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This course will help you to learn the Arabic language and be able to communicate in Arabic easily. Our native Arabic tutor will take you from the absolute beginner level to fluency in Arabic. You or your kids will learn verbs and make perfect sentences with no grammar mistakes. We’ll start from the basics of the Arabic alphabet, common words, and small conversations until you are able to start making dialog smoothly & fluently.

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Your first steps to mastering the Arabic language:

Learn Arabic language online with ease with Arabic-speaking academic teachers who teach efficiently and in the latest ways. You will learn Arabic easily with our interactive platform covering the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, in addition, to live classes with our qualified teachers, And available throughout the day.

We have prepared for you a comprehensive program designed by specialized language experts to learn the Arabic language in an entertaining, smooth and effective manner through a multi-level journey.

Join hundreds of thousands of people around the world and use our platform to learn Arabic in a fun and easy way.

Certainly, Arabic language classes are the most important language in the world according to the testimony of everyone, as there are more than 300 million people around the world in more than 20 countries who speak the Arabic language.

Also, the Quranic Arabic is a very necessary language for all Muslims in order to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed and recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed correctly. In addition, as a Muslim, you will be able to understand Islam better if you are able to read the Quran and understand its teachings properly, and the best way to do this is to read it in its original language.

Because of the importance of learning Arabic for every Muslim in the world, Rahman School offers a “Learning Arabic” course for Muslims who are not Arabs or who live in non-Muslim countries.

Now, you or your children can take Arabic lessons online with highly qualified Arabic teachers through one-on-one live sessions. Our Arabic teachers will teach you how to identify and express the letters of the Arabic alphabet and how to pronounce complete Arabic words and sentences.



Rahman School offers the Arabic language course for people of all ages. Rahman School has brought together Arabic teachers, who can segment the language and teach it to you according to your level of understanding and needs.

You will learn the basics of conversation in Arabic. By the end of the course, you will have a comment on the main topics of any discussion. You will be able to have reasonable conversations with colleagues and you will be able to understand the texts of the Quran as well.

The “Learn Arabic” course is your way to learn Arabic and develop your communication skills. It also helps you to understand Arabic culture and the Holy Quran.

In the “Learn Arabic” course, you will be qualified to communicate with the Arab communities in your country, visit different Arab countries, learn about Arab and Islamic culture and increase your chances of getting a better job in today’s world. So, register yourself for the “Learn Arabic” course and start learning Arabic.


  • It will be your best and perfect choice if you decide to start with us.
  • This Arabic class online allows you to learn the eloquent and traditional Arabic language or to transfer the old form of the Arabic language learning, which is characterized by rhetoric, purity, aesthetic expressions, and rich poetic works.
  • Rahman school platform is keen that its courses are compatible with mobile devices to enable you to access language online Arabic classes anytime and anywhere.
  • You will have a lifetime of access to these courses, which will make you never forget the new skills you have learned, and you can return to renew your information and activate your memory at any time.
  • In addition, you will receive a certificate to complete the course for listing on your LinkedIn website and share it with current or potential employers.
  • Whether you are a university student seeking to develop his knowledge of the language, a busy employee but curious to explore more about the Arabic language, or someone who enjoys learning and increasing knowledge for its own sake, you can join the platform lectures that interest you and follow them constantly.

Best online Arabic language courses

Learn Arabic language course online for children:

Mobile devices and tablets can become an effective way of learning, especially language learning.

And suppose children use it for play and entertainment most of the time. In that case, we as parents and educators are required to direct and guide them to take advantage of modern technology in learning and developing skills and knowledge in all areas.

  • How to recognize, read, and pronounce perfectly the Arabic language
  • What the Arabic letters look like in their various forms
  • Read Arabic literature fluently in its natural connected form
  • Reading independent letters in the Quran
  • Silent letters
  • Types of Hamza
  • Difference between printings of the Quran
  • Reading the Mushaf of Medina
  • Reading the Indo-Pak Mushaf
  • Read Arabic words and sentences
  • Arabic Conversation
  • Arabic Grammar