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How to learn the Arabic alphabet?

In the following lines, we will mention on the Rahman School website How to learn the Arabic alphabet:

Sing letters

  1. Singing the alphabet song to your child is a fun way to learn the letters.
  2. So start singing to him as a toddler and as he gets older.
  3. Ask him to start singing on his own.
  4. Rahman School’s CD contains a song about the alphabet and how to pronounce it.

Read Alphabet Books

You can read all kinds of alphabet books to your kids. Frequent exposure to alphabet books will help your child learn letters at an early age.

Sandpaper letters

  1. When learning the Arabic alphabet using sandpaper is a great way to teach letters to children.
  2. Did ax sandpaper can be used to trace letters by touch.
  3. This is an ideal pre-writing activity.
  4. Because children use their fingers to trace the letters of the sandpaper.
  5. The cards can tell the child where to start.
  6. And the direction it should go while writing the letter.
  7. When using the method of teaching letters using sandpaper.
  8. You teach children three things: the shape of letters, their shape, how to write them, and how to pronounce their sound.

Use the puzzle method

  • Puzzles are a great tool for teaching children the alphabet.
  • For example, a beautiful wooden puzzle with elegant pictures can be used.
  • This is a fun way to practice your language skills and vocabulary as well.

Use magnetic letters

Special magnetic letters can be used. Which can be pasted on the refrigerator door, and pronounced in front of the child until he learns.

Lettering printing

Print letters in clear and large font on cardstock. Then ask the child to extract similar letters.

Tips for learning the Arabic alphabet

In the following lines, we will mention the most important tips for learning the Arabic alphabet:

Make reading letters fun for your child

  1. When learning the Arabic alphabet Learning the letters starts with reading online.
  2. Where you can use different sounds of characters and animals.
  3. By doing the sound effects for each letter.
  4. You can also make exaggerated expressions when you read a story with your child.

Point out the use of letters in everyday items.

  • You can point out to your child how to use letters on billboards.
  • And menus in restaurants, their TV shows, and movies.
  • And anywhere else you might notice writing that might interest your child.

Display the alphabet in different shapes from your home

  1. Kids will be excited to play with letters in different materials and sizes.
  2. To buy sets of foam, magnetic, letter cards, and letter blocks and have your child touch the letters, move around, sort and arrange.
  3. They are effective methods of supporting your child’s learning of letters.
  4. Make your own letters out of popsicle sticks, sandpaper, or Styrofoam.
  5. Or other craft supplies if you’re on a tight budget.
  6. Arrange the magnetic letters on the refrigerator or whiteboard.
  7. Then let your child put them in alphabetical order or sing the alphabet song together and point to each letter.
  8. Make letters out of clay, fabric, or yarn.
  9. Then use shaving cream, salt, sugar, or finger paint to draw the letters.

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Use games

  • Use learning tools such as letter cards to reinforce letter names and sounds.
  • Then ask your child to put letter cards in alphabetical order.
  • Or turn it upside down and ask him to put it in order.

When should you start Learning the Arabic alphabet?

  1. It is best to start learning the Arabic alphabet for your children the letters when they are two years old. Some children show interest early on.
  2. But it is best to start exposing them to the alphabet starting from the age of 15 months.
  3. If you can keep your kids interested and make learning the alphabet fun and engaging.
  4. Your child will learn in a short time.

Methods of learning Arabic alphabet for preschoolers

In the following lines, we will mention the methods of learning the Arabic alphabet for preschoolers:

Teach the children their names

A good way to introduce your little one to the alphabet is by teaching them their names, letter by letter. Make them familiar with their names first and then turn to their friends and siblings.

Learning Arabic alphabet
Learning Arabic alphabet

Drawing letters

  1. Another fun game that you can do is drawing alphabets.
  2. Some of the letters are a bit more tricky than the rest.
  3. It pays to make crafts or origami around it.
  4. So you can get some colorful confetti, masking tape, and stickers.
  5. And other craft supplies for a fun-filled family activity.
  6. It involves creating crafts in the form of artwork that your kids will love when learning the Arabic alphabet.

The easiest way to learn the Egyptian Arabic alphabet for kids

We will mention in the following lines learning Arabic alphabet for children:

Buying educational supplies

  • Purchase educational supplies of pens, notebooks, colors, short stories, and illustrated books.
  • Which are attractive colors and graphics for the child.
  • These simple things motivate the child to be ready for what he is going to learn.
  • And even made him love to learn through their love of looking at attractive pictures.
  • And trying to understand what the story is about, including the Arabic alphabet for beginners.

Learn the letters of the alphabet in several ways

  • One of the simplest is to learn it phonetically through chants of letters.
  • Which are in attractive music.
  • It is available on Rahman School in private videos.
  • He listens and memorizes the learns Arabic letters without feeling any kind of boredom or monotony.

Child participation to read aloud

  1. By reading some interesting and interesting stories.
  2. This increases their enthusiasm and motivates them to love learning.
  3. Thus, the mother can combine the letters of the alphabet with an interesting story.
  4. Which makes the child learn the alphabet in a fun and attractive way.
  5. Stories should be repeated, they like to hear them many times.
  6. It is assumed at this stage that the selection of stories and Arabic alphabet practice.
  7. They often contain unique techniques for teaching the alphabet to children.
  8. Also, this type of story is widely available in bookshops.

Attract children’s attention to words and letters

  • Attract children’s attention to words and letters as they share reading books and educational boards.
  • By referring to it, emphasizing it verbally, and repeating.
  • This may help them understand words and how they are used Arabic letters for beginners.
  • In addition to teaching them the differences between uppercase and lowercase letters and where to use them.

Read some signboards

Read some street signs, food packages, magazines, books, and many other places. This makes children learn letters as an important part of their environment.

Letter writing stage

  1. It comes after the child hears the letters and knows their sounds and what they symbolize.
  2. Here it is nice to use notebooks that are attractive to the child.
  3. And start teaching him letters in writing, linking the written letter with the sound associated with its pronunciation.
  4. It is distinctive to write letters in shapes that are loved by the child.
  5. And the letters can be made with models that attract the attention of children.
  6. For example, letters can be drawn and colored.
  7. It is nice to have books and notebooks containing distinctive graphics.
  8. And attractive colors to teach children the learn Egyptian Arabic alphabet.
  9. It is also unique to teach them to write their names and draw them in creative forms.

Using puzzles to teach children the alphabet

  1. It is one of the fun games that they often like.
  2. This contributes to the thinking of letter shapes.
  3. In addition to puzzle games, magnetic letters can be used in education.
  4. Such as those placed on the refrigerator.
  5. It is a fun game for children.
  6. The child can be asked to write some words using them.
  7. As it is one of the distinctive ways of teaching.

Use of electronic games on the phone or computer

  • Children are known to love and use these devices.
  • Which can be relied upon to a large extent in the educational stage.
  • It is worth noting that these devices contain many games and programs that can be installed with ease.
  • Which would make the educational process very interesting for children.

Doing challenging activities for children with the alphabet

  • As if looking for some words or letters.
  • It is what may contribute to making the child feel fun in the educational process.
  • Thus getting the best results.
  • They often seem ready and even love these challenges.

What are the steps of learning the Arabic alphabet?

In the following lines, we will mention the Arabic alphabet practice:

Ages 0-3 years

  1. A child under the age of three is supposed to be able to link some recurring words into their meaning.
  2. He must also be able to imitate some of the sounds of some of the usual words.
  3. In addition, it should be able to hold the pen.
  4. He will be able to make some fonts that look like writing.

Ages 3-4 years:

  • At this stage, the child begins to try to hold and look at books and try to read and write some words.
  • He is also supposed to have the ability to listen to stories and point out certain signs.
  • And he could be able to write some letters.

Ages 5 years old:

  1. At this age, the child begins to tell some simple tales and stories.
  2. He must also be able to associate letters with their sounds.
  3. He can start by writing some popular and recurring words and phrases.

Ages 6 years old:

  • This age stage is the appropriate stage for developing his abilities to read, write and use punctuation.
  • The child may be able to read aloud and write many vocabularies.

What is the appropriate age for learning the Arabic alphabet?

  1. A child begins learning from the first day of his birth.
  2. The infant’s brain memorizes and stores vocabulary until it develops with age.
  3. A two-year-old is also able to perceive everything that is going on around him.
  4. At the age of three, the child is ready to learn letters and spell them.
  5. As well as distinguishing between them in the form.
  6. Therefore, we advise parents to start teaching their three-year-old children skills to learn letters.
  7. Because a child at an early age has a special ability to focus, understand and memorize.
  8. This can be achieved by following easy and entertaining educational methods and means, which makes the child yearn for this learning session.

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