Importance Learn Islamic Studies, perhaps one of the broadest definitions of history is that it is an art that searches for the facts of time in terms of specification and timing. Islamic education instills in kids the foundations of Islam learn various Islamic studies including but not limited to pillars of Islam, FiqhAqidahTafsirHadithDua (Supplication)Islamic Manners, and seerah of Prophet Muhammad

What is Islamic history?

  1. Islamic history is one of the treasures of mankind, which has no strength except with it.
  2. In its entirety, it is a history full of values, principles, and virtues that carried the light of guidance to the whole world.
  3. So I brought him out of darkness into light, and from the fanaticism of ignorance to the tolerance of Islam.

the nation of Islam

  • The history of the ummah islamica is characterized by many features:
  • Learn Islamic Studies is the history of faith and a comprehensive system of life.
  • It is the correct document on the success of Islam as a way of life that is valid for every time and place.
  • Learn Islamic Studies is the history of the application of Islamic Sharia, the realistic application.
  • It is the history of nations and peoples who lived by Islam and by Islam.
  • Every deviation from the right path that befell this history was the result of deviation from that divine law.
  • The importance of studying our Importance Learn Islamic Studies becomes clear through several things:

Importance of Islamic Education

  • Our Islamic heritage is an influential heritage in consolidating the unity of our nation.
  • Awakening it from its slumber, and defeating hateful sectarianism and hateful fanaticism.
  • This is because this history is the heritage of all the elements, groups, and sects of this nation.
  • Regardless of the distant and diverse ethnic origins.
  • It is a history that all Muslims participated in making.
  • Next to the Arab, we find Bilal al-Habashi, Salman al-Farsi, and Suhaib al-Rumi.
  • This matter represents an urgent need in the field of mobilizing the energies of this nation in order to accomplish the real tasks presented and presented by history.
  • Islamic history has a great impact on the vision of the future of the Importance Learn Islamic Studies and determining the degree of maturity of its personality.
  • Its reaching maturity in the process of resurrection and renaissance.
  • The adult nation is the one that derives the origins of its survival and the factors for its progress and renaissance from the essential elements in the era of its renaissance.
  • This is a weapon in its hand to advance and push the wheel of development forward.
Importance Learn Islamic Studies
Importance Learn Islamic Studies

importance of faith in Islam

  1. Islamic history helps to know the history of the narrators, in terms of the time of the request and meeting, and the journey in seeking knowledge.
  2. Learn Islamic Studies mixing and change, the year of death.
  3. The narrator’s condition is in terms of honesty and justice.
  4. History helps to know the contemporaries of the people and contributes to determining the right from the wrong if the names are similar and share them.
  5. Whereas Islamic history is important in knowing the abrogated and the abrogated, because through it.
  6. Through it, the advanced news is learned from the latter.
  7. The study of Islamic history works to instill confidence in the hearts and conscience of Muslims.

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Islamic belief and its impact on the individual and society

  • Whereas the importance of the Islamic faith is not limited to what was mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • Rather, it goes beyond that, such as the positive impact that appears on the individual through its application and commitment to it.
  • So a person of sound belief is distinguished by his attainment of peace and tranquility in his life.
  • Whereas the application of the correct belief in order to achieve the happiness of the chest and contentment in his heart.
  • As a result of the realization of servitude to Allah.
  • It also makes him wary of Satan’s whims and whims of the soul.
  • The motives are evil, so he is a watchdog over his actions and behavior.
  • So this is due to his absolute belief that Allah – the Mighty and Sublime – is not hidden from anything.

The impact of faith on society

  1. There is a close relationship between the individual and society Since individuals are the building blocks of society.
  2. The effects that result from individuals’ commitment to the Islamic faith show their impact on the entire Islamic society.
  3. Whereas in this paragraph of this article, the impact of creed on society will be mentioned.
  4. With an explanation of how creed achieves this effect, as follows:
  5. Based on that, the obligation of every member of society is to keep away from doing evil, harm, and taboos such as theft, murder, and indecent assault for fear of Allah.
  6. Just as the Muslims attempt to reform themselves and distance themselves from the whims and desires of the soul and the inclinations of Satan achieves the security and stability of society.
  7. It will then become a society devoid of revenge and other customs that violate societies and shake their security and stability.
  8. Keep society away from hatred and racism.
  9. Whereas it can be said that this effect is the result of the Muslim’s trust in Allah – the Almighty – and his absolute faith.

What are the sources of the Islamic faith?

The Importance Learn Islamic Studies has a number of legitimate sources that are taken from it, and the following are:

The Holy Quran:

  • It is the first of these sources, and the Noble Quran has fulfilled the statement of the Muslim’s belief.
  • Its correctness in the soul.
  • The rest of the Surahs of the Noble Quran has clarified the pillars of belief in the most complete way.


It is the second of these sources The purified Sunnah of the Prophet is a revelation from Allah – the Mighty and Sublime – to the Messenger.


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