How to memorize the Quran? The method of mastering spelling is the best way to memorize the Quran, then start by shortening the surahs and operating the senses of sight and hearing with the tongue in the memorization process, in addition to listening to verses on a daily basis and chanting with a good voice, The foregoing helps the child to memorize the Quran without any trouble or difficulty, and the focus should be on the continuous review of the child and encourage him to memorize financially and morally.

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How to memorize the Quran?

There are a number of ways How to memorize the Quran, including the following:

  • Assigning the task of memorizing children to a master who has memorized and mastered.
  • Providing a good copy of the Quran, and not changing it during the memorization period.
  • Continuous monitoring of what the child memorizes, making sure to communicate with the Sheikh, and inquiring about the child’s situation while memorizing the Quran.
  • Listen to the child and encourage him to memorize.
  • Notifying the child that the Noble Quran is a method, a blessing, and virtue, and its memorization leads to reaching all goodness and righteousness.
  • Determining a specific period of time for the child to memorize the Holy Quran.
  • Teaching children to supplicate at the end of every prayer, and to ask Allah for help in memorization and success.
  • Hearing children the best voices in reciting the Noble Quran, admiring the memorizers, and wishing that the child would be like them.
  • Accompany the child to visit the memorizers of the Noble Quran, and indicate that they are the best of the nation.

Rules for memorizing the Quran

There are many rules that help how to memorize the Quran, learn to memorize the Quran, including the following:

  • Develop an appropriate plan for memorizing the Quran, and determine the sufficient time for that.
  • For example, it takes five years to memorize the Quran, to memorize six parts in one year, to memorize a quarter of a juz every week, and so on.
  • collective participation in memorizing the Quran, In order to overcome laziness and apathy.
  • Keep a small Quran in your pocket, to take advantage of memorization in your spare time.
  • Make sure to follow the imam in the loud prayers.
  • Start by memorizing the easiest surahs and the surahs with special merits, such as Surat Al-Kahf, Surat Al-Mulk, and others.
  • Maintaining possession of one fee for the Quran, such as the Mushaf of Medina.
  • Not to exceed the memorization decision without mastering it.
  • Connecting the beginning of the surah to the end of it, reviewing the surah over and over, not reviewing it piecemeal.
  • Participation in the Holy Quran competitions.

How to memorize the Quran for children easily?

In the following lines, we will mention How to memorize the Quran for children in simple and easy ways:

Reducing the number:

  1. That is, the parents focus on reducing the verses that the child memorizes each time.
  2. It must also be consistent even if the parents feel that the child can memorize more than that.
  3. Then they should leave time to review the memorization; If you save on three days of the week and review the conservation on the remaining days.
  4. Nevertheless, if the time is sufficient for daily memorization, there is nothing wrong with it, provided that the number of memorized verses is not too high, taking into account the diligent review.


  1. One of the methods that make the Quran consolidate in the memory of the child is for the parents to provide a simplified interpretation of the verses he memorizes.
  2. It is also possible to rely on the reason for the revelation.
  3. Or some incidents related to the verses that he memorized, and the permanent discussion about the memorized verses.
How to memorize the Quran
How to memorize the Quran

Rewards – How to memorize the Quran

Parents can count on their children’s memorization of the Quran by giving rewards and constant encouragement to memorize, Therefore, it is good to offer the child a reward for every surah the child has memorized.

Diversity of style:

  1. Parents can vary the methods of memorization As if we teach it once, and again by listening.
  2. With the use of exciting methods for the child.
  3. For example, the verses are preceded by a story that occurred after them and then began to memorize it, which contributes to a great focus on memorization.
  4. With the diversification of the place of memorization so that the memorization is a distinct daily or weekly period that the child eagerly awaits.

Celebrating the achievement of conservation:

Emphasizing warm congratulations to the child and presenting gifts, makes the child feel that his achievement was great, which encourages him to continue and persevere.

Draw – How to memorize the Quran

It is nice for the parents to ask the child to draw a Quranic story that expresses what he was affected by Which makes it more and more rooted in his mind.

Tips for children memorizing the Quran

Here are tips on How to memorize the Quran for kids:

  • You must first raise your child in a sound manner.
  • And keep him away from all bad means of entertainment such as soap operas and non-purposeful programs.
  • Explain the story of the revelation of the Noble Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Peace and blessings are upon him and discuss with your child its importance.
  • Commit to reciting the Noble Quran daily in front of your child, and endearing him to good deeds.
  • Teach your child to read the short surahs first, and you can record his voice reading.
  • So that he hears them later, and feels able to memorize them.
  • Memorize your child the Noble Quran with the correct intonation,.
  • This by teaching him the rules of intonation and their importance, and reciting the Quran in a beautiful voice.
  • Encourage him to share what he has memorized from the Holy Quran on the school radio and the various celebrations through your agreement with the teachers.
  • Tell him Quranic stories to get his attention, and also listen to him when he tells a Quranic story himself.