How to Learn Quran for kids? Today we are talking about children and how to memorize and teach them the principles and provisions of the Noble Quran in easy ways that suit their ages, with love, desire, and gratitude, as they are the future generation that every father and mother aspires to raise on peace and morals.

Learn Quran for kids

In accordance with what Allah Almighty has enjoined upon us, which is to sympathize with His Mighty Book and to continue reciting its verses, it is necessary to do Learn Quran for kids.

Benefits of children memorizing the Quran

  • Activate intelligence and the ability to organize.
  • Glory be to what we see the memorizers and those who are committed to reading their words from the Noble Quran daily do not complain of pressure or anxiety in the conduct and management of daily affairs.
  • Such as work, household chores, children, and other pressures of life.
  • Also, because of Learn Quran for kids, the child will get used to organizing his affairs and reconciling the two sides.
  • He will be rewarded with a blessing in his day.
  • This is a great favor from the Almighty Allah.
  • The child’s commitment to memorizing and learning the Noble Quran helps him to control his bad habits such as stubbornness, nervousness, and emotion without reason.
  • It makes them those who reach the highest and loftiest ranks in this world and the hereafter.
  • The people of the Quran are Allah people and his own, and especially children, They are Allah loved ones.
  • It preserves instinct, strengthens faith, and makes the child feel comfortable and happy on the one hand, and a sense of closeness and belonging to Allah Almighty on the other.
  • And what a sweetness, as all of this is reflected in his behavior and morals.

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How to Learn Quran for kids

  • First of all, dear reader, let us agree that learn Quran for kids is not the goal, but rather its endearment.
  • His desire to learn, memorize and understand, and his longing for Quran sessions, is the goal.
  • It is not important to be careful and exaggerate in memorization and teaching.
  • So as to burden them and turn them into a burden.
  • Learn Quran for kids style and encouragement are the mainstay in the journey of teaching children the principles of the Quran.
  • Therefore, the first step is to pay attention to the method of treatment and to the drawn plan.
  • If it lacks softness, ease, and love, then amend it.
  • One of the most important things that I would like to tell you about is that scholars differed in determining the appropriate age for a child to start memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • Some of them leave the matter of setting the start date to the parents.
  • Who can know the extent of their child’s readiness, maturity, and progress in understanding and discernment?
  • Personally, I suggest starting from the age of three, yes, in order to start getting used to it.
  • This is by listening to you or teaching him some verses or words.
  • Or by repeating and memorizing in front of him.
  • This makes it easy to embark on a rigorous and serious learning journey.
  • Where the child has become accustomed to such an atmosphere since his childhood.
How to Learn Quran for kids
How to Learn Quran for kids
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Methods of memorizing the Quran for children

  • Children of three or four years are memorized by the method of repetition and memorization.
  • Therefore, indoctrination must be carried out in the correct manner, including precise rules and rules, before memorization begins.
  • Audio clips for senior readers play a major role in memorizing and consolidating words.
  • So be sure to play them at home always so that he will get used to hearing them and store them in his memory.
  • Which will make it easier for him to memorize later.
  • It is recommended to start with the shortest of the surahs because they are easy to memorize and their interpretation is accessible.
  • If you are good at rules, it is okay to teach him alone at home.
  • But the correct and most effective way is to take him to certified sheiks.
  • Or Quranic societies, where he will learn the correct rules and foundations from the beginning.
  • Follow him daily for Learn Quran for kids, review his memorized notes and let him listen to you.
  • He will feel happy and confident, especially if you make his voice.

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Easy ways to memorize the Quran for children

  • Make a daily plan and program to review the old and memorize the new.
  • This is the best Learn Quran for kids.
  • But be careful not to cost him what he can’t handle.
  • So it’s okay to memorize even if only one verse.
  • Do not forget our goal is to entice and entice.
  • Encourage him with gifts and rewards at each seal of a surah, for example, no matter how easy or short it is.
  • It is also a wonderful manner when you thank and honor his teachers for their efforts.
  • These are the morals of the believing student, thus your child will learn to respect and appreciate the teachers and sheiks of the Noble Quran.
  • He took advantage of the children’s love of ownership and bought him his own Quran as a gift or a rug.
  • So that he would increase his love of knowledge and discovery and would like to know the content of the book for the sake of Learn the Quran for kids.
  • In addition, he will get used to the verses, words, and the way of writing.
  • Awaken in himself the spirit of competition, Allah Almighty said, “And in that let the competitors compete.”
  • Therefore, involvement in Quranic centers and associations is important.
  • To encourage and compete with his friends.
  • From here, his relationships are formed and he has good company.
  • Babysitting maintenance is a motivation for the child to become like them.
  • When the information is simplified, it is easier to memorize it.

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