How to learn Tajweed online? In order to learn Tajweed Quran you must memorize this rule: recite as much as you can, nothing can replace this rule, repetition will teach you in the end, the more you do it the better because when you read an unfamiliar page of the Holy Quran, you will read it in the same breath The time you took to read only two familiar lines, and when you repeat it, you will find that it only takes you 10 percent of the time because it has become easy.

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How to learn Tajweed online?

In the following lines, we will mention How to learn Tajweed online for beginners:

Check your heart condition

  • The key to truly benefiting from the Quran is to check your heart first before you even touch the Book of Allah.
  • Honestly ask yourself why are you reading it, is it just getting some information and commands and then getting away from it again?
  • And he remembered that the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him.
  • Was described by his wife that he did not read the Quran and he did not recite it, but rather lived it.

Renew your intention every time

  1. It is difficult for an adult to learn Tajweed online so you need a lot of stamina and will to make it happen.
  2. You often get frustrated when you fail to produce the proper sound despite your constant efforts, during these times remind yourself why you are doing this.
  3. And that this is what the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, encouraged us.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

  • Many of us have this idea that it is forbidden to read the Quran if we do not know how to do it properly.
  • This belief is not only wrong, it is actually harmful as if it prevents us from reading the Quran.
  • So you should fear Allah as much as you can and listen and obey Allah this is best for yourselves.
  • So don’t be afraid of reciting the Quran even if you are really bad, because if you don’t even try, how will you learn?
  • All you have to do is learn Tajweed online.

Emphasis on the intonation of difficult letters and words

If you have special difficulties with some sounds, what you should do is put extra effort into these words first.

As soon as I can easily make out the sounds, all the words will come out correct.

Continuous practice

  1. Keep practicing, you don’t need a specific time and place to practice Quran recitation.
  2. All you have to do is try to pronounce it at any time: while daydreaming, taking a break from work, or watching TV.
  3. Just try to pronounce those sounds, just as a child would do.

Listening and Imitating – learn Tajweed online

Listen as much as possible to the Quranic recitation, for learn Tajweed online for beginners it is better to choose a slow recitation, for example, listen and try to repeat behind it.

Take one rule at a time

  • When you learn one tajweed rule, practice it well first before starting the next.
  • If you are trying to master too many rules at once.
  • There is a chance that you will feel difficult and bored, so go up the stairs one step at a time.

Don’t be shy about using intonation in normal conversation

  1. Once you learn Tajweed online how to pronounce thirsty gym for example.
  2. Feel free to use them next time in regular words.
  3. Because correct pronunciation is a gift from Allah, we must use it in order to please Him.

Learn Tajweed online

  • There are many Tajweed lessons on
  • Try to learn from it a lesson and then a lesson, it is from home and does not need you to go anywhere.
  • So it is an excellent way to learn.
  • You can also learn Quran recitation on the YouTube channel of

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Definition of Tajweed

  1. In language: mastery and creativity in the matter mean the meaning of mastery, improvement.
  2. Tajweed Term: Taking into account the exits of the letters and giving each letter its right for the application of intonation in reading.
  3. Theoretically, the concept of tajweed: understanding the rules and aspects of reading is an obligation of sufficiency.
  4. As soon as one of the scholars does the matter, the others will not sin against him, except that it is desirable for them.

Benefits of Tajweed – learn Tajweed online

The benefits of learning Tajweed online are many, including:

  • Keeping the tongue from melody and singing in the Quran.
  • The actor gets a great reward.
  • Encouraging people to recite the Quran memorize it.
  • Providing the tongue with eloquence and eloquence.
How to learn Tajweed online
How to learn Tajweed online

The virtue of the science of tajweed

The benefits of Tajweed are significant and include:

  1. Read the Noble Quran as Allah Almighty loves.
  2. Reflection on the Noble Quran and understanding its meanings.
  3. Preserving the Noble Quran from any increase, decrease, or change in it.
  4. Extract the provisions of the law on the right.

Knowing that it is not possible to present an explicit fatwa regarding what is more important or better in a particular science of the Quran or in its duties in general.

Where some of the owners of assets are of the view that the imposition of sufficiency is better, and others are of the view that imposing sufficiency is better.

Rulings for reciting the Quran

Some of the provisions of the Quran intonation – and how to learn Tajweed online:

Rule of ra

  • Exaggeration if the r is combined, such as “maybe” and “rahma”.
  • And if the ra is open, “he saw” and “a lamp.”
  • And if the ra’ ​​is static and what comes before it is added, as in the “Quran” and “Al Furqan”.
  • Or if the letter that precedes a consonant letter except for the yaa and the letter that precedes the consonant letter has a vowel or a fathah, such as “Al-Amour” and “Al-Qadr”.
  • If the ra is static and before it is an open burning, such as “the earth” and “the coral.”
  • If the ra is a consonant, and before it a vowel, a vowel breaks an accidental break, such as “Lord, I will return” and “I will return.”
  • And when the ra was signed a sakina, and before it an original fraction.
  • And after the ra, one of the letters of transcendence in one word, in the following five words: “Kirtas”, “frqa”, “earsad”, “mirsad” and “librasad”.

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Tajweed – learn Tajweed online

  1. If the ra is broken, as in “Rizkah” and “Rijal”.
  2. If the pre-ra is an original fraction in the same word as “legal” and “pharaoh”.
  3. But if the ra is at the end of the word and its movement is a sukoon, and before it a consonantal letter other than the ya’, and before the consonant dementia, a break like “dhikr”.
  4. If the ra is at the end of the word and it is a consonant and before it the consonant ya’, such as “Qadir” and “Khair”.
  5. If the ra is signed as a sani, and before it is a predicate fraction, and after the ra is one of the letters of superiority in a word separate from it, such as “be patient with patience”.

What is the difference between recitation – intonation, and reading?

In the following lines, we will mention the difference between recitation, intonation, and recitation:

Definition of intonation

The chant came from the verb ratl, which means to slow down in reciting the Quran, as Allah Almighty said (and recite the Qur’an with recitation).


It is contemplation in the Holy Quran, and it also means improvement, compactness, and consistency, and recitation is the recitation of the Quran with the application of the provisions of intonation.

Definition of Tajweed – learn Tajweed online

  • Tajweed is the reading of the Noble Quran carefully following the guidance of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.
  • And that is through reading the letters Quran and giving the letters their right to pronounce so that they can pronounce the chant and the intensity, as well as out loud and all the provisions of intonation.
  • This is according to the pronunciation of the elders who are heard.
  • This is followed by learning the provisions of intonation and mastery in pronouncing the letters of the Noble Quran.

The importance of reciting the Noble Quran

  1. Reciting the Noble Quran and taking care of its recitation works towards a correct understanding of the verses of the Noble Quran.
  2. Many texts have also been written that have explained all the provisions of intonation, and these provisions have facilitated the Reading Quran.
  3. Scholars have mentioned that the science of intonation is of great importance.
  4. Including Imam Al-Jazari, who urged that intonation works to take care of reciting the Quran.

Definition of reading the Quran

  • Learning Tajweed online is one of the most important things that a person is keen on.
  • Where the Messenger of Allah, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, said:
  • He who recites a letter from the Book of God has a good deed for it.
  • And a good deed is ten times that I do not say (pain) a letter.

The difference between recitation, intonation, and reading

  1. Tajweed is how the Holy Quran is recited correctly.
  2. Also, recitation is the recitation of the reading.
  3. So we will learn about the provisions of intonation through which the new reading of the Holy Quran and the recitation of its verses will be known, which are:


  • The unveiling is eloquence, meaning that the letters are pronounced without vocals and clearly.
  • And the letters of the manifestation are collected in those words (My brother, here is a note that he has gained not lost).
  • And when the consonant n comes with one of the letters of the manifestation, such as these proverbs, which are:
  • Al-Ain when it comes with the static nun, such as the word “enjoyed” and with the tanween, such as “You are All-Hearing, All-Knowing.”
  • Kha when you come with the nun static like the word (from the opposite) and with the tanween like (knowing, expert).


Idgham is to insert something inside something for another, and it also means to insert a vowel with a consonant letter. There are two types of immersion:

Indulging without sings: (from a blessing), (and who works). Idgham with ghana: (from their Lord).


  1. Inversion is the transformation of a thing or its turning, in other words.
  2. It is to have a letter in the place of a letter.
  3. It is pronounced and it is with the letter baa where when the tanween comes with the baa or the nun with the baa.

The provisions of the meem and the nun

When these two letters, Mim and Nun, which are emphasized in the Holy Quran, must be pronounced with a song.

That is, it is pronounced as long as the finger is raised and then lowered twice.

The sound is coming out of the nose.

How to learn Tajweed easily?

  • Listening to the Noble Quran a lot, taking care to focus on the method of pronunciation and intonation.
  • It will be a big reason for the ease of accepting the provisions of intonation when studying them.
  • It will help in this matter trying to memorize the Book of Allah – the Almighty -, and learning intonation maybe by going to a lesson from a teacher who is able to this matter.
  • Or by learning it yourself from lessons from
  • Or from sites to teach Tajweed, and there are many applications that can learn Tajweed online.
  • Nowadays, learning everything is easier than before.
  • But it just needs a strong will, and a sincere intention to act.
  • The science of Tajweed is one of the truest examples that express the science that truly benefits it.
  • Once you intend to study Tajweed so that you can read the Noble Quran correctly.
  • You have been paid for that, never mind what you will get once you are able to read the Noble Quran.

What are the levels of recitation in the science of intonation?

  1. There are several levels of recitation while reading the Noble Quran, which are: investigation, rotation, and hudood.
  2. Verification means confirmation and scrutiny, which is giving each letter its right to complete the vowels, such as: satisfying the tide, emphasizing, singing, dismantling the letters, observing the standing, and so on.
  3. It is slow and transmission, and observance of the provisions of intonation complete.
  4. As for al-Hadr: it means speed, and it is the speed of reading, but with full consideration of the rules of intonation.
  5. As for the rotation, it is located in the middle between investigation and gradient. All of those ranks are an award.

In the end, we talked about learning Tajweed online on, we hope that we have provided enough information about Quran recitation, and for more courses go to, you will find more courses, and you will find an Arabic-speaking Quran teacher.

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