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Learn Islamic Studies with our platform will be your best decision. Islamic study is one of the best sciences you can learn. All people of different ages are looking for knowledge that makes them the best in this nation. Because Learn Islamic studies and legal sciences significantly impact the individual’s morals, we are always keen to provide Islamic studies classes online.

In addition to that, they were limited to going for it has now become easier for students of these sciences; hence, if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to take online Islamic studies at your home and without the need to waste time and effort.

We will provide you with the best Islamic studies online program, providing training courses for everyone who wants to study.

This course will help you or your kids to learn various Islamic studies including but not limited to pillars of Islam, Fiqh, Aqidah, Tafsir, Hadith, Dua (Supplication), Islamic Manners, and Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our Islamic tutors can start with you from the basics of the Quran and beliefs of Islam to advanced Quranic sciences and Islamic knowledge. Whether you are new revert to Islam or want to raise your children upon Islamic manners & teachings, this course is the key to achieving your goals.

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  • Our platform aims to provide comprehensive educational programs.
  • In addition to raising the level of student awareness through various methods of presenting religious content from the curricula with text images and video clips.
  • In addition to conducting continuous monthly tests; In order to follow up on the student.
  • So our site is one of the religious sites keen to present Islamic studies in an easy and organized way and by the most efficient and best teachers.


We also aim to provide training courses in forensic sciences by making use of all modern means and techniques; to bring the distances closer, especially for learners who cannot reach them because of their place of residence.

Our platform offers many courses, which are interactive, open-source online educational programs characterized by the interaction between teachers about the content of the course, discussion, and exchange of views.

In this course, we will point out how to study Islam in-depth, as all Islamic studies for kids and knowledge and all courses are classified into the concept and study of Islam, according to Islamic history to the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).

The do’s and don’ts will be explained in this course. The basics of Islam, the pillars of Islam, the correct way of performing namaz, the Hajj, the importance of zakat, etc. are also detailed in Islamic studies, moreover, issues like marriage, divorce, relationships, etc., are all discussed thoroughly in the light of the Quran.

Islamic studies are necessary to connect one to the basics of Islam. We may be born Muslim, but we know very little about the religion we follow. We never fully understand the religion of our ancestors, and now we do, we are not even aware of the basics. Do you remember the content of Islamic studies in your childhood? Now is the time to revisit it, and understand more concepts with a better understanding.


We at Rahman School offer the Islamic Studies course for children and adults alike.
The age-appropriate levels of the program are taught by our certified and accredited Islamic teachers. Our qualified Islamic teachers will help you understand the religion of Islam, learn about important events and historical figures, learn about the suffering of early Muslims and the development of Islam over the years.
During this course, you or your children will learn about all the important things that we should know as Muslims.
Being Muslims, we must know our role model, Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). Therefore, all Muslims need to learn about Islam within the framework of courses such as Islamic Studies.
In addition, within the framework of Islamic history, you will learn about various events in history, wars, and peace treaties. All the details and other contributors will help us in today’s world to overcome current problems.
Moreover, all the issues addressed in Islam can also be learned within the framework of Islamic Studies. Basics such as the pillars of Islam and the teachings of Islam about humanity can be learned. So, enroll yourself in the “Islamic Studies” course and discover the beauty of Islam.

Knowledge has great merit and great good, especially if it is legitimate knowledge, as it is what helps you to achieve the purpose of your existence, charts the path of guidance, and paves it for you. That is why Imam Ahmad – may God have mercy on him – said:

Knowledge does not modify anything for those whose intention is correct!

The Book and the Sunnah are rich in explaining the virtues of knowledge and explaining the status of its people in the world and the hereafter. The Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: “The superiority of the scholar over the worshiper is like the superiority of the moon over all the other planets, and the scholar seeks forgiveness for him from those in the heavens and the earth, even the whale in the sea.”

The Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – was always supplicating, “Oh God, I ask of you beneficial knowledge, good sustenance, and acceptable deeds.”


Islamic Doctrine: Benefits of Islamic doctrine

Doctrine is of great importance in the Islamic religion because Islam is composed of belief and action, and work is not valid without belief.

And if a person knows the importance of learning it.

He is keener on that and is active in his request, and the importance of studying the doctrine lies in a group of matters.

It is first the most critical science of religion at all.

It is more important than ethics and acts of worship and transactions, and it is the first of the duties of the taxpayer.

So that if a person wants to enter Islam.

He must know monotheism first before acts of worship.

So the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, stayed for many years in Mecca, calling on people to correct their faith.

The Prophet’s hadith and its sciences

You will study everything related to the Noble Hadith, its types, and sciences with us.

Biography of the Prophet

You will also study with us the biography of the Prophet and everything related to the life of the Prophet Muhammad. May God bless him and grant him peace.

The Qur’an and its sciences

We have Islamic studies online course for memorizing the Qur’an easily and simply.

Advantages of learn with Rahman school

  • Establishing legally educated students; is to qualify them to be future advocates in various parts of the world to spread true knowledge, erasing myths and what has no basis.
  • Facilitating the original forensic science to the general public easily and conveniently.
  • Providing a science curriculum that introduces the student to the basics of forensic science, taking into account professionalism and innovation in presentation methods.
  • Clarify the approach of Ahl al-Sunnah-Jamaa’ah, and disseminate jurisprudence with its correct evidence from the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • Raising the awareness of Muslim women and teaching them the religion properly, educating them, and contributing to the preparation of female students of Islamic knowledge.
  • Educating Muslim women and teaching them religion properly, educating them, and contributing to preparing students for legal science. Providing a program for the Muslim community in the West.
  • Learn Islamic Studies And grant it an educational program that explains to it what it needs from the legal knowledge to expand the circle of benefit among Muslims worldwide. Breaking all obstacles facing everyone who wishes to obtain legal knowledge in a formal way and delivering knowledge to them in their places without facing any hardship or trouble.

Learn Islamic studies for kids

Teaching the child about the love of learning Islamic studies because of the rights that relate to children: their education is the same. Discipline them with Islamic literature.

And that will be by their definition, the merit of knowledge and its request, And diligence in their teaching of legal sciences. He said in honor of knowledge to his Prophet: {And say, “Lord, increase my knowledge” Surah Taha.

Teach your children the love of the Rabbinic Scholars; Ibn al-Qayyim, may God have mercy on him, said: (And his saying : (The scholars are the inheritors of the prophets).

So, we have provided your child with the easiest ways and means to help him learn Islamic studies easily through simple educational curricula and specialized teachers to teach children. We always develop our programs and plans to help children who love the Islamic religion and love to learn it.

Platform purposes

  • Learn Islamic studies for Muslims all over the world about their religion.
  • Publishing and consolidating the forensic science derived from the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace in a modern and easy way and with professional production.
  • Inculcating the origins of the correct belief in the minds of the students.
  • Giving students the possibility to study Islam, knowing God and believing in Him with knowledge, and leaving blind submission by learning the materials the platform provides for students.
  • Also, one of the goals that the platform strives to achieve is to raise the Muslims with a correct Islamic education; This is because Islamic education directs a person to continue to do everything that brings benefit and goodness to him.
  • Also, one of our goals is to convey Islamic knowledge to as many people as possible.
  • We are filling the needs of novice science students who desire forensic sciences.
  • How to perform ablution and prayer
  • The decencies of mosque entry and performance of the acts of worship
  • The five pillars of Islam
  • Divinity, monotheism, and creed
  • Qira’at and Sanad with professional male and female teachers from Al Azhar University.
  • Tafseer of Ibn Katheer and other Tafaseer (interpretation) of the Glorious Quran.
  • Hadith of Arba’een Nawawwi, Riadu Al Salheen, and other famous books of Hadith.
  • Usul Al-Fiqh and different schools (madhahib) of Fiqh.
  • The Prophet’s life and the stories of the Quran and previous prophets.
  • Aqeedah Of Islam
  • Prophetic Tradition(Hadith) from the most famous books, i.e. the Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths
  • Meanings and connotations of the Holy Quran from the most renowned Quran interpretation books
  • Biography of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)