The Arabic language is very important and interesting, but do you know how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids? It is a difficult mission, especially for children and you should start with perfect ways like Montessori methods or even by Arabic online learning or Arabic printing including learning the Arabic letters, Arabic numbers and learning the correct reading of the Holy Quran which is considered the most important goal for learning kids their Arabic language.

Arabic alphabet letters for kids

Arabic alphabet
Arabic alphabet

Many innovative ways are available now to know how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids. Firstly, you should discover how many Arabic letters are present in the Arabic alphabet, the name of these letters, and the sound they make. You should know how to learn Arabic for kids by starting with the basics of that great language which is different from other languages like English or French. It consists of 28 letters and they are all consonants. But, there are some markings placed above or below the letters making a change in the meaning of the word. In the Arabic language, there are no lowercase or capitalized letters. They are written and read from right to left. There are some changes in the way the letters look which may be noticed when letters are joined together. But, don’t worry, the kids will learn it easily when starting in making words. When you start Arabic learning for kids, start with letters as follow: You should determine the way of Arabic learning for kids according to their ages. Many ways attract them like games, songs, worksheets, games, charts, or other activities.

Arabic alphabet activities for kids

Many activities provide permanent learning of the Arabic alphabet funnily and make you know about how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids.

  • Using flashcards

They are made of different colors and pictures that attract the kids. These pictures express things already present in their daily lives. This is easier for the mind to keep letters. I think it is a good way to learn how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids. But you should keep in mind while using flashcard activity, you can’t use whole letters at once. You can use the letters in regular intervals to increase the memorability of the cards. It is great fun for children to learn Arabic letters by cutting and pasting the flashcards together, especially for kindergarten.

Arabic alphabet for kids worksheets

It is used to teach the kids how to write the Arabic letters by writing these letters in the worksheet in lines, matching the letters with their pictures, or completing the planks. But you should know that using the same method for learning every time is the boring way and slows down the learning process for kids. There are many free printable worksheets to learn how to learn Arabic for kids and how to write in Arabic, and for tracking and recognizing letters for preschoolers. This learning method is proven to be effective in building the basics of the language funnily.

Arabic alphabet games for kids

There are many Arabic learning games for kids included in the courses of Arabic reading and Arabic writing. These games teach them the name, sound, and way to write each letter of the Arabic alphabet.  They are optimized for use on a computer or tablet. Many applications provide free games for learning Arabic. When I did the research for these games, I found 10000 results, do you imagine that?! Also, you will teach your child the Arabic letters in an interactive way with sounds and names of animals. There are online Arabic classes for kids that provide learning the Arabic language perfectly especially for Muslim children that are living in non- Muslim countries to be able to read and understand Quran for kids and communicate with their relatives. And to be in touch with the Arabic roots they belong to. They provide you with all the information about how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids. But there are some hurdles in this way for learning. The most serious one is finding a native Arabic teacher with a suitable cost. Fortunately, there are some institutes to learn Arabic online for kids which include groups or teams of highly skilled teachers that provide Arabic courses for kids to learn them in a professional way using specialized programs, and know exactly how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids. These Arabic online classes encourage social interactions and help in building learning friendships and help in learning how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids. Also, many online applications help kids read the Quran easily.

Arabic alphabet chart for kids

It is another way to learn how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids by making wonderful posters that are full of colors with funny pictures containing the letters and words that describe them. This chart teaches the reading and spelling of Arabic letters easily for beginners. There are many free Arabic alphabet chart printable present online for everyone.

Arabic alphabet song for kids

Many available songs help in learning how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids. It is a very easy and interesting way for children to remember the letters by repeating the song many times. These songs are available on kids’ channels on the television, or the internet. You can operate or upload them any time you want. I think it is a funny and interesting method for young kids to remember Arabic letters. Also, there are many songs to learn Arabic numbers for kids. They need to know the numbers and keep them well for learning how to count. There are other different ways for learning how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids like

  • Writing letters with different objects

Like writing the letters on a flat surface with stones or pulses, or drawing the letters on the ground by using chalks or other objects.

  • Using the repetition technique

Which depends on the auditory memory including listening, processing, and storing information. This method is done when the teacher says the letter out loud and then the children repeat it several times. Do you want your kids to learn more about Online Arabic Classes? Sign up for  Rahman School’s ( online Arabic school ) Online Arabic Classes program and watch them dive deeper into the Quran science and learn the Holy Book of Allah. Rahman School’s Arabic classes, Quran classes, Islamic studies class, Quran tajweed class,ijazah Quran and let your children learn the accurate Quran recitation and word pronunciation even if Arabic is not their first language. Quran teaching in Rahman School is fun as well as structured, they’ll learn with eLearning Quran; Our Quran teacher,  Arabic teacher, Islamic Studies teacher, tajweed teacher,  ( Islamic school ) will be their friends during this amazing journey. Online Quran tuition learning can be challenging if you’re seeking it for your kids. Rahman School offers you a wide variety of topics to teach your children online. Rahman School experienced live tutors ( male teacher & female teacher ). They have many years of experience in Teaching Arabic online and Quran online to non-Arabic speakers. Whether it’s Quran online, Arabic online, Tajweed, Ijazah, tajwid al Quran, and Islamic Studies. Rahman School has your back with professional Quran tutors who are willing to go further with your kids’ education. With an attractive interface and well-structured lessons, Rahman School gives you and your children the chance to learn with al Rahman school who are going to be your kids’ new friends, accompanying them in their learning process and encouraging them to learn more.


It is important to learn how to teach the Arabic alphabet to kids to enhance their lives and help them to learn their religion by contemplating the Holy Quran. It makes them closer to Allah. As we explained, there are many ways of teaching. You should choose the most suitable ones for your kids according to their favorites and their age, and their degree of comprehension.