What Method Egyptian Quran Hafiz? Millions of Muslims around the world strive to memorize the Holy Quran in order to draw closer to Allah Almighty and in accordance with the Sunnah of His Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – However, the majority face difficulty in how to memorize the Holy Quran easily. Therefore, we offer you many things to consider in order to memorize the Noble Quran.

How to memorize the Quran from Egyptian Quran Hafiz

The best thing that a Muslim can invest his time in is the remembrance of Allah – the Mighty and Sublime, and the best remembrance is the recitation and memorization of the Noble Quran.

This can be achieved through the following method:

  • With the reading of the part that follows the part of it that he memorizes by looking at the Quran.
  • If the Muslim begins to memorize a part of his uncle, then on the first day, he memorizes the first page of it.
  • In addition to reading a complete portion of the Blessed, each portion of the Noble Qur’an contains twenty pages.
  • Thus, he will recite Juz Tabarak twenty times during his memorization of Juz Amma.
  • Which makes it easy for him to memorize, and this is how he does in every part of the Holy Quran.
  • Reading one part of the Holy Quran takes about half an hour.
  • So the memorizer can divide the part he wants to read into two parts.
  • So On you keep to read in the morning and in the evening.
  • Reciting the Juz’ can be replaced by listening to it, and it is better for a Muslim to read it one day and hear it one day.
  • It is possible for a Muslim if his time is short or he is slow in memorizing or otherwise.
  • He can memorize half a page per day instead of an entire page, and thus he reads half a part per day as well, not an entire part.
  • And he can make one day a week to review only without memorizing.

What Method Egyptian Quran Hafiz?

In the following lines, we will mention the best Egyptian Quran Hafiz method:

Having a sincere intention to memorize the Noble Quran

There is no doubt that memorizing the Quran is not just memorizing the Quran to please the human soul.

But rather for the sake of Allah’s pleasure.

That the mind and spirit are harnessed for the sake of memorizing the Quran and trying to stay away from the things that preoccupy a person from memorizing the Holy Quran, and that causes a waste of time.

Asking for help from Allah Almighty during prayer

And you are in the hands of Allah to ask Him for a helping hand in helping you memorize the Holy Quran.

In order to win His Heavens and obtain His approval.

And Allah must be pressed in this matter in order to help you to do so.

Praying for forgiveness in order to erase sins

It is also necessary to stay away from the sins that will make you forget the command of memorizing the Holy Quran.

To have the will and determination to do so

You should not be lazy, because it will be stressful at first, but Allah will make it easy for you soon.

Get organized with Egyptian Quran Hafiz

Through a table showing the hours that you will use in order to memorize the Noble Quran, you must also control yourself through the number of pages that you will accomplish today in memorizing.

You should do a daily review of what you have memorized during the day

This review should be at the end of the day after the memorization is completed, and you should do a weekly review of what you have memorized.

The exploitation of the first

  • Al-Bakour means that a person memorizes the Quran in the early hours of dawn.
  • As these are the best hours for memorizing the Holy Quran, the mind and brain are in a state of full activity.
  • Also, the Noble Quran, which a person memorizes in the early dawn hours, remains for a longer period of time in his memory.

That a person understands what he reads from the Egyptian Quran Hafiz

Undoubtedly, memorizing the Quran does not mean that we only learn.

But rather what is memorized from the Quran must be understood.

Method Egyptian Quran Hafiz
Method Egyptian Quran Hafiz

Try to read what you memorized during your prayers

This method is thanks to the majority of Muslim scholars because of its great benefit to the memorizer of the Quran.
As it benefits the memorizer that he is sure to memorize what has been memorized from the Quran.

Benefits of memorizing the Quran from Egyptian Quran Hafiz

A Muslim gains some benefits and skills through the Egyptian Quran Hafiz, some of which are explained below:

  • Spend pleasant moments in the company of the Noble Quran while memorizing it.
  • By reflecting on it, understanding it, and working with it.
  • Learn how to plan to achieve goals.
  • How to break down big goals into smaller goals.
  • As well as learn patience and not rush to get results.
  • Realizing that what matters is the quality and mastery of the work.
  • Not the speed of its completion, and the time spent on it.
  • Realizing the value of time, and how to use it for the benefit.

Important things when memorizing the Quran

There are a number of things that a Muslim should be keen on in order to make memorization easier for him, including choosing the Egyptian Quran Hafiz:

  • Make sure to choose the right time to start saving.
  • Choosing the right place to store, so that there are few distractions.
  • Get rid of everything that occupies you before you start memorizing.
  • eating sugars Because preservation is the function of the mind, and the mind feeds on sugars.
  • Begin to memorize when the Muslim is between hunger and satiety.

Best times to memorize the Holy Quran

  • It is advisable for a Muslim to investigate the times that are closest and most likely to be answered.
  • Such as supplication in the dead of the night, and after the prayers.
  • The stronger the determination and the stronger the will, the easier and easier it will be.

How to memorize the Quran

  • The best way to memorize the Noble Quran is to repeat the memorized one when memorizing it, then repeat the review on a fixed daily amount.
  • This is what was expressed by Imam Al-Bukhari – may Allah have mercy on him.
  • They were one of the most accurate people in memorizing when he was asked about the best way to memorize. He replied: “Looking is addictive.”
  • In order to memorize and install the Noble Quran, the following steps can be followed.

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