what is qibla? The honorable Kaaba is considered the qibla of Muslims that they turn to in their prayers based on the command of Allah Almighty, and this Qibla is the Qiblah of their father Ibrahim, peace be upon him before.

And the divine command came to take the Kaaba as a qiblas in prayer in the Almighty’s saying: So turn your faces towards the Sacred Mosque, and wherever you are, turn your faces towards it).

qibla meaning

Al qibla in the religious term, it is the direction that Muslims face when they stand for prayer, and when slaughtering their sacrifices.

And the other matters in which it is required to go in a special direction, which is the direction of the Kaaba located in the middle of the Sacred Mosque located in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

qibla definition

What is meant by facing the qibla is to face the qiblas with the sides of the body, which are the face, chest, and abdomen.

Then one of the secrets of determining the qiblah and the obligation to face it when praying, slaughtering, and other matters, is that Allah Almighty tests people and distinguishes them in this way, Allah Almighty said.

And we did not make the qiblah that you used to know except Allah knows turns on its heels.

which way is the qibla?

Al qibla is the constant direction towards the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and it is the direction that all Muslims face when performing their prayers, wherever they are in the world.

where is qibla?

The qubala for Muslims is located in the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

what direction is the qibla?

Facing the qibla direction is an eye duty for the viewer to the eye of the Kaaba, and as for others, he faces towards it, Allah Almighty said: And from wherever you go, turn your face toward the Sacred Mosque, and wherever you cross,

An exception from this is the case of the sick person who is not able to approach, because of the Almighty’s saying: Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond its capacity and in a state of heightened fear.

how to find qibla directions from my house?

Determining the direction of the qubla has more than one way, including the sun;

  • By knowing the direction from which the sun sets or rises, it is possible to determine the direction of the qiblah. 
  • A person stands facing, for example, to the east, so that the west is behind him, and on his left is towards the north.

And the south is on his right (south is The direction of the qiblah) It is also possible to place the direction of the sunrise on the right.

So that the direction of the qiblah is from the back, in the period between morning and before noon, and it is from the front from noon to sunset.

how to use compass for qibla?

The compass can determine the four directions and through this the location of the country or the region in which it is located in relation to the Kaaba (north, south, east, or west) and thus the direction of the quibla is determined accordingly.

how is qibla direction calculated?

What is meant by facing the qibla is: heading toward the eye of the Kaaba for those who were in the Sacred Mosque, heading to the Sacred Mosque for those who were in Mecca.

And heading to Mecca for those outside it, as al-Bayhaqi narrated in al-Sunan al-Kubra: on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them: “The house is a qiblah for the people of Mecca.” 

The mosque and the mosque is a qiblah for the people of the sanctuary, and the sanctuary is a qiblah for the people of the earth in its east and west of my nation.”

Where Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah al-Hanbali said: [Al-Masjid al-Haram: a name for the whole campus, and its parts: its direction and direction.

It was known that the obligatory turn of the face towards the Haram, and the nahw: is the specific direction, then he said after that: {And for every destination he is its guardian}. [Al-Baqarah: 148].

And the waqih: the direction; So it was known that it is obligatory to take the direction of the Sacred Mosque].

The scholar Shihab al-Khafaji said: [There is no disagreement that the presence of the Kaaba is directed to its eye, but the dispute is in the distance: is it necessary to go to its eye?

Or is it sufficient to go in its direction, and it is chosen for the fatwa, and the evidence for each of the two groups is explained in the branches?

And the compiler, may Allah have mercy on him, chose The second and inferred it by mentioning the mosque without the Kaaba, as well as the half].

And what is upon him: that whoever is far away from the Kaaba, it is sufficient for him to turn towards its direction: What Ibn Abi Shaybah, Al-Tirmidhi, and Ibn Majah narrated from the hadith of Abu Hurayrah.

On the authority of the Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him and his family, he said: “There is a qiblah between the east and the west.” Imam al-Bukhari authenticated it, and it was authenticated by al-Tirmidhi.

It was also narrated by Al-Daraqutni in “Al-Sunan” Al-Hakim in “Al-Mustadrak” and Al-Bayhaqi in “Al-Sunan Al-Kubra” from the hadith of Ibn Omar, may Allah be pleased with him.

how to find qibla using phone?

Determining the qibla online Using multiple technologies has become possible, through technologies through which the user can determine a location using longitude and latitude, including the global positioning technology (GPS) that is built into all types of modern phones.

is qibla where the sun rise?

The basic principle is that the Muslim investigates the direction of the qibla direction as much as he is able to do so. With the legally prescribed marks, including:

Being aware of the direction of the qiblah; By seeing a house, for example, or knowing, or using some familiar instruments to determine the direction of the qiblah, such as a compass, and the like.

If the Muslim does not know the qibla direction from his home and does not find guidance in its direction, if there are mosques around him; He looked at her niches; 

Until he recognizes them in the direction of the qiblah. If he does not find it, he should imitate a trustworthy person, accept his news, and know the direction of the qiblah. 

He must make diligent in determining the qiblah, and pray in the direction to which his diligence led.

how much deviation from qibla is allowed?

The minimum permissible deviation from the qubala is 45 degrees from the eye of the Kaaba, i.e. the qiblah is not made to the right of the worshiper, nor to his left completely.

But rather it is a tilt to the right or left, and this is the slight deviation that is forgiven, according to many jurists, Or most of them, for those who were not at the Kaaba.

how to find qibla direction on google maps?

You can determine the direction of the qibla google using Google Maps through simple steps:

  • First, go to the Google browser and search for Google Maps.
  • The next step is to determine your location on the map and scatter over the activation button until the location is determined with high accuracy.
  • The third step is to choose your “qiblah” destinations.
  • Click the activate button to confirm that you have completed the steps.

how to know qibla direction without compass?

There are many ways to know the direction of the qibla without using a compass, such as using the movement of the stars, and the strongest of these indications is the North Pole star.

Which is a small star of the daughters of the coffin of the youngest, between Al-Farkadain and Capricorn, and this star does not disappear from its place, and everyone can know it.

why was masjid al aqsa the first qibla?

The Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, used to pray between the Kaaba and Al-Aqsa Mosque to the south, heading to the north.

But after his migration to Medina, he was unable to pray as he used to do in Mecca, so he ordered the Muslims to head in their prayers towards Jerusalem.

when was the qibla changed from jerusalem to mecca?

At noon on Tuesday, the middle of the month of Sha’ban of the first year of the blessed Prophet’s migration, that is, thirteen years after the Prophet’s mission, the qubala of Muslims shifted from Bayt Al-Maqdis to the honorable Kaaba.

why was the qibla changed from jerusalem to mecca?

The goal of Islam is the worship of people to Allah, purification of hearts and stripping them of attachment to other than Allah, and urging them to follow the Islamic approach that is directly related to Allah. 

The Messenger is a true follower of conviction and submission, who turns on his heels and whose heart becomes attached to the claims of ignorance and its sediments.

To summarise, the qibla is the face on which a person stands to complete the obligatory prayer, and he must direct it to the qubala of Muslims, which is the direction of the Kaaba in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And there is no doubt that the first qubla for Muslims is the Al-Aqsa Mosque and after that, the quibla moved to Mecca, and it is very important for Muslims to adhere to it by completing the prayer and leading the qibla.

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