How to learn Quran fast? Many people wonder how to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily and quickly, as the word of Allah Almighty is the most precious word in existence, and the Quran can be learned Quran online from home, and this is what we will talk about in today’s article.

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Learn the Quran online

  1. Allah Almighty has revealed the Quran to His Messenger, our Master Muhammad.
  2. May Allah bless him and grant him peace, to be a teacher for Muslims and a reference for them in their lives.
  3. The people who keep reading the Noble Quran have a great gift from Allah and Allah preserves them with it.
  4. Those who read and memorize it will always find Allah with them.
  5. Those who memorize and apply the verses of the Quran and are keen to understand the interpretation will have attained great luck and great blessings in their lives.

The Virtue of Reading and Memorizing the Noble Quran – learn Quran fast

  • The merits of reading and memorizing the Noble Quran are innumerable, and whoever uses the Quran.
  • As a method for his life will never be miserable, and his whole life becomes a blessing, goodness, and light.
  • Because the Noble Quran is the constitution, reference, and guide, and in the verses of the Quran we may find refuge for reassurance, comfort, and psychological happiness.
  • Undoubtedly, the virtue of reciting the Noble Quran is a very great virtue.
  • The virtue of memorizing it is much greater than reading because when you memorize the Quran, you recite it once and twice until it remains firmly in your mind.
  • And those who memorize the Book of Allah are Allah’s people and his own.
  • And those who memorize the Noble Quran by heart the angels pray for him and Allah preserves him with it.
  • So many are looking for the question of how to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily and quickly.
  • It has been said regarding the virtue of reading and memorizing the Noble Quran that whoever memorizes.
  • It will wear the angels and his parents a crown on the Day of Resurrection made of pearls.
  • Allah Almighty will call out for his memorization of the Quran on the Day of Resurrection in public.
  • It is preferable to read and memorize the Noble Quran as well.
  • As it gives its owner a high status in the Hereafter, and the Noble Quran will illuminate his grave.

How to memorize the Holy Quran at home easily?

Many may search for an answer to the question of how to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily to learn how to memorize the Quran without the need for a memorizer due to the limited time of some.

Or some mosques that teach memorizing the Quran, or the individual’s desire to learn at home without going out, or the desire of a housewife to memorize the Holy Quran without leaving her home and her children.

By watching YouTube, through the best Quran teacher on the Internet.

How do I memorize the Quran quickly?

  1. Here we will explain the ways how to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily and quickly to provide an adequate and satisfactory answer.
  2. To the question of how to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily.
  3. Because there are many ways to memorize the Noble Quran without leaving the house, such as the following:
  4. It must be realized that memorizing the Noble Quran is considered a special thing that has unique methods because it is not memorizing like memorizing anything from any ordinary book.
  5. Because the Holy Quran needs to memorize some provisions of intonation first.
  6. To read correctly, it is very important to learn the rules of intonation before memorizing because it is essential in learning.
  7. Tajweed can be learned through the Internet if it is difficult to go to a mosque and attend sessions explaining the rules of intonation.
  8. One of the ways that provide a satisfactory answer to the question of how to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily is by listening to a certain Sheikh at home.
  9. Then recite behind it once, two, and three so that you can say the verse alone without the sheik, and this is repeated with each verse.

Quran Online

  • One of the peaceful ways to memorize the Quran at home is to start step by step.
  • Beginning with memorizing small parts such as Juz 30.
  • Then memorizing the larger and more difficult parts, that is.
  • It is always preferable to start from the surahs that are found at the end of the Quran.
  • One of the easy ways to memorize the Quran is for a person to repeat each verse more than once after knowing the correct recitation of it.
  • Then he moves on to the next verse, then finishes reciting 10 verses, and then repeats from the beginning.
  • But for 10 verses together or less or more than that, depending on the length or shortness of the verses.

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Memorizing the Quran Online – Learn the Quran on YouTube

Learning the Quran on YouTube is one of the effective ways in which the Quran is taught by the best Quran teacher or the best Quran teacher.

In the following lines, we will mention how they teach the Quran on YouTube:

  1. One of the effective methods for memorizing the Noble Quran is the method of partial division of the surah, parts of the Quran, or pages.
  2. The person divides into parts before memorizing and writes the division that he prepared to be in front of him in writing.
  3. Where it has been proven that written goals are achieved by a person more quickly and easily than oral goals.

Learn Quran Youtube

  1. The memorizer of the Quran must revise every time he finishes.
  2. A surah, part, or party, and before starting a new surah.
  3. It is possible to choose suitable times for memorizing.
  4. The time of Fajr is one of the appropriate times for memorizing the Quran.
  5. Also, a person memorizes the Quran at times when his mind is clear and empty.
  6. One of the easy methods of memorizing the Quran is the method of reciting the soul, where a person listens to himself.
  7. Or ask someone to listen to him because this helps him to master memorization and remember faster in the future.
  8. A person can register for himself through the recorder on a mobile phone and then hear himself.
  9. He begins to correct from the Quran and then repeats the experiment until he reaches the recitation without any errors.
  10. One of the very important ways in the article How to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily and quickly is to understand the verses well.
  11. And understanding the interpretation so that we can memorize it.
  12. Remember and link the Quran with the events that occurred in it because we understand them and know the stories of the Holy Quran.
How to learn Quran fast
How to learn Quran fast

Learn Quran with Tajweed pdf

For everyone who wants to learn the Quran with Tajweed pdf we have the best Quran teachers with Tajweed, who speak Arabic, that is, speak the language of the Quran.

They are graduates of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, with great experience in the rules of the Arabic language, the language of the Quran.

Tips to help memorize the Quran

  • We offer some tips that help memorize the Noble Quran at home so that those who want to memorize the Quran can easily memorize and remember it while they are at home.
  • Because the person who wants to memorize the Quran alone at home wants a lot of support.
  • The effort, determination, and determination because he is without a company that helps him to continue.
  • Therefore, we offer some tips that encourage those who memorize the Quran at home to continue and succeed in memorizing the Quran and achieving achievement in understanding and memorizing.
  • The person who wants to memorize the Quran should ask Allah for help and pray to Allah to open the conquest of the gnostics.
  • And to help him in memorizing his Noble Book.
  • This may be the most important advice in our article on how to memorize the Noble Quran at home easily and quickly.
  • The person who memorizes the Quran should read a lot about the importance of memorizing the Holy Quran and understand the meanings of the Quran well.

Learn Quran Online Easy

  • The person who wants to memorize the Quran must prepare himself for memorizing and intend to memorize and continue.
  • He does not make anything lessen his resolve and that his intention is purely for Allah Almighty without showing off for people.
  • Sit in a comfortable, open place when beginning to memorize the Quran.
  • Perform ablution in preparation for this honorable act.
  • And to sit facing the qiblah, try to read the Quran.
  • Even if you do not have an attractive voice, just recite the rules of tajweed.
  • Choose a good friend of yours who wants to memorize the Quran and encourage him to memorize with you and compete with him.
  • And make him listen to you what you memorized.
  • You listen to him what he memorized, and be for some good company.

Foods that help you memorize the Quran

There are some foods that help you memorize the Noble Quran, such as:

  1. Mint syrup on black seed oil sweetened with molasses.
  2. This is a useful drink that improves memory and makes your voice sweet in the Quran.
  3. Raisins are also one of the foods that help you memorize the Noble Quran with dairy.
  4. Drinking Zamzam water and praying for yourself to memorize the Noble Quran.
  5. And also eating fresh fish and pomegranate fruit will help you memorize the Quran.

How do you memorize the Holy Quran in a month?

  • Setting a mandatory time for memorizing until a person gets used to memorizing the face.
  • It may take 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the first section until it is memorized, then repeat the second section until it is memorized.
  • Linking the verses of the face to each other, and repeating it until it is controlled.
  • The more repetition, the better and stronger the adjustment.

How long does it take to memorize the Quran?

  1. When memorizing twenty parts, thirty days are allotted for a comprehensive review to review the memorized parts when memorizing twenty-five parts:
  2. Thirty-five days are allotted for a comprehensive review to review the memorized portions.
  3. Upon completion of the entire Quran memorization, forty-five days are allotted for a comprehensive review.
  4. In this way, you will have memorized the Quran in 1,000 days.

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Where do I start memorizing the Holy Quran?

You can initially focus on the short surahs at the end of the Quran and listen to them several times every day, especially after waking up and right before bed.

And if you can sleep on the sound of the Quran being recited.

Then this matter has a great effect on storing the Quran in your subconscious mind!

How do you memorize the Holy Quran in a year?

  • Your memorization must be on a sheik to correct the recitation.
  • I memorize two pages every day, one after Fajr, and one after Asr or Maghrib.
  • In this way, you memorize the entire Quran in perfection within a year.
  • And your memorization will be perfect, but if you increase your memorization, the memorization will be weak.
  • Memorizing is from Surat Al-Nass to Surat Al-Baqarah because it is easier.
  • After you memorize the Quran, your review will be from Al-Baqarah to the people.

How can I memorize the Quran quickly?

  1. Preparing to improve your memorization session You should take care.
  2. The environment you choose so is suitable for your learning so that it is easy for you to get started.
  3. Record what you save.
  4. Write down the information you save.
  5. Take notes.
  6. Apply repetition to cumulative memorization.
  7. writing from memory.
  8. Teach someone else.
  9. Listen to recordings continuously.

How do I memorize my son the Quran at home?

  • First, read the surah well with intonation, then explain its meanings to the child.
  • Explain the meanings and vocabulary that seem difficult for the child to understand and simplify.
  • Then you leave the child to read it and help him with it.
  • Try to repeat each verse more than once in the memorizing session.
  • The verses are well established in his mind and he begins to memorize words from them that help him to memorize well.

How do I memorize my son the Quran at home?

  1. The method of mastering the spelling is considered the best method for memorizing the Quran.
  2. Then start by shortening the surahs and engaging the senses of sight and hearing with the tongue in the process of memorization.
  3. In addition to listening to the verses on a daily basis and chanting with a good voice.
  4. Repeated listening to a Quranic tape in the voice of the glorified reciters also helps to memorize easily.
  5. All of the above helps the child to memorize the Quran.

How do I memorize the Quran three years old?

  • Pronunciation correction.
  • Stick to a daily board to save and adhere to.
  • Ongoing review.
  • Read the Quran with a melody.
  • Using the same Quran in memorization.
  • Understand the meanings of the verses.
  • Link the verses together.
  • Continuous review and monitoring of preservation.

Is it permissible to read the Quran according to the order of descent?

  1. Of course, there is no prohibition from reading the Quran in the order of revelation or from following this order.
  2. Rather, the benefits of such follow-up in understanding the spirit of the Prophet’s biography are indisputable.
  3. But provided that the order of descent does not replace the stopping order.
  4. In the sense that it is not a substitute for it.
  5. Because this is ignoring or turning a blind eye to the divine arrangement that was estimated by the author of the revelation.

Did Allah command us to memorize the Quran?

  • Memorizing the Noble Quran is an obligation of sufficiency, meaning that if some people do it, the burden falls on the rest.
  • It is desirable for you to memorize the Quran and strive hard to memorize it as long as you are able to do so, but if it is difficult for you.
  • So be satisfied with memorizing what is valid for worship, and there is no sin on you for not memorizing.

In the end, for everyone who wants to memorize the Quran quickly, the easiest way to memorize the Quran is through YouTube, where there are videos on YouTube through which the Quran is memorized easily. Arabic, as learning the Quran on YouTube is the best way to learn the Quran quickly.