How to learn Quran online for kids? Allah Almighty commanded us to take care of the Noble Quran by reading Quran, memorizing Quran, and acting upon it, as he commanded us to raise our children on that since their early childhood, and here lies the importance of teaching children the Noble Quran, where the child can understand and memorize Quran at a higher speed than the oldest. How to learn Tajweed online? Learning Tajweed is suitable for the student who does not know any prior knowledge about the science of Tajweed. It builds this chain of student information from scratch. It is also suitable for a student who has information.

How to learn Quran online for kids?

The child needs creative ways to memorize Quran for children in order to be interested in memorizing  Quran while focusing on what the memorizer is doing. So the child needs to simplify things especially and the child may find some difficult words that he cannot understand. With children, it is possible to start memorizing the shortest surahs that are free of compound words until they cling to the Quran and then the most difficult surahs for them, the gradation helps them to memorize quickly. In the old days, kattaib was the main prevalent way to memorize Quran for children, but nowadays, with the spread of the Internet. Learning Quran and memorizing Quran via the Internet (online) has become a widespread and common method. Especially with the availability of tools and programs to assist with distance education, the most important of these programs is (Zoom), the program used for lessons and meetings is widespread.

Methods for learning Quran online for kids

In the following lines, we will mention the best ways to learn Quran online for kids:


It is the most effective way that a child can memorize, and this method has proven its efficiency between different ages of children. Especially when relying on the most times when the brain can receive information, which is the period before sleep. When repeating the part to be memorized five to ten times in front of the child, this helps to memorize it quickly and easily, with interest in reviewing what was previously memorized.


Relying on upon constantly reviewing helps the child retain the Quran that he memorized in the past. In this way, CDs can be used on a computer or recorded on a smartphone. Or it is possible for him to go to Quran memorization circles, where he repeats verses among others of his age, which is one of the most motivating things to memorize the Quran. How to learn the Arabic letters? The process of teaching Arabic letters to children The educational process should be enjoyable for them so that they understand it and take root in their minds.


It is one of the most effective ways that help the child memorize the Quran and make him eager to memorize to get more encouragement. Where the child can be praised whenever he memorizes a surah or apart, and rewards can be made for that. Every time he finishes memorizing a part, he gets the reward of his choice.

Connect learn Quran online for kids to something that makes the child happy

  • One of the most creative ways to memorize the Quran for children is for the child to memorize Quran with a story he loves.
  • Because this method helps to get rid of boredom during the time of memorization.
  • It is also possible to keep something that the child loves and give it to him when he finishes memorizing, which is related to his memory when retrieving the Quran.
  • It is also possible to talk to the child about the merits of memorizing the Quran through a simplified method that he can understand in order to help encourage him to memorize.

Learn Quran online for kids with Rahman school sites

There are many Learn Quran online for kids websites that aim to teach and memorize Quran for children remotely online. and one of the most prominent of these sites is the Rahman school online website.

Learn Quran online for kids
Learn Quran online for kids

How do you teach your child the importance of the Quran?

  1. The Holy Quran has a great place in the lives of Muslims, as it is the basis on which they depend in all matters of life.
  2. In order to understand the verses of the Quran, it is necessary to learn and manage their verses.
  3. Muslim parents should also teach their children to read the Quran at a young age.
  4. So that they can understand and memorize it and learn the principles of the Islamic religion and education according to Islamic law through it.
  5. The appropriate age for a child to memorize Quran is the age of three.
  6. The memorized Quran (Sheikh) enjoys a high position in the Islamic community and the best of people are those who learn Quran.
  7. The Prophet Muhammad said, “The best of you are those who learn Quran.”
  8. Reading Quran is one of the greatest acts of worship that a person performs to draw closer to Allah Almighty.
  9. This is where Allah Almighty urged us to Read Quran, memorize it, and reflect on its verses and their meanings.

Benefits of learning Quran online for kids at a young age

Reading the Quran is a great virtue in this world and the hereafter. Examples of the Quran benefit are the following:

  • In this world, the one who leads people in prayer is the most reciting of the Quran.
  • The Quran has a great advantage that benefits its owner in the grave.
  • This is because if more than one person is deceased, then the reciter of the Quran is presented more in the grave.
  • And in the Hereafter, a person’s status will be at the last verse in which he recited the Quran.
  • Helps to raise children’s Islamic education.
  • It establishes positive behaviors in children and motivates them to obey and earn rewards.

Methods for learning Quran online for kids 3 years

  1. Allocate an official schedule for teaching and memorizing Quran.
  2. Setting the schedule helps establish a consistent daily routine that the children will get used to.
  3. The number of verses is determined according to the child’s age and ability to absorb.
  4. A consistent routine helps ensure that children continue to learn Quran and that there is no gap.
  5. Three-year-olds won’t be able to focus for long.
  6. Therefore, he relied on listening at an early age, then reciting the Quran, and beginning with the small surahs.
  7. Make a record of memorizing the Quran and when your child finishes memorizing Quran the surah, reward him.
  8. A child at the age of three loves rewards and gifts very much, as it helps them to encourage and continue.
  9. Providing an appropriate learning environment for memorizing Quran.
  10. And try to explain to your child the meaning of the verses he listens to so that he can understand their meanings and memorize them smoothly.

Practice Quran every day Reciting the Quran for every letter is a good deed, and a good deed is rewarded ten times as much. Congratulations to the reciter of the Practice Quran every day.

The best way to learn Quran online for kids 3 years old

In the following lines, we will mention how to learn Quran online for kids 3 years in the easiest way:

Correct pronunciation during learning Quran online for kids

  1. The first step in memorizing Quran is correcting the pronunciation process.
  2. Which can only be achieved by carefully listening to the sheik or the reciter (the memorizer).
  3. It is very difficult to Learn Quran without a teacher and it is impossible for children.
  4. The Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.
  5. Learned from Gabriel and recited to him, then he taught his companions and they used to recite the Quran to him.
  6. Therefore, one of the most important rules of memorization is to rely on a good reader.
  7. And listen to him and read to him until you are sure that the beginnings are correct.

Stick to a daily board to save and adhere to

As it is necessary to specify the number of verses that the child must complete each day. It must be reasonable, achievable, memorable, and strictly adhered to.

Continuous review

  • The review system must be adhered to to ensure that what was previously memorized, in addition to continuous recitation.
  • This can be done while going about his daily life, such as while riding a bus, recalling from his memory.
  • And so on, so that he can do all the tasks in the day, from reviewing and memorizing.

Read the Quran repeatedly

  1. It is very important for a person to recite the Quran with a melody.
  2. Because it is one of the ways of recitation that is consistent with the Sunnah of the Prophet.
  3. Where he was reading the Quran quiet repetition.
  4. And the Prophet says in this regard: “He who does not recite the Quran is not one of us.”
  5. In addition, this method encourages him to continue and attracts his ear for memorization and recitation.
  6. It also helps to accustom the tongue and install conservation.

Using the same Quran for memorization

A person uses all his senses to memorize the Quran, especially the eye that knows the location and shape of words. Therefore, the same copy of the Quran must be used when memorizing because it leaves a clear imprint on the mind.

Understand the meanings of the verses

  1. One of the most important steps for memorizing the Quran is to understand the meaning of the verses and how they are linked together.
  2. Therefore, he must recite the memorization and interpretation of the verses and mention their meanings when reading.
  3. Because knowing the meanings of the verses is of great importance in memorizing and increasing the reward for recitation.
  4. It is not necessary to rely on the meaning alone, it must be repeated in the reading.
  5. Because it accustoms the tongue to the correct pronunciation even if the mind deviates from realizing the meaning.

Connect the verses together

  • When memorizing the surah is divided into several different verses.
  • And when the memorization of the surah is completed.
  • It must be emphasized that the verses are linked together so that the tongue can read them easily without having any difficulty in remembering the words.
  • And it happens easily and smoothly when it is repeated a lot.
  • It focuses on his mind and he can read it correctly and quickly even if the mind is absent.

Continuous review and conservation monitoring

  1. The review and monitoring ensure the preservation of what has been memorized and protect it from oblivion and straying.
  2. Memorizing Quran is difficult. It is not an easy thing, and a person quickly forgets what he has memorized.
  3. Therefore, it is very necessary for the person to follow up on the review of what has been saved on an ongoing basis.
  4. And monitors keeping it if it is not good stresses it until it is mastered.

Ways to learn Quran online for kids at home

  • That the child gets used to listening to the Noble Quran constantly from the time he is in his mother’s womb until he is born, grows up, and learns to speak.
  • That the parents be a good role model for the child so that he sees them diligently reciting the Quran.
  • Not forcing the child to memorize, but drawing his attention indirectly to the importance of memorizing the Quran by telling him stories, for example.
  • Choosing the appropriate time to memorize Quran for the child, which is in the early morning when the mind is clear.
  • Choosing the right place away from distractions.
  • So that the child’s sight, hearing, and senses are all with preservation.
  • When reading Quran to children, the rulings must be adhered to.
  • Because they will memorize what they have heard in the same way as a prompter reads.
  • Assigning a Quran to the child to continue reading from it throughout the memorization period.
  • Link the meanings to the verses and represent what can be represented to make it easier for the child to memorize the verses.
  • Repeat what is memorized at different times of the day.
  • Regular memorization daily, reviewing the previous and linking it to the new memorization.
  • Rewarding children, encouraging them constantly.
  • Being patient with their mistakes or difficulty in memorizing them, and praying for them.

Methods of Learn Quran online for kids with Rahman school

  1. It is worth mentioning that the Rahman school website has an able Quran teacher, strong personality, and flexibility at the same time.
  2. In addition to his ability to attract students to him and build a good relationship with them.
  3. Forming memorization circles, taking into account the levels of students.
  4. So that students with a convergent level are in the same circle.
  5. Using different means to help children memorize, such as paintings, models, or telling a story mentioned in the surah.
  6. Encouraging students to help each other in memorizing by forming pairs of pairs that each child recites to the other.

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