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Belal Abdel Gawad

* I graduated from al-Azhar University, college of languages and translation, department of Islamic studies, in the English section.
* I am memorized the whole Quraan
* I have Ijazah in Hafs and Shu’ba narration of Asem from the way of Shatbiah and Tiba.
* I have been an expert in teaching Quraan, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic study for 12 years.
* I have studied Islamic sciences such as Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer, and Aqidah.
* I have many certificates in different Islamic books such as Sunan al-Nasai, and Shmaal-al-Termedhee.

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Fatema Yaqub

Quran teacher and Tajweed teacher
I graduated from Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Department of Fundamentals of Religion, the section in Tafseer the Noble Qur’an and its Sciences.
I am working on a master’s degree in the interpretation of the Qur’an.
I have five Ijaza in the Tajweed.
I am a teacher of the Holy Quran and Tajweed, Arabic language, Islamic studies.
I have taught the Tajweed from the beginner level to the advanced level.
I have taught Noorania and Nour Al-bayan.

Teacher Avatar Male - Rahman School

Mohamed Dowidar

Quran teacher for Islamic studies
* I graduated Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Al-Azhar University in Cairo, and am licensed to teach classes in jurisprudence and doctrine.
* I have ijaza in Hafs from my sheik and I can give ijaza to others
* I have studied a lot of different Islamic books in different fields.
* I can teach tajweed, Aqeeda, Tafseer, Fiqh, biography, comparative religions, and others.
* I worked as a teacher of the Noble Qur’an and a teacher of Islamic studies in Islamic centers in the United States of America.
* I worked as a writer for Islamic websites for ten years.

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Gehad Mohamed

I studied shariah and Arabic Studies. And I have a diploma degree in teaching from Al-Azhar University.

I have 1 and a half years of experience in online Quran teaching, Tajweed, and Islamic studies. And I have many students from UK and USA.

I am using modern and standard techniques of teaching. And I set a plan for every student.

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Hadeer Hussein

I was born in Saudi Arabia and memorized the Quran when I was nine years old, in addition to my beautiful voice in the Quran and my imitate for most of the famous reciters.

I attended many educational and psychological courses. I have worked in this field for more than seven years.

I am distinguished by my gentle style and good treatment of students, and the use of educational methods that keep the student away from boredom

I teach Quran, Tajweed and the Arabic language.

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Maryam Mohammed

I graduated from Al Azhar university with Bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies and Arabic studies then a master’s in Rhetoric and Criticism with a very good degree from the college of Islamic Arabic studies also. After that, I got a general education diploma from Al Azhar University, and I have Ijazah of Hafs ِin Asim university.

I had a diploma in Arabic language and Quran courses for non-native speakers from Ain Shams University.

I worked as a head of the Islamic education department at Agyad Al Azhary national school, Arabic teacher for secondary school stage at Al Othman Al Azhary language school, and Quran teacher for primary school and formerly Agyad Al Azhary language school.

I am confident that my experience has prepared me to teach Quran and Tajweed online.

Abdallah Albadry

‌Abdallah graduated from Al-Azhar University, the faculty of Islamic and Arabic studies. He finished memorizing the Holy Quran at the age of 15.

‌He studied Tajweed theoretically as well as he studied it practically.

‌Abdallah has taught the Quran to Arabic speakers for 2 years

and has been teaching the Quran and Arabic to non-Arabic speakers for more than one year and a half.

‌Abdallah is teaching Quran, Tajweed, and the Arabic language.