why was surah Kausar revealed? It was said that a verse of surah kausar that your partner is the amputee was revealed about Al-Aas bin Wael Al-Sahmi. He was standing with the Prophet talking to him, so a group of Quraysh said to him: With whom were you standing? 

He said: With that the amputee – and the Arabs used to call those who had no heels among the amputated sons – and Abdullah, the son of the Prophet, had died before this incident, so Allah Almighty revealed The verse threatens the one who says this that his remembrance is cut off in this world and the hereafter. 

Abdullah bin Abbas also said about the reason for the revelation of the verse: “The people of the Jahiliyyah, if a man’s son died, said: So and so was amputated. When Abdullah, the son of the Prophet, peace be upon him, died, Abu Jahl went out to his companions and said: Muhammad was amputated. Then Allah, may He be glorified.

And exalted revealed: Your partner is the amputee, and Shammar bin Attia said that what is meant by the verse is Uqbah bin Abi Muait. It was also narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas that the verse was an answer to the Quraish when they said to Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf, the master of the Jews of Medina when he came to Mecca: “We are the owners of the watering, the janitor, the veil and the brigade, and you are the master of the people of Medina. 

And on the authority of Ibn Abbas also he said: “Al-Aas bin Wael used to pass by Muhammad, peace be upon him, and say: I will abhor you, and you are more amputated than men, so Allah Almighty revealed that your affair is the most amputated of the good of this world and the hereafter.”

 It was said that Al-Aas bin Wael entered a group of Quraysh and found them talking about the Prophet Muhammad, so he said to them: Leave him, for he will be cut off and his memory will be cut off after his death.

Surah Kausar meaning

Although her verses and brief sentences were shortened, 

surah al kausar, included many beautiful meanings, eloquence, and eloquence, which the infidels were unable to do in their eloquence and eloquence.

Kausar surah is the evangelization of the Prophet and his companions in the Kuther River in paradise, which is described in many hadiths, as we mentioned earlier, and also as in Anas’s hadith, where he said.

“The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, showed us one day when he showed us that he had fainted and then raised his head in a smile, and we said: What did I laugh at you, Messenger of Allah? He said: “I have already been given a chapter by your Lord and he has been defeated that your wish is the most merciful.”

Then he said, “You know what the cotter is?” We said: Allah and His Messenger know, he said: It is a river that my Lord has promised him, Almighty, a basin to which my nation responds on the Day of Resurrection, I mean the number of stars, and the servant comes from them, and I say: Lord, he is one of my nations and he says: You do not know what I have done after you.”

He also stated in her virtue: that those who read it were watered by God from the rivers of paradise.

what is al kawthar?

Al kawthar River, which is one of the rivers of Paradise, on the authority of Abdullah bin Omar: The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said: “al kawthar is a river in Paradise whose banks are made of gold, and its streams are on pearls and rubies, its soil is better than musk, and its content is better than the Prophet.” 

Prayer, sacrifice in thanks to Allah, and at the end of it give him good tidings of the disgrace of his enemies, and that those who hate him will be cut off from their remembrance.

al kawthar meaning

Al kawthar in the Arabic language is a description that indicates the exaggeration of many, but in Islam, there are two meanings: the first meaning is that it is a river in paradise that Allah gave to his Prophet, peace be upon him, and this meaning is what is meant in his saying: {We gave you the Kuther{, as the Prophet (PBUH) interpreted it as a Muslim said in his true words.

About Anas, may Allah be pleased with him, he said, “While we are at the Prophet,, when he fainted, then he raised his head in a smile, and we said, “What makes you laugh, Messenger of Allah?” He said: I went down to Surat and he read. In the name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. 

Then he said, “You know what the cotter is?” We said: Allah and his messenger know. He said: it is a river that Allah promised me a lot of goodness, and it is a time when my nation will respond to it on the Day of Resurrection” hadith.

When he was talking about Ibn Omar, may Allah bless them for the Prophet, peace be upon him, he said, “al kawthar is a river in paradise, a girl of gold and a woman on the elm and rubies. “It’s good, it’s true,” he said. And the Albanian corrected it as in the correct sin of the term

The second meaning is that it is a great basin and the basin is: the water complex is placed in the land of the insect on the Day of Resurrection to which the nation of Muhammad (peace be upon him) responds. 

This basin comes from the River al kawthar, which is in paradise, so it is called the al kawthar basin, and the proof of this is what a Muslim said in the hadith of Abu Zar, “the basin is filled with mezaban from paradise” and it seems that the basin is next to paradise to pour water from the river inside it,” as ibn Hajar said, may Allah rest his soul in the conquest.

what is surah kausar about?

The total purposes of  Surah inna ataina kalkausar  are the grant with all the best that can be, and its name is clear in this, as well as the necro one because it is known in the camel’s throat, and that is the purpose of generosity among the Arabs, while the purposes of the detailed surah are as follows:

  • The surah kosar contained two gospels and order: the first gospel with great good, the second by amputation of his enemies, and the third ordering prayer in compliance with the command of Allah and the belief; that He was honored and blessed with great goodness.
  • And then ordered him to worship, thank Allah for his grace after he had prepared for him all the reasons for it, and concluded that for those who disobey Allah and the enemies of Allah and his saints, humiliation, destruction, and amputation are his rewards, as follows:
  • The first gospel in his saying: {We gave you the kuther (1)} and the kawtar: a name in the language for the good of much, and therefore the Zamakhshari interpreted it by excessive numbers, which is the best that he explained and controlled. 

That is, Allah has given him so much good, and yes, great in this world and the hereafter, including the Kuther River, and other great and great good.

  • It is famous among the interpreters that the meaning of the kuther is a river in paradise, and other meanings mentioned by the interpreters: that it is a basin in paradise, children for the survival of offspring, scholars spread religion. 

Prophecy and its miracles and countless virtues, the Qur’an and its innumerable virtues, Islam, and many followers and the rumors, and the many virtues of the Prophet. 

  • The elevation of the male, science and wisdom, the good manners, and the laudable shrine that is intercession; Finally, it was said that all the goodwill of Allah over Muhammad (as) was meant to be.
  • The word “ina” is a reference to the greatness of the gift because the giver is the mighty of the heavens and the earth, that is, we are the Allah of heavens and earth, and what is in them, above and below them, and attire is the kuthar, which benefits the exaggeration of many.
  • The second verse includes the order to perpetuate the prayer: (separation of your Lord and his brother}, the demand for worship, the ink of guidance, thanks to your Lord who raises you and will not leave you, and to maximize the vastness of his innumerable graces.

The increase in your ostriches requires you to engage in slavery as you have ordered. Since prayer is one of the supplies of these blessings, there is no crime, and prayer became the love of things for the Prophet, and he said, “

I made my eyes read in prayer”, and he prayed until his feet were swollen, and he said, “Am I not a thanking slave.” There is also a sign of the demise of poverty and fear, and that good will continue, things will stabilize, security and security will prevail, and people will be free to pray worship, holidays, and slaughter sacrifices.

  • The second gospel of the Prophet, peace be upon him, shames his enemies: “Your affair is the most brilliant” i.e. your hater is the one who is interrupted by all the good in this world and the hereafter. 
  • And that’s also more tender, that after all the much good we’ve given you never ends, you stay triumphant and your opponent is a severed and humiliated opponent.

where was surah Kausar revealed?

Al-Firzo Abadi said that surah kausar inna ataina surah is a Meccan surah, meaning it was revealed in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, but Ibn Ashour mentioned in his interpretation the difference between scholars regarding whether surah al kausar is Meccan or Medinan.

The majority are of the view that kausar surah is a Meccan surah, and their argument for this is that it was revealed in Al-Aas bin Wael Al-Sahmi, so this incident occurred in Mecca and if it is true that it was the reason for the revelation of the surah, then the surah was also revealed in Mecca Also.

Those who say that inna aataina kal kausar surah is a Medinan surah, including al-Hasan al-Basri, Qatadah, Mujahid, and Ikrimah – may Allah have mercy on them – have inferred they’re saying this by the hadith in Sahih Muslim, which was narrated by Anas bin Malik – may Allah be pleased with him.

And it is mentioned in it that the Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – He did a nap and then told them that surah e kausar had been revealed to him, and Anas Aslam at the beginning of the Prophet’s migration to Medina, Ibn Ashour favored this saying.

when was surah kausar revealed

In the order of the Noble Qur’an, surah kausar is located after Surah Al-Ma’un and before Surat Al-Kafirun, which is the fifteenth surah in terms of revelation (for those who believe that it is Meccan).

why the surah was named al kawthar?

Surah al kausar was named by this name because of the mention of al kawthar in it, where Allah Almighty said at the beginning: (Indeed, We have given you al kawthar).

what is the main theme of surah al kausar?

When talking about the purposes of kausar surah:

  • it is clear that her greatest purpose was to prefer the afterlife over the order of the world, and it was in the content of her message to the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, that Allah would compensate him in paradise for depriving males and that he gave him the gel and the higher- the kawthar.
  • The holy surah began by saying, “We gave you the kuther,” and the kawtar in Arabic is the greatest good, but in the hereafter, it is, as mentioned earlier, the name of a river in paradise, and he meant to give any Ownership lost the king of al kawthar river as compensation for his deprivation in the world.
  • The second purpose of inna aataina kal kausar surah comes from the fact that everything Allah offers to his servants deserves to give, pray and thank him. His Prophet ordered him to pray to Allah, thank you and to be defeated in close proximity to Allah, and thank you for his giving and grace. 
  • In his request from the Prophet, he combined personal benefit with prayer and prayer to Allah, and the general benefit of slaughtering, i.e. slaughter, which is the distribution of food. For the poor and the poor, this is one of the purposes of surah e kausar.
  • One of the purposes of inna ataina surah was it was moral support from Allah, the almighty, and the prophet, and to raise his affairs in front of his companions and around him Muslims.

Because Allah promised him good in the paradise of the mole and promised to his hatred and those who called him words that diminish him as the most disadvantaged of the best of the world and the hereafter. 

  • One of the purposes of surah kosar is that it emphasizes that every evil and hatred of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, has come at any time when the Messenger of Allah hates the Messenger of Allah, he is the most righteous of good in this world and the hereafter.

is surah al kausar makki or madani?

Scholars of interpretation differed about whether surah inna ataina kalkausar is Meccan or Medinan? The majority and most of the commentators say that it is Meccan because al-Qasim and Abdullah, the two sons of the Prophet died in Mecca, while others, such as al-Hasan al-Basri, Mujahid, Ikrimah, and Qatadah, saw that it is a median one.

Citing that the two Eid prayers were imposed in the first year of migration, and in the hadith of Anas bin Malik in Sahih Muslim: One day the Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, was among us, when he snooped.

Then raised his head and smiled, and we said: What makes you laugh, Messenger of Allah? He said: “A Surah was revealed to me earlier.” He recited: “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. We have given you Al-Kawthar. 

So pray for your Lord and sacrifice.” We said: Allah and His Messenger know best. He said: “It is a river that my Lord, the Mighty and Sublime, promised me, upon which there is much good. It is a basin to which my nation will return on the Day of Resurrection. 

Its vessels are as many as the stars, and the servant will be shaken by them. It can be repeated twice.

when was surah Kausar revealed?

In the order of the Noble Qur’an, Surat Al-Kawthar is located after Surat Al-Ma’un and before Surat Al-Kafirun. It is the fifteenth surah in terms of revelation (according to those who are likely to be Meccan), it was revealed after Surat Al-Adiyat and before Surat At-Takkat.

In which para is surah al kausar?

According to the division of the famous Qur’an, which is believed to have been authored by Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi, 

surah kausar is located in the thirtieth and last part of the Holy Qur’an called Juz Amma, and in the last party.

Which is the sixtieth party. It is only mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in this surah. The surah does not contain prostrations of recitation, and the number of its letters without repeating seventeen letters, which are: (A, N, A, I, Y, K, L, W, T, R, F, R, B, H, Sh, H, T).

how many words in surah Kausar?

The number of verses in surah kausar is three, and it is the shortest chapter of the Holy Qur’an, as it consists of ten words and forty-two letters.

what number is surah Kausar?

Surah al kausar is the fifteenth surah in terms of revelation (according to those who believe that it is Meccan).

how many letters are in surah Kausar?

The number of letters in kausar surah is forty-two.

how to memorize surah al kausar?

Using the method of the five fortresses to memorize surah al kausar and this method is called (the method of the five fortresses); It is an easy and accessible way to memorize the Noble Qur’an in a short time, and it is summarized in five fortresses, its statement as follows: 

1- The first fortress is to keep reading the Noble Qur’an constantly; Two parts per day, for a maximum of forty minutes, with frequent listening to the Noble Qur’an; Committing to a daily response, he approximates the party. 

2- The second fortress is continuous preparation, which is one of the strongest fortresses that help memorize the Noble Qur’an, and it is divided into weekly preparation; By reading the pages to be memorized in the following week, and supporting this by reading the interpretation, which helps to support memorization and night preparation; 

So that the memorizer repeats listening to what is meant to be memorized on the next day for fifteen minutes, then recites it with rapid recitation with the recitation of the recitation fifteen times. The time for this preparation should be right before bedtime. 

Because this helps to remember it the next day, in addition to the pre-preparation; It is the repetition of memorization before starting new memorization; Fifteen times, with intense concentration for fifteen minutes for each page of memorization, while refraining from looking at the Qur’an for the last five minutes. 

3- The third fortress: The beginning of the new memorization for a period of no less than fifteen minutes, and its repetition; Repetition helps to enable and stabilize memorization. 

4- Fourth fortress near revision; This is done by reviewing the twenty pages adjacent to the new memorization page daily; So it is gradual. 

5- Fifth fortress remote review; This is done by reviewing the memorization that is after the twenty pages adjacent to the new memorization page; i.e. review the last forty pages, and so on; This is done gradually once a week.

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surah Kausar Tafseer

The inna aataina kal kausar surah begins with Allah Almighty’s speech to His Prophet, saying that He gave him the River al kawthar, one of the rivers of Paradise, and upon it is his basin, to which his nation will return on the Day of Resurrection. 

And intercession, then Allah commanded His Prophet in the second verse to perpetuate prayer to Allah, the Creator, Lord of the heavens and the earth, and to sacrifice ritual sacrifice in obedience to Him – the Almighty -. All the best or cut off the heel.

Hadith on surah al kausar

Among the hadiths mentioned in surah e kausar, what was mentioned in the Sunan of Abi Dawood, Hanad bin Al-Sharri told us, Ibn Fudayl told us, on the authority of Al-Mukhtar bin Felfel, he said I heard Anas bin Malik say, The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said: “It was revealed as a Surah.” So he recited in the Name of Allah.

The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, {Indeed, We have given you al kawthar} until he sealed it. He said, “Do you know what al kawthar is?” They said Allah and His Messenger know best . He said, “It is a river that my Lord promised me in Paradise.”

surah kausar benefits

1- It came in a hadith on the authority of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib: “The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, used to pray Witr [i.e., pray the Sunnah prayer of Witr] with nine surahs: in the first rak’ah “You were distracted by multiplication,” 

“We sent it down on the Night of Decree,” “If the earthquakes,” and in the second.” Asr” and “If the victory of Allah and the conquest comes” and “We have given you al kawthar”, and in the third “Say, O disbelievers,” and “Tibet” and “Say, He is Allah the One.” to pray on his behalf. 

2- On that day, he recited inna ataina surah and Surah Al-Nasr, and in the Shiite sect, it was narrated from Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq: “Whoever recites it, ‘Indeed, We have given you al-Kawthar in his obligatory and supererogatory duties, Allah will give him drink of al kawthar on the Day of Resurrection. 

He said: “Whoever recites this surah, Allah Almighty will give him water from the river of al kawthar, and from every river in Paradise, and write for him ten good deeds, according to the number of everyone who offered a sacrifice of people on the Day of Sacrifice.

And whoever recites it on the night of Friday a hundred times saw the Prophet, may Allah bless him and his family and grant them peace, in his dream the vision of the eye. He does not imitate other people except as he sees it.”

3- Another hadith agreed by hadith scholars is that it is fabricated and false and was not narrated from the Prophet, which is: “Whoever misses a prayer in his life and does not count it, let him perform the last Friday of Ramadan and pray four units of prayer with one tashahhud. 

4- In one unit he recites Al-Fatiha and Surah Al-Qadr fifteen times, as well surah kosar

is similar, and he says about the intention: “I intended to pray four rak’ahs as an apology for what I missed in prayer.”

surah kausar summary

Surah inna ataina kalkausar was named after the al kawthar because of its mention, as it is called another name, “Sura al-Nahr”, and surah kausar is the shortest surah in the Holy Quran since the number of its verses is three without controversy. 

The number of its words is ten, and the number of its letters is forty-two letters, and there is no verse in all of the Qur’an that has fewer than three verses, and its verses are the saying of Allah. (We gave you the Kuther* a chapter for your Lord and a suicide* that your place is the greatest).

And the surah al kausar is one of the surahs that Allah preached- Allah almighty – with his Messenger – peace be upon him – where he preached him with much goodness and great giving that will be his share in the hereafter, and with the eternal memory of him in the world.

In the end,  inna aataina kal kausar surah came down after Surah al-Adlat, but in the fact that it is a median surat or a different mecca, it is a mecca according to the public, and a civilian according to Hassan, Akrama, mujahid, and Adada as we mentioned earlier.

Moreover the inna ataina surah is one of the court walls, i.e. there is no copier or copier, but all came to be a court. There are weak hadiths in the virtue of al kawthar that indicate.

Those who read it are watered by Allah from the rivers of paradise, and he writes to him ten good deeds in the number of each offer that the servants are close to on the day of the slaughter.