Mashallah ( Arabic : ما شاء الله ) also written ( Ma Sha Allah, Masha’Allah, Masya Allah) is one of the remembrance words of Allah “ Islamic terms”. You could always be in a worshiper state even at work or in school just by moving your tongue with simple words, those words are the remembrance words of Allah, which means we mention the name of Allah.

The literal meaning of mashallah is what the God has willed in the implication of what the god has willed has happened.

What is mashallah?


As we previously showed Masha Allah’s meaning is” as the God has willed” in the sense of what the God has willed has happened.

That’s because Muslims believe that all that happened and will happen is under the will of Allah, He gives, takes, and he protects according to his previous knowledge and his entire power.

The term “ma shaa allah” is not only used by Muslims, it’s also said by all the Arabian communities “Muslims and non-muslims”, also in Non-Arab communities where Muslims live such as Turks, Kurds, Pakistanis, and Afghan.

Also in some countries which were ruled by the” Ottoman Empire”  such as Serbian, Albanian, and Bulgarian.

What does mashallah mean in Arabic?

In Arabic, the term mashallah is written like that   ما شاء الله”.

It’s not only used by Muslims but also by Arabic Non-Muslims. in their culture it has the same meaning as “touchwood” when there is a beautiful thing, it’s away to prevent jealousy or evil eye, but in Islam, we in deep believe that it’s not the word which prevents or protects but Allah will, and we just use the word to ask Allah to give us protection.

What does Mashallah mean in English?

In Arabic mashallah is composed of three words:

  1. The first word is “ma” which means what.
  2. The second word is “shaa” which means the past tense of will or wish.
  3. The third word is the name of our God “Allah”. 

The final meaning is what Allah has willed has happened.

How to write mashallah in English?

 the term is an Arabic term, so in English, it may be written in many ways according to how Non-Arab people could pronounce it, we could write it as how we write it in Arabic in three words “Ma Shaa Allah”, also we could write it as Mashaallah, mashallah, and Mashaa Allah.

How to write mashallah in Arabic?

On the opposite side writing mashallah in Arabic must be in one way, composed of three words which are like that “Ma shaa Allah” to give the exact meaning we want “What God has willed” on the other side the term Mashaa Allah has a different meaning as “Mashaa” which means a person who walks.

When to say mashallah?

Muslims are saying Mashallah as a congratulation and expression of the appearance of a gift, happiness, or ease after hardness.

For Muslims, it’s the way to protect people by asking Allah to protect them from evil eyes and to memorize people that everything is due to the wills of Allah and there is no guarantee for having or keeping any gift that Allah gives us unless Allah wills you to have.

In surah Al-Kahf, Allah told us a story of two men, one of them was an owner of beautiful gardens with many trees and showed off with his wealth and claimed that no power can destroy his wealth, the other man warned him and told him to be thankful to God and he said that” if I didn’t say as God wills and there is no power except by Allah your beautiful garden will return into ashes”.

So, as we saw, Allah taught us by this story the importance of being thankful to our God, because every gift we have is from him and Mashallah tabarakAllah is one of the terms that we can show gratefulness to our lord with.

Here are some examples of occasions that we can use Mashaallah in:

  • A friend told you that he has been graduated with a high degree. You will congratulate him by saying Mashallah tabarakAllah.
  • Another friend had a great illness and he told you that he is fully recovered from it, you will congratulate him by saying Alhmdullilah and Mashallah.
  • You saw a bird feeds its chicks, you could say mashaallah and Subhanallah.

Can you say mashallah to non-muslim?

In the previous paragraph, we talked about what is the reason for saying Masha Allah, the main reason is to protect ourselves and what we already have from being lost.

In Islam, Muslims can pray to Allah to protect non-muslim or to relieve their sickness which is called in Arabic Al roqya, that’s why saying mashallah to protect them and prevent the evil eye is allowed.

What do we reply to mashallah? 

There is no exact right reply to Masha Allah, the response mainly will be according to the occasion, for example:

  • If your friend achieved promotion in his work and you said to him Masha Allah his response might be Jazak Allah Khairan or Jazakom Allah khairan which means  “god rewards you”.
  • If you saw a beautiful child we could say Mashallah tabarak Allah. His parents’ answer might be Jazakum Allah Khairan and Ameen.
  • If we see a beautiful natural scene like a colorful flower we will say mashallah and we could also say tababarak Allah which means “God bless” there is no reply for that occasion.

When to say mashallah and subhanallah?

Subhanallah is another word of the remembrance of Allah which means” Glory be to Allah” which is almost said when you see an extraordinary or an unexpected thing, that’s an expression of being amazed and to remember yourself that Allah is the handler of everything.

Now, we can recognize the difference between the meaning of both words, mashallah is the word we use to ask Allah to protect the gifts that he gave us and also to remind ourselves that every gift from Allah not from ourselves, Subhanallah is to express the amazement of something and also to remind ourselves that Allah can do everything.

So, can we use both words on the same occasion?

Yes, we can do that, for example, your friend’s wife delivered four children for one birth, you will say SubhanAllah because it’s an extraordinary thing and you will say Masha Allah to ask Allah to protect their Childs.

Related questions

When to say alhamdulilah and mashallah?

Alhamdulillah means ’praise to god”, or “thanks to God”, its importance belongs to the following:

  •  the presence of it at the beginning of surah al Fatiha, each Muslim has to say al Fatiha in each prayer.
  • at the beginning of Doaa as our beloved prophet does and ordered us to do.
  • In answering questions about your health or life even if there are problems, our prophet taught us to be thankful to God even in bad things.

So as we previously showed, there is a difference in the meaning and uses of both terms, but both of them remind the believers that Allah is the lord, all we have is his giving, and we must be thankful for every gift we have.

What do mashallah and inshallah mean?

If your child asked you if he could buy a toy and you agree, you will say inshallah I will, being a Muslim you should submit the will of god over your will cause you to know that Allah has previous knowledge and the entire power, and even if we want to do anything that we are sure we can, Allah can prevent the occurrence of it because of his previous knowledge that’s not good for you.

What is the difference between mashallah and inshallah?

Marshallah is “what God has willed”, the past tense of will in the sense of what Allah has willed has happened.

Inshaallah is “if God wills”, here the tense is the future when you hope something to happen in the future cause you believe that everything will happen under the will of Allah.

What does Mashallah tabarakallah mean?

The literal meaning is different but the sense of meaning and uses are almost the same!

Tabarakallah’s literal meaning is” blessed is Allah”. Here when we see an amazing thing we will ask Allah to protect and prevent the evil eye, it’s the same as we can do with “mashallah”. we can use both words together “mashallah tabarakallah” or in another term “mashallah tabarakalrahman”, even the reply could be the same as we could say with mashallahJazak Allah khairan” and “Ameen”.


Muslims live with the entire belief that their lives, past, and futures are in the hands of Allah, they are fully surrendered to Allah. They know that he has previous knowledge of their destiny and the entire power of change and protection.

Each remembrance word has its own meaning, uses, and special time to be used, but at the same time, they all give us good deeds from Allah for following the ” sunnah” of our prophet PBUH and also for saying those remembrance words at any time.

Mashaallah is one of those remembrance terms that Muslims use in their life to ask for protection and to admit to Allah that everything is under his will. We can use mashallah with other remembrance words like alhamdulillah, tabarakallah, and Subhanallah, and each word has its own meaning, but they remind us to be fully surrendered to Allah who has the entire power and is the only one to be worshiped.

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