How to learn the Arabic letters? If you want your child to be distinguished from his peers when he enters school, then you are in the right place! You may be wondering how do I start teaching my child letters? But our answer to you today will be more comprehensive and will teach you to prepare your child to read and write at a very young age, and not just teach him letters. It is Nour Al-Bayan’s way to teach reading and writing to your child in 4 months! how it would be? Will you be able on your own? This is what you will answer for yourself How to learn the Arabic letters at the end of the article.

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When can a child read?

  • The answer to this question depends on the capabilities of the child, and the way in which he learns.
  • Children who learn using recreational means, without coercion or violence, learn quickly and love education.
  • The child’s age and needs for play and fun must be taken into account, and the educational process is part of the play and not disrupted by it.
  • You can start with a pre-school child (6 years old) starting at the age of three.
  • To have plenty of time before the child starts attending school.
  • We will now introduce you to the Nour Al-Bayan method for teaching reading and writing to your child.

How to learn the Arabic letters – Nour Al Bayan method for teaching reading

We will mention the Nour Al-Bayan method for teaching reading and writing, for everyone who asks How to learn the Arabic letters:

  1. The Noor Al-Bayan method is one of the effective ways in which a child learns to read and write.
  2. After completing the Noor Al-Bayan curriculum, the child will be able to read any exact sentence with the correct formation, like all the verses of the Noble Quran.
  3. With the child, you can finish the Nour Al-Bayan curriculum in 4 months.
  4. But how responsive your child is, your ability to get his attention with media, and your commitment to classes at least twice a week will certainly affect the speed of the learning process.
  5. I will now give you a general idea of ​​the Nour Al-Bayan curriculum so that you can teach your child on your own, or apply it to him in a nursery that studies the Nour Al-Bayan curriculum to be established in the Arabic language.
  6. Important note: All the examples mentioned are to bring the sounds of letters closer to your mind, Everything inside the brackets is the way of pronunciation, not writing.
  7. Also note that exaggerations of opening, breaking, joining, extension, nucleation, and intensity are required when working with children.
  8. For example, when you exaggerate the pronunciation of the open letter, your child will achieve the correct opening movement.

Nour Al-Bayan’s method in teaching reading and writing

  1. Not linking the letter to the word, such as saying a-lion.
  2. Take care of the child’s understanding of the shape of the letter and Learn the Arabic Language, and their sound with all the movements (opening, breaking, and joining).
  3. Then give him a large group of examples of it.
  4. So that the letter in the child’s mind is not associated with a specific example.
  5. Not writing the letter in the form of points that the child connects to complete the shape of the letter.
  6. Make sure that the child trains himself to write the entire letter.
  7. Not using columns, such as for the child to repeat writing the letter along the page 20 times, for example.
  8. Take care not to burden your child; so as not to get bored.
  9. Just give him the duty to write the letter 4 or 5 times just to know how to write it.
  10. With a coloring job to tone his hand muscles, he’ll have some fun.
  11. Not to use the eraser because the child loves to explore and may deliberately make a mistake to erase it and correct it again.
  12. Teach the child to put a small x next to the error, and then write it again correctly.

Nour al-Bayan’s approach to teaching reading and writing

  • You will need at least two lessons per week, and a whiteboard to learn Arabic letters.
  • And innovation in making shapes for letters from foam and colored boards, chanting funny to help the child memorize letters for memorize Quran.
  • Write the entire alphabet on the board at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Read the letters correctly.
  • At the beginning of each lesson, 4 to 5 times, and take care of the capitalized letters to pronounce correctly.
  • In the first lesson, draw your child the letter Alif (A), taking a song of the gum letters and repeating it at the beginning of each lesson until you reach the letter Zaa (the last of the gum letters).
  • Then start the song of the letters of the Qalqalah and repeat it with him until he learns the Arabic letters.
  • In the following lessons, teach your child the similar letters (b, t, th) in one lesson, then (j, h, k), and so on.
  • Give in each lesson several examples that start with the assigned letter and do not focus on a specific example
  • Let the duty be every time to color a stereoscopic shape of the letter.
  • And write the letter around the object several times.
  • With an example of it, next to recite and write the alphabet in order once.
  • And dictate the letters out of order again.
  • At the beginning of each lesson, make sure to review everything that was previously studied: recite all the letters orally, write the group of gingival letters.
  • A write the group of letters of the qalqalah after taking it.
  • After completing all the letters, verbally test your child’s resonance.
  • He mentioned an example of any letter, then in writing the letters, whether in order or otherwise.

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The movements of the letters in the way of Noor Al-Bayan

  1. Divide the movements into three: opening, breaking, and damming.
  2. Start by opening, draw learn the Arabic letters on the board adding the opening movement.
  3. Then read them to the child in the sound of the letter, not in his name.
  4. After the child has mastered the sound of letters in the Fateh movement.
  5. Explain to your child that all the letters of the word interlock together to form the word, except for some letters that are known as spinal letters, for example in the example of a drawing: the seine clashed with the meem.
  6. While the R did not clash with the Seine because it is a forked letter.
  7. It does not connect to what follows it.
  8. After the child has mastered reading one word in the same way,
  9. Give him a sentence consisting of two words such as (kneeled and prostrated).
  10. Practice the child a lot by reading sentences with words that contain the Fatah movement.
  11. And training him to write by hand during the lesson and in the duty.
  12. After the child has mastered the opening movement, do the same with the breaking movement.
  13. Pronounce the letter sounds in the fraction.
  14. Then give him examples of words that have both broken and open letters.
  15. Then two-word sentences, and several exercises on reading and writing.
How to learn the Arabic letters
How to learn the Arabic letters

What is Noorani Qaida Online?

Noorani Qaida Online is one of the sciences of the Quran that is used to learn the Arabic language, and how to pronounce it in a proper way and connect the letters with each other.

Then how to connect the vowels with the letters, as through which the places of stress and the extension are learned, through the linguistic application with examples from the verses of the Noble Quran.

Advantages of learning to read with Noorani Qaida Online

  • Whoever learns in this way will be able to read Quran, with spelling, regardless of his age.
  • On the contrary, those who did not learn in this way, find it difficult, especially if they are young.
  • Also, whoever learns by the light rule, can complete the Quran in a short period of time that does not exceed six months.
  • This rule is the easiest way to Learn Quran Reading.
  • And also memorize it, for both beginners and beginners, without effort, and in a short time.
  • This method enables the owner to pronounce the exits of the letters correctly.
  • It also makes him give each letter his right and due.
  • It works to master all the provisions of intonation, and also works to teach those who learn these provisions how to apply them while reading the Holy Quran.
  • It helps to increase awareness and develop the awareness of the person who is learning it and makes him more understanding, even at a young age.
  • This method helps to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in a perfect way.
  • And learn it better than other methods, and it works to straighten the tongue in adults.
  • This method helps children to become attached to reading, especially reading the Noble Quran.

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Methods of learning Noorani Qaida Online for children

In the following lines, we will mention how to teach children the Noorani rule – How to learn the Arabic letters:

First Lesson:

  • The teacher teaches the children the single letters of the alphabet, by reading them to the students.
  • After that, he repeats them through a unified rhythm, until they are firmly established in the students’ minds, and single letters, such as a, b, th, and others.

The second lesson:

The teacher teaches the children the letters of the compound alphabet and tries to train them to pronounce them correctly.

And those ligatures such as ba, h, no, to other letters.

The third lesson:

After that, the teacher trains the children on the syllable letters and teaches them to them.

So that they do not pronounce them as words, and those letters such as Alam, Yes, Al-R, and others.

Lesson Four:

The teacher begins to teach the children the vowels, giving them examples.

And those letters are the ones that are formed by the fatha, kasra, and the damma, such as s, s, s, and others.

The fifth lesson:

After that, the teacher comes to teach the students the letters of the monounah, which have the intention, such as, ta, ta, ta’.

Sixth lesson:

The teacher trains the students on how to pronounce the vowels and tanween, by giving them examples of them, such as Uhud and other words.

Seventh lesson:

The teacher trains the children on the lowercase alif and the lowercase waw.

And also the small yaa, by giving them examples of it, such as sh, y, and others.

Lesson eight:

Children learn long vowels and vowels, such as ba, sa, shi.

The ninth lesson:

Children practice the three types of madd letters, tanween, as well as the letters of the vowels.

Lesson ten:

The teacher trains the children to be still and gives them examples.

Fath Al-Rahman book on teaching the words of the Quran

  1. We present to you the book Fath Al-Rahman in teaching the words of the Quran pdf.
  2. The best complete book for teaching children to read and write.
  3. It is considered one of the books of the Noor Al-Bayan series.
  4. This series is concerned with teaching the child to learn the Arabic letters in the kindergarten stage.
  5. As well as for weak pupils in the primary stage.
  6. Fath Al-Rahman is distinguished by an organized method of Learn Arabic.
  7. It begins by teaching the alphabet, then short and long vowels, and then the extended one.
  8. And so on until the child ends up mastering reading and writing.
  9. All through simple Quranic words and examples, making the learning process an enjoyable process for children.

The contents of the book Fath Al-Rahman to teach children to read and write

  • Teaching the letters of the alphabet with different movements, conquest, inclusion, breaking, and sukoon.
  • Teaching the alphabets with the extensions Alif, Waw.
  • The intention of opening, joining and breaking.
  • Teaching children the solar and lunar lams with various examples.
  • Teaching the intensity movement abstract or with movements or with Tanween.

In the end, we talked about Learn Arabic letters for children, and about Learn Arabic letters for adults, on the website We hope that we have provided enough information for all our valued students, in How to learn the Arabic letters, in order to learn to read and write correctly, as learn Arabic language is very important, as the Arabic language is the language of the Holy Quran.

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