Why Was Surah Sad Revealed? Surah Sad (in Arabic: ص, meaning”The Letter Sad”) written Surah saad is the 38th chapter (Surah 38) of the Qur’an with 88 verses and Contain 1 sajdah ۩ (38:24).

The letter Sad (ص) is the name of the eighteenth letter in the Arabic alphabet.

 Let us know why quran surah sad was revealed:

Surah Sad was revealed when the Prophet’s uncle fell ill, and a group of Quraysh visited him and filed a complaint against the Messenger for him, claiming the oneness of his Allah, and the Prophet’s call for the new religion.

Abu Talib asked him about it. He declared that he wanted the Quraish to be convinced and acknowledge the oneness of Allah. The Quraish denounced the opinion of the Prophet, and they didn’t like it.

In another narration by some of the Quran commentators, the reason for the revelation of Surah Sad is due to Omar Ibn Al-Khattab’s entry into Islam, which increased the joy of Muslims and the anger and denunciation of the infidels, So the infidels resorted to Abu Talib to judge between them and his nephew. So he requested the presence of Muhammad, and his response to them was the Oneness of Allah, but they refused and denounced that.

What is surah sad about?

The verses of surah al sad talked about some important topics that occurred in the era of the Prophet, and they are as follows:

  • The oneness of Allah, as the noble verses talked about the Prophet’s message to the new religion, the necessity of Allah’s unification, and the astonishment of the infidels and their denunciation of this new religion to their ears.
  • Surah as sad discusses the most important religious teachings and issues related to faith.
  • The virtue of patience over Allah’s decrees, both good and evil, and endurance of physical and psychological pain through drawing close to Allah and thanking him.
  • Make the prophets and the righteous people our role models in all our actions, and don’t be deceived by the actions and plots of the devil.
  • The surah as sad discusses the reward of the believers from the bliss of Paradise from the flowing rivers and what awaits them from another life they did not imagine, Likewise is the punishment of the unbelievers in Hell, and Allah’s punishment for them.
  • The verses urged the Messenger to be patient in the face of stubbornness and the disbelief of the rejecters and their denunciation of him. The surah al sad talked about the stories of the previous messengers to confirm the messenger on his position and his continuity in achieving his goal.
  • Taking the prophets as an example for us in joy and sadness, and how many righteous prophets Allah have been afflicted with great trials, patience, and thanksgiving, and Allah saved him from distress.
  • Beware of the accursed plot of the devil, for he is an evil friend and companion who does everything in his power to bring the Muslims under the curses of Allah.

Where was surah sad revealed?

Surah saad was revealed to the Prophet in Makkah Al Mukarrama. Surah Sad was revealed after Surah Al-Qamar and before Surah Al-A’raf.

When was surah sad revealed?

Quran surah sad was revealed in the period between the Hijrah to Habasha and the Al-Isra and Al-Miraj journey. It was revealed to the Messenger before the migration to Medina. From the beginning of Surah Sad until the eighth verse, it was revealed in the position of Abu Talib’s illness.

Why the surah was named sad?

The reason for naming surah as sad with this name is due to the beginning of its honorable verses with the alphabetical sad. Its name isn’t attributed to Allah or his Messenger, but rather the effort of the Companions to distinguish between some of the surahs and some of them, and so far the intention of these intermittent letters is not known other than Allah alone.

What is the main theme of surah al sad?

Surah al Sad discusses three important topics: the oneness of Allah, the revelation of the Qur’an, and judgment on the Day of Resurrection.

The Surah 38 talks about envy and malice that appeared at the beginning of humanity between Adam and Iblis, and that he is the first enemy of man to target his falling into Hell.

Surah Sad urges all the messengers not to despair and rush to lose hope, and to be patient with abuse, rejection, and denunciation, so that Allah may guide their people to the right path. Insisting on teaching them the principles of Islam gradually, and mentioning the encouragement to Paradise and the intimidation of Allah’s punishment for the arrogant.

A trial is a test from Allah that afflicts His righteous servants.

Surah as sad mentioned the consequence of the previous peoples after them, and their insistence on disbelief, disobedience, and denial of Allah, his Messengers, and his signs, so their reward was an example for those who came after them.

Surah Sad read online

Surah Sad read online
Surah Sad read online

What surah to listen to when sad?

The Qur’an contains a cure for people, Reading the Holy Quran is a medicine that calms sadness and relieves depression.

Some surahs are distinguished by their virtue in relieving anxiety, distress, and sadness when read with a sound heart and a humble mind like:

  • Surah Duha

Allah subhana wa ta’ala revealed Surah Duha(Surah 93) at a time when our Prophet Muhammad’s peace be upon him was depressed to soothe him. If you suffer from this world, read surah Duha.

  • Surah Inshirah

Allah also revealed Surah Inshirah, Surah 94, in the Quran. Allah tells the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him about how Allah had eased the pain that the prophet felt internal by revealing to him the Quran.

  • Surah Yusuf

It is one of the first surahs that were revealed to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, Surat Yusuf. It has endless lessons, also a surah that was revealed to the Prophet as a consolation for him, and when you recite Surah Yusuf, it relieves you of pain.

  • Surah Rahman

Surah Al-Rahman contains the clearest images of both Heaven and Hell. And Allah tells us about his blessings received. Surah Al-Rahman is a soothing Surah for the ears, soothing for the heart, and nourishment for the soul, with the beauty of its images, describing Paradise with it, and mentioning the blessing of Allah, that can bring us out of depression, depression and sadness.

  • Surat An-Nas

Al-Nass is a Surah that removes depression and Satan’s whispers when you recite Surah An-Nas. May God protect you from yourself and from devil’s whispers.

Surah Al-Fatihah, Al-Baqara, Surah Isra, Kahf, Maryam, Taha, Anbiya, Al-Falaq, Al-Nass, and al-Kursi verse.

Reciting the surahs of Allah after contemplation, certainty and understanding calms the heart, relieves sorrows, and strengthens the spiritual relationship between the servant and his Allah.

Is surah al sad makki or madani?

Scientists mentioned that Surah Saad is one of the Meccan surahs that were revealed to the Prophet in Mecca Before the Prophet’s migration. Like other Meccan surahs that discuss topics related to Islamic faith and teachings.

In which para is surah saad?

Surah saad is surah 38 in the holy Quran in para 23, it consists of 88, and it is a long surah. Surah Sad has one prostration in verse 24.

How to memorize surah saad?

Memorizing surah saad is like the rest of the Holy Qur’an, which requires a special strategy for memorization and revision. You can memorize surah sad through the mental map of Quran surah sad

as follows:

Surah as sad 88 verses about surrender in return to the truth.

From (1:11) about the nature of the polytheists and the response to them.

From (12:16) Concerning the previous nations denying their messengers.

From (17:26) Concerning the story of David.

From (27:29) Concerning proving resurrection and justice on the Day of Resurrection.

From (30:40) On the story of Solomon.

From (41:44) On the story of Job(Ayoub).

From (45:48) The story of Abraham and his descendants.

From (49:64) On the reward of the righteous and tyrants on the Day of Resurrection.

From(65:70) On confirming the message of the Prophet Muhammad.

From (71:85) On the story of Adam and the arrogance of the devil.

From (86:88) On the mission of the Messenger Muhammad and the Qur’an.

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Surah sad benefits

Surah 38 has many benefits and virtues that accrue to the one who reads it, and they are as follows:

  • Calming the Messenger and urging him to be calm and steadfast due to the harm and damage he is exposed to, and the denunciation of the hypocrites.
  • The urge to follow the rules of Islam and not to follow whims and desires, and severe punishment for those who violate the command of Allah and insist on him and his disbelief.
  • I discussed the story of Ayoub and his patience with affliction without getting bored, the certainty of his great reward on the Day of Judgment, and making him a role model for the believer to believe in Allah’s decree.
  • Allah is truthful in justice in his judgment among his servants, so He has made it for those who fear him and obey his commands, the Gardens of Eternity and the bliss of Paradise, and for those who disobey his commands and insist on him is Hell and endless torment.
  • The verses of quran surah sad discuss proof of resurrection on the Day of Resurrection, immortality, and reckoning for what the servants did in this world.
  • The verses teach us that envy leads its owner to destroy himself first, and a reason for his expulsion from Paradise, and Allah’s wrath and the curse upon them, Likewise, the infidels scorn the blessings of Allah and give him preference over the Messenger Muhammad.
  • The verses of surah al sad teach the Muslim to take the experiences of others as an example, not to rush into making wrong decisions, and to avoid insistence, stubbornness, and denunciation without knowledge.
  • The predecessor mentioned the virtue of reciting surah as sad in expelling the jinn and deciphering magic.

Hadith on surah as sad

It was mentioned in a hadith on the authority of Jaafar that he said, “Whoever recites Surah Sad on the night of Friday, Allah will give him from the bounties of this world that no one else has given him.”

It was mentioned that the Messenger was on the pulpit and recited, and when he reached for prostration he prostrated and prostrated behind him and recited it again the next day, which indicates the merit of surah saad.

And in a weak hadith, that whoever recites Surah Sad. has had ten good deeds for each mountain that Allah subjugated to his Prophet Dawood, and Allah preserved him from all sins, great or small.

And in another hadith, where it was said that whoever recites surah as sad on Friday night, Allah will give him good that was not given to anyone before him, and he will grant him Paradise, he and those he loves among the people of his house.

Surah sad summary

Allah swears at the beginning of Surah Sad. I discussed many important topics, including disobedience to Allah, doing the forbidden, and its consequences.

As the verses mentioned the situation of the three prophets, their despair, and their haste in taking the wrong decision, then they regretted that.

The verses emphasized the speed of their return to the path of truth, and this is the example of the faithful servant.

Quran surah sad talked about Allah’s threat to the polytheists to punish them with a severe torment, just as previous nations had been subjected to them.

Surah 38 discusses that Allah gives whomever He wills his mercy and sustenance.

Surah Sad spoke about the reality of resurrection, immortality, punishment, and reckoning for the servants for their actions.

Surah al sad discusses the topic of hatred and envy, its response to its owner, and the consequences of stubbornness and disbelief.

Allah has distinguished some of his servants with distinctions and bestowed upon them provision, forgiveness, and mercy, and made them responsible for guiding the rest of the servants to the path of the true religion.

The virtues of patience over affliction and the certainty that Allah chooses his pious servants to lighten their sins with worry and affliction in this world as he tested our messenger Ayoub in his body.

When Allah afflicts one of His servants, he tests the strength of his faith and his certainty by Allah standing by his side, as well as the healing of Ayub and his illness as evidence of that.