meet in a Muslim chest, we find the person who learns the Quran itself from sins and sins as far as possible because he remembers the verses that end the act of evil and therefore have an internal religious displacement.
  • Learning the Holy Quran gives the ability to understand the universe and natural phenomena in it.
  • Because there are many natural phenomena mentioned by the Quran and its explanation in its verses.
  • Learning and saving the Quran strengthens memory.
  • The Quran comes with a patron of the day of the resurrection.

Learn Quran Online

You will mention the following lines how to learn Quran online, Best Way to Learn Quran Online:

Dialogue and discussion method

How do you check the discussion method objectives in memorization?

  1. The method of dialogue and discussion is one of the most famous methods of memorizing the Quran and it’s easiest for students.
  2. This method is done through student dialogue with his mentor on Quranic verses and causing this reason for this Surat Makki or civil.
  3. And the reasons for the descent of some verses, and the dialogue is not necessary for the student and teacher.
  4. Dialogue can also be among the learners themselves by discussing this information and then discussed with the teacher and the rest of the students the next day.

Collective cladding method – Best Way to Learn Quran Online

What is the positive clash?

  • This method is in case all learners are at the same level of conservation.
  • That is, they are all exciting conservation and heard of the teacher the required part of them by reading collective and gentleness.
  • The collective clause can be applied in another way so that the teacher reads the verse.
  • The students remotely recited the Quranic verse in a collective way so that this method meets with hearing and reintegration features together, and this method is characterized by its occasions for all ages.

Individualization method

What is the individualization of individualization?

  1. It is an individual cladding method by taking the teacher for each student separately.
  2. This method is characterized by its perpetrators of individual differences so that they are not forced to pride and raise the students.
  3. So that the door is open in conservation, but at the same time this method may affect the teacher so that he cannot absorb all students.

Story novel method

What is the method of conservation with the story?

  • The story is one of the most important ways in which the Quran memorization can easily be pleased, and this method is suitable for adults and young people alike.
  • The story of the Holy Quran could be sequential and sequentially, and can take part of the story.
  • And then read the Quranic verse of this part such as the story of Joseph or a return story or the story of a valuable or the story of Lot or the story of Mary or otherwise, thus can be used.
  • But for this method some negative effects like a greater time need for story novel and then read the verses and then save them again.

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The virtue of teaching the Quran to children

Teaching the Quran to children falls under the rule of teaching the Quran in general with a little difference which will be clarified now.

The Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – affirms that teaching the Noble Quran is a reference to goodness, and whoever indicates good has a reward similar to the one who does it.

How do you memorize the Holy Quran in a day?

  1. Make sure to listen to the Holy Quran daily.
  2. Start by memorizing the fence that the person loves.
  3. Make sure to read the Quran constantly.
  4. The memorize must repeat the recitation of the horn daily, to avoid forgetting.

Is it possible to memorize the QURAN on my own?

  • It must be realized that memorizing the Noble Quran is considered a special thing that has unique methods because it is not memorizing like memorizing anything from any ordinary book.
  • Because the Holy Quran needs to memorize some provisions of intonation first.
  • To read correctly, it is very important to learn the rules of intonation before memorizing because it is essential in learning.

How long does it take to memorize the Quran?

Two verses every day, the entire Quran is memorized for 8 years, 9 months, and 18 days.

3 verses every day the entire Quran is memorized during 5 years, 10 months, and 13 days 4 verses every day the entire Quran is memorized during 4 years, 4 months and 24 days 5 verses every day the entire Quran is memorized within 3 years, 6 months and 7 days.

How is the Quran memorized in an easy way?

The easiest way to memorize the Noble Quran without forgetting, Best Way to Learn Quran Online:

  1. Make sure to choose the right time to start saving.
  2. Choosing the right place to store, so that there are few distractions.
  3. Freeing up everything that occupies before starting to save.
  4. Eating sugars because preserving the function of the mind and the mind feeds on sugars.

How to memorize half of the Quran in a month?

  • Setting a mandatory time for memorizing until a person gets used to memorizing the face.
  • It may take 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the first section until it is memorized, then repeat the second section until it is memorized.
  • Linking the verses of the face to each other, and repeating it until it is controlled, and the more repetition, the better and stronger the adjustment.

Qualities of a Quran teacher – Best Way to Learn Quran Online

The successful teacher in his mission is that man who combined two great qualities and two main pillars:

  1. The first: to have good morals.
  2. The second: safety from falling into the breaches of virility.

Features of the Quran teacher

And the teacher of the Noble Quran is the best who combined them, then added to the other important qualities that he singled out for the honor of this book that he teaches. I refer to them briefly, Best Way to Learn Quran Online:

The teacher of the Noble Quran must be virtuous

Pure in character, known for his integrity, and adherence to the teachings of Islam in behavior and action.

So that the students’ conviction may increase and be firmly established in what he tells them of information, and in the behaviors he directs them to.

Personal power

It means the influential personality that controls the students in the class, earns their love and respect, and gives the material its prestige and prestige.

Without using the means of violence, and without losing the students’ love and respect.

Best Way to Learn Quran Online
Best Way to Learn Quran Online

Scientific ability – Best Way to Learn Quran Online

  • The importance of this trait stems from the importance of this great book that is being taught.
  • A teacher of the Noble Quran must be familiar with a great deal of knowledge, rulings, and sciences related to the Noble Quran.
  • Such as belief, interpretation, the sciences of the Quran, intonation, jurisprudence, language, and others.
  • In order to benefit the students and gain their trust and admiration, and thus their conviction in it, then be influenced and follow it.

Patience and forbearance

They are two necessary qualities for every teacher, and the teacher of the Holy Quran in particular, as he needs to make a double effort to overcome the difficulties he may encounter.

Sound integrity from defects:

  • The teacher of the Noble Quran must be of sound pronunciation, free from any affecting defects.
  • Such as substituting an expression for one letter for another when pronouncing, as well as feasting and stuttering, and limiting the tongue.
  • Because it deals with a divine text based on indoctrination.

Justice and fairness

  1. If justice is required between children, then it is necessary between students who came from different backgrounds and different walks of life.
  2. The teacher must be fair to his students and equalize them in the manner of dealing.
  3. He does not favor anyone over another and does not favor any one over another, so he gives someone grades that are not commensurate with his level.

The innate willingness to teach – Best Way to Learn Quran Online

The aforementioned qualities must be accompanied by a tendency to teach and take care of students and take care of them, otherwise, his efforts will not bear the desired fruit.

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Innovative and unique tools for teaching the Quran

  1. Recitation and memorization tools.
  2. Scoping and playback tool.
  3. Also, a listen and repeat tool.
  4. Lighter and Show tool.
  5. Search tool.
  6. Also a tab and reference tool.
  7. Teaching the Quran online through the Zoom program.

What is the duration of learning the Quran daily?

The Quran is taught for half an hour or an hour three times a week.

The student chooses the appropriate time of day for him during the week.

Tips for memorizing the Quran online

In the following lines, we will mention tips for memorizing the Quran online, Best Way to Learn Quran Online:

  1. Pray to Allah – Glory be to Him – and more than supplication to help you memorize the Quran.
  2. Make for you a daily reply in which you recite the Quran, preferably not less than a portion of the day.
  3. Do the remembrances of the morning, evening, and sleep.
  4. Do not lag behind the councils of scholars, especially the councils of readers, except for an excuse.
  5. You should have a friend who helps you remember Allah because if you invite him to recite the Quran, some of the companions tell you that he wants to turn away from something.
  6. If you pray behind an imam and you memorize the verses he recites in prayer, stands listening, not correcting.
  7. Know that the door to knowledge is memorizing the Quran.
  8. and every verse you memorize is an open door to Allah Almighty, and every verse you do not memorize or forget is a closed door.
  9. Maintain ablution with his benevolence when reading the Quran.
  10. Maintaining forgiveness and a lot of it, forgetting the Quran is a sin.
  11. Beware of arrogance in what you memorize from the Book of Allah and learn the Quran.
  12. and let your learning of the Quran be seeking what is with Allah and gaining fear, calmness, and dignity, not arrogance.
  13. Know, my brother, that memorizing the Quran is a great blessing for the memorize of the Book of Allah that deserves thanks, where the heart is full.

How to memorize the Quran?

  • Quran Memorization: It is characterized by the fact that the page always begins with a verse header and ends with a verse header
  • The Fragmented Quran: whether each part is independent or all five separate parts.
  • Read the verses carefully.
  • Divide verses into syllables.
  • Reading verses in prayer, night prayers, and supererogatory prayers.
  • Understanding the general meaning of the verse is a door to the consolidation of memorization in the mind.
  • Enrollment in schools and circles for memorizing the Quran in the mosque.
  • Commitment to lead a mosque is considered a very successful method for those who can.
  • Repetition and repetition: It means repetition with the teacher or with a tape of a well-versed reciter of tajweed.

Benefits of memorizing the Quran

Memorizing the Noble Quran is a blessing and leaving it is a regret, and whoever abandons the recitation of the Noble Quran and abandons it has missed a great good.

Following the example of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him:

  1. He, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, memorize the Holy Quran, and review it with the faithful Gabriel, peace be upon him, and with some of his honorable companions.
  2. The Noble Quran is the best and most prestigious of the books. It is the Book of Allah Almighty, in which there is abundant knowledge and great benefit.
  3. It contains the sciences of language, rhetoric, and the stories of the ancients.
  4. and from every useful knowledge, we find in it an abundant sea.
  5. Allah Almighty is pleased to memorize it for all people.
  6. It has nothing to do with an Arab or a non-Arab, and it has nothing to do with intelligence or age.
  7. Many people have memorized it even when they are old, just as children under ten years of age have memorized it.

Best Way to Learn Quran Online

  1. The memorizes of the Quran and its bearers are Allah’s people and his own, as mentioned in the noble hadith.
  2. and this is sufficient for the honor.
  3. The preserver of the Book of Allah is honored by Allah Almighty, and the bearer of the Quran is worthy of honor.
  4. Reciting the Quran, memorizing it, and learning it is better than the enjoyment of this world.
  5. Knowing that camels at that time were among the most valuable and expensive money.
  6. and today they are equivalent to the most valuable and most expensive boats as well.
  7. Hafiz of the Quran is the first person to lead.
  8. And remember that prayer is the pillar of religion and the second pillar of Islam.
  9. Memorizing the Noble Quran elevation in this world and the hereafter.

The importance of memorizing the Holy Quran

There are many benefits to memorizing the Quran, including:

  • The Book of Allah is considered the basis for all sciences.
  • The righteous had memorized the Noble Quran and the Messenger.
  • May Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, recommended that children memorize the Quran.
  • It is necessary to memorize the Quran for those who want to learn the science of jurisprudence.
  • It is also considered one of the means of managing and contemplating the noble verses.
  • The importance of the Holy Quran increases in the case of the love of knowing the stories of the ancients.
  • Memorizing the Noble Quran also avoids prohibitions and prohibitions.
  • It also leads the Hafiz of the Noble Quran to do many accomplishments.
  • Which is considered a means of developing mental abilities.

How to memorize the Holy Quran

  • It is necessary to keep reading Holy Quran.
  • It is also necessary to set aside time to recite the Holy Quran daily.
  • You must buy a small Quran so that you have it with you at all times.
  • Also, download the Noble Quran to your mobile phone.
  • As well as reading some verses of the Noble Quran between the call to prayer.

The virtue of reading the Noble Quran daily

There is merit in the Quran for daily reading, including:

  1. It leads to clarity of mind.
  2. It also helps a reader to follow his provisions and meditate on the greatness of the Creator.
  3. And It works to strengthen memory with the Quran and its provisions.
  4. It also leads to peace of mind and psychological comfort for those who read the Quran.
  5. It also works to face the difficulties of life.
  6. Reciting the Quran also leads to a feeling of happiness and joy.
  7. Leads the reader to a sense of courage, and the strength of the soul.
  8. Reading the Quran leads to getting rid of fear, anxiety, and tension.
  9. Therefore, reading the Quran leads to a strong language.
  10. While working to increase the ability to understand.
  11. Also, learn all that is new from the life sciences.
  12. Finally, it leads to an increase in livelihood.