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Quran Ijazah will be one of your best choices if you decide to learn it; we will discuss the ijazah Quran online and everything related to it in detail.We will give you all the information if you are looking for an ijazah course online.
This course will help you to get qualified for obtaining Ijazah online in Quran Recitation with Tajweed or Quran Memorization (Hifz) through one-to-one online sessions with ijazah certificate Quran Sheikhs. At the end of the course after passing tests & evaluations successfully, you will get the corresponding Ijazah certificate. During the course, our certified teachers will walk with you step-by-step from the basics of the Quran to the excellent level when you are ready to teach the words of Allah (SWT) to others.

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First: Defining the Quran Ijazah and its legitimacy.

It is the process of the phonetic transmission of the Noble Qur’an from one generation to the next, in which the giver testifies that the recitation of the metaphor has become one hundred percent correct about the narrations – or narrations – that he authorized. He is allowed to recite, and others repeat the Qur’an.

  • Quran ijazah is a dream sought by most educated Muslims, who see a goal that cannot be aligned with others in the Qur’an.
  • And a goal that is difficult to achieve, but it raises its owner from the ranks of the enjoying ordinary people, and they are those who read the Qur’an. It is difficult for them to the levels of the glorified reciters, who do not have a tongue, do not faint, and do not stammer in it.
  • The distressed stumbles if distress befalls him, from which there is no escape, such as fainting from death.
  • The reasons for obtaining the degree of Quranic approval are numerous, as some of them relate to the world and the status of the affliction among people
  • and what he can get from money in his life, and some of it is related to the Hereafter, what he reaped from a person in terms of exploits and honors during his life and after his death, and what he achieves in Paradise from high ranks, and these are some of these reasons.

Details about Quran Ijazah

  • There is no doubt that the request for permission to recite the Noble Qur’an correctly, with a chain of transmission to the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is a commendable matter in Islamic law (Shariah).
  • The journey in seeking mastery of reciting the Qur’an is a first, and its owner is rewarded and commendable.
  • The importance of licensing is highlighted because it is not suitable for anyone to recite the Noble Qur’an until he takes it entirely from the mouths of knowledgeable and well-versed sheikhs and authorizes them to repeat it.
  • Listening and reciting are not sufficient for the correctness of the recitation of the Qur’an after the time when melody became common. Instead, they must have permission and permission to read and recite because the student may recite the Qur’an to his sheikh many times and not be merciful in performing that. God Almighty – on the authority of Imam Ahmad bin Ahmed bin Ibrahim al-Hashimi that Abu Jaafar bin al-Zubayr read to him the narration of Warsh several seals.
  • Hence, some of the predecessors, may God have mercy on them, asked some students to re-read the Qur’an several times to ensure their mastery.
  • It is from that that Mujahid bin Jabr Al-Makki recited thirty khutmas to Ibn Abbas.
  • And from that, Imam Abu Jaafar presented the Qur’an to his master Abdullah bin Ayyash, Abdullah bin Abbas, and Abu Hurairah; may God be pleased with them.
  • And from that, Imam Nafi’ bin Abi Nuaim said: I recited to seventy of the followers.
  • Including that Hisham bin Ammar Al-Salami took the reading by way of Ayyub bin Tamim, Irak bin Khalid, Al-Waleed bin Muslim, Sadaqah bin Khalid, and others.
  • Our imam al-Jazari commented on this speech to al-Hudhali: “I said: This is what the gentlemen see in the request.”
  • And there is not one of them who has ever been the most reciting of people and is relied upon for recitation except that the whole Qur’an has been presented from its beginning to its end to one of the respected elders, and the scholars of recitation and performance have attested to his memorization and mastery.

The virtue of Quran ijazah

  • And this is from God Almighty’s preservation of His Book, for He said: “It is we who have sent down the Remembrance, and we will preserve it.” Surah Al-Hijr.
  • He memorized it in its verses and surahs, and in its drawing and arrangement, and in the way it was received and performed, and in its interpretation and meanings, and God sufficed as a memorizer and prepared the reasons for its memorization, for the nation did not care about anything from the Holy Qur’an.
  • An era and a generation of generations can’t be devoid of an established proof for God in reciting and teaching the Noble Qur’an.

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ijazah Quran is a license or permission authorizing its holder to transmit the Quran, issued by a person who actually possesses this authority. In other words, ijazah is a certificate that Sunni Muslims primarily used to indicate that a person has been delegated by a higher authority that already has ijazah to teach the Holy Quran.

Since this is a religious matter, it is very important to acquire Quranic and Islamic knowledge from a reliable and documented source. Accordingly, obtaining a license to recite the Quran with Tajweed or a license to memorize the Quran is a must for anyone seeking to teach the Quran. However, not only Quran teachers but also anyone excels in reading Quran Tajweed or Hafiz/Hafiz of Quran.

Because of the importance of Ijazah, Rahman School offers an online ijazah Quran for Muslims who are not Arabs or who live in non-Muslim countries.

Now, you can take the Ijazat Al-Quran course with highly qualified and accredited Quranic teachers from Al-Azhar University through one-to-one face-to-face sessions.


We will help you to obtain the Quran Ijazah by following systematic sequential steps.

Starting with mastering the Qur’anic reading in one of its narrations, we will learn your ijazah in Quran recitation. Then we will teach you one of the texts of intonation for you.

Perhaps the most famous of which is Ibn Al-Jazari’s system.

Then we will make you read the Qur’an with the correct recitation in the manner of one of the certified Sheikhs by heart or from the Qur’an.

You will get the license of the Noble Qur’an, and you will also learn the seven readings.

If you wish to be a preacher and learn the Quran, Rahman School offers a complete Quran license course for Quran recitation with Tajweed and Quran memorization.

With the ijazah course, our certified Quran teachers will verify your skills and abilities, assess your knowledge of the Quran and the hadiths, test your area of ​​interest, and then award you the Ijaz al-Quran.

Using repeated quizzes and tests, we will assess your knowledge and control in this particular area. You will need to pass tests and assessments in order to be able to take the leave, and it will not be difficult with us.

Ijaza gives you the confidence to recite and memorize the Holy Quran. It helps you to follow the Quran lessons provided to your children, and even teach the Quran to your family members. So, enroll yourself in the Ijaz al-Quran online course and become a certified teacher and preacher of the word of Allah.


1. The searching for the link of the bond with the Messenger of God:

The connection of the bond with the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace – an honor for every Muslim on earth and a source of pride for every student who owes it on its back.

Because the connection of the chain of narration tempts the close relationship between the revelation of revelation and its amount.

And it inspires those who obtain the Quran Ijazah that if he does not realize the era of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace – with companionship.

Then he realizes his connection with him through the link of the chain of transmission from him to him through an uninterrupted chain of reciters who received the revelation directly from the mouth of the sheikh.

From the sheikh, from the sheikh, all the way to the foretaste of the warner, who received it softly from the trustee of revelation Gabriel, peace be upon him – whom he revealed as an astrologer for twenty-three years in Mecca and Medina and between them.

2. Mastering the reading of the Qur’an as it was revealed

Those who wish to obtain the Quran Ijazah strive to eliminate the melodies and mistakes familiar in Muslims’ public and private tongues.

The Qur’an as it was revealed by its compass, endowment, proper and due as if they imitate themselves reciting the verses, and whose mistake is corrected by the angel of revelation or the one charged with delivering it;  So they adhere to what is right and seek its reward, and avoid making mistakes in it for fear of punishment.

3. Ascending to the highest levels of Heaven

reading the Qur’an is a goal every Muslim strives for and in it.

Seeking the pleasure of God, an increase in reward, and the correct recitation has a plan and a destination also in Heaven.

So the one who recites it in this world reads and ascends and repeats in Heaven as he used to recite and recite in this world, and the one who recites it while he is skilled in it is not like the one who recites it and stutters in it. 

They were safe from the wrath of God, their reading proficiency varied, and the one who obtained the approval of the Noble Qur’an in the hump of correct reading, and the one who was killed in the Qur’an with the honorable and righteous travelers.

And the one who had fun while it was difficult for him would have two rewards, and he who has no two tips is like the one who has previously attended the honorable and righteous journey.

4. Raising the status among people

 The reader and memorizer of the Quran have a special place in society; That is because people glorify the one who carries the word of God in his chest and recites it during the night and at the ends of the day, even if he is in a non-religious society.

Hence Muslims strive to obtain the approval of the Noble Qur’an; Because it dyes its owner with the color lofty.

And wears him the crown of pottery in this world as she wears it in Heaven and the highest position among people – although it is not an individual goal.

Nor the primary goal of obtaining the permission of the Qur’an – it is a matter of achieving the result, it is inevitably achieved in the end; Eastern societies have more adoration of the reciter of the Holy Qur’an than anyone else.


We have provided you with all the features and details you are looking for to start the Quran Ijazah courses with Rahman school.

Your decision to start the course with our platform will be one of your best decisions due to all the features we have mentioned, and because we offer you the best prices, and in return, we give you the best educational programs.

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