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Best Tajweed books

What is it Best Tajweed books

What is it Best Tajweed books? The is tajweed rule is that science that depends on changing the tone of the voice by standing, or lowering and raising the voice, in order to clarify the meaning of the speech or to convey an expression within the soul through the tone of the voice.
We will get acquainted with the best tajweed book and clarification the rules of Tajweed and advanced Tajweed and its different types in the article. Continue reading

Definition of Tajweed

In the following lines, we will mention the definition of Tajweed, linguistically and idiomatically:

Tajweed Language 

Linguistically, Tajweed is the perfection and improvement of pronunciation by reading the letters correctly.

Tajweed idiomatically 

The science of tajweed idiomatically is the science of the exits of the letters, improving their performance and rulings with qualities, and conveying the meaning in a clear way by simply listening to the sound, and this is an important matter when reciting the Quran.

What is the importance of the science of tajweed?

Therefore, in What is it Best Tajweed book, we find that many Muslims are eager to learn this science, after the science of Tajweed was defined linguistically and idiomatically, and its role in establishing prayer properly.

As for the art of intonation in the aspect of music, it lies in conveying the feeling by raising and lowering the voice, in certain words, and some feelings may appear through this art such as anger, surprise, joy, and sadness.

What are the provisions of the science of intonation?

What is it Best Tajweed books?

Ruling on the static meme in the science of tajweed

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We apply the rule of concealment in its convergence with the letter baa and show it is in all cases where the static meem does not meet with the ba or meem.

There are many other rulings, such as the rulings of the qalqala, the ra’, and the apparent and hidden, and the linking and endowment of verses.

The science of tajweed is a wide field of research and knowledge.

Writers and linguists saw the science of intonation

What is the benefit and purpose of the science of tajweed?

The most important benefits of learning tajweed are preserving the tongue from error (or the so-called melody) when reading the Noble Quran.

Tajweed rule

Rulings for seeking refuge and Basmalah

Rulings of Idgham in Tajweed – What is it Best Tajweed books

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