How to learn Arabic online? The Arabic language is the mother of all languages. Allah Almighty has honored it by making it the language of the Noble Quran, so we will present the easiest way to teach Arabic for beginners.

learn Arabic online

There are a number of ways that you can follow learn Arabic online easily, which are the following:

  • Determining the type of language that the person wants to study.
  • Learn the alphabet by using an educational book, as it is one of the basics of learning the Arabic language.
  • Or learning by a specialized private teacher, or talking with language owners.
  • Which is the fastest way to learn the language and acquire its skills.

How to learn Arabic online for kids?

There are many ways to learn Arabic online for kids, whether in the Arab world or for Muslims abroad, which are as follows:

Listening to the Holy Quran

Which increased the Quran the glory and greatness of the Creator, the Mighty, and Sublime.

Stories and anecdotes

The best way to learn the Arabic language online is through pictures, by speaking, or by color pictures.

Important steps to learn Arabic online for kids

There are many important steps that parents and teachers should follow with children to learn Arabic online in an easy and simple way, which are as follows:

How to learn Arabic online
How to learn Arabic online

Ways to learn Arabic online

  • Spelling letters for the child and enhancing his language skills through the correct spelling of letters.
  • Using sticky pictures and flashcards to teach the child the basics of language.
  • The necessity of constantly reminding the child of the letters that were previously studied.
  • So assigning the student to memorize and write them.
  • Teach the child the language by using whiteboards that are erasable in order to write and color the letters on them.

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Ways to learn Arabic online for foreigners

Due to the beauty of the Arabic language, its importance, and its place among the languages.

Grammar and translation method

  • It is one of the first methods, and its main goal is to teach them the rules and memorize them for them.
  • And education in it is based on the existing translation between the Arabic language and the language of the learner.
  • It depends mainly on strengthening the skills of reading and writing and marginalizing the skill of speaking completely, and this is one of its most prominent negatives.

Direct method

  • The direct method pays great attention to speaking skills, unlike the previous method.
  • It depends on the use of language structures and their projection on the situation only.
  • So direct method, although it is important in developing the speaking skill.
  • The marginalization of the rest of the skills.
  • And following the method of imitation of those structures only.
  • May negatively affect the learning of the Arabic language in all its aspects.

The audio-oral method

  • It relies initially on introducing students to the sound system of the Arabic language through the sense of hearing with some translation.
  • In an attempt to facilitate some of the difficulties facing the student.
  • Through oral speech, students are able to practice the skill of speaking spontaneously and easily.
  • He uses what he hears in other situations similar to the situations he heard in previously.

On the grammatical level

  • Which helps to straighten the tongue of those who want to learn Arabic from non-Arabs.
  • Abd al-Qaher al-Jurjani also had efforts in the methods of teaching the Arabic language to foreigners.
  • So he authored several books that facilitate the rules of grammar To facilitate learning Arabic.

On the vocal level

  • As for the phonetic level, the scholars have addressed the phenomenon of ambiguity and the mixing of some letters with each other.
  • Where they dealt with the explanation of the letters’ exits in detail.
  • So he also talked about letters similar to the letters of the Arabic language in other languages.

learning Arabic online

In the following lines, we will mention the ways to learn Arabic online:

Analytical method

It begins with the sentences so that the student learns through the sentences the structure of the language.

Its vocabulary, and letters.

Synthetic method

The student begins learning sounds, letters, words, and sentences.


It is an attempt to pronounce sounds to reach the best way to pronounce the letter properly.

Arabic Letters

Learn the Arabic Letters and everything related to them from drawing, shapes, tuning.

How do the letters connect to form the word, and what are the incorrect forms of communication.

Learn Arabic Grammer

They learn Arabic grammar and semantics that connect words to be useful sentences and connect sentences to be the text or subject.

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