Surah anfal ( Arabic: سورة الانفال ) is one of the chapters of Al-Mathani. It has seventy-five verses. Surah al anfal is the eighth chapter in the order of the surahs of the Noble Qur’an. The themes and contents of Al-Anfal revolve around the brotherhood of faith and ways to achieve victory in the invasions and battles that Muslims wage against their enemies.

Surah an anfal is one of the surahs that is concerned with legislation, especially with regard to battles and jihad in the way of Allah.

Surah e anfal dealt with the aspects of war that appeared after some of the invasions, such as the aspects of war and peace, the provisions of captivity, and spoils.

The topic of al anfal and the qualities of believers have been described In Surah Anfal? And the attributes of the true believers appear from the beginning of surah e anfal as follows:

  • The believers who, when Allah is mentioned before them, their hearts faint and filled with fear of His greatness, fear His feast and remember His promise to the doers of good, their deeds.
  • The believers who, if the verses of the Qur’an are recited to them, will increase their faith and belief, and their willingness to do righteous deeds; This helps them to increase the piety of Allah.
  • The believers are the ones who rely on their Allah alone, and they turn to Him and don’t hope for Him, don’t seek anything but Him, and don’t seek needs except Allah. Or the means required by reason and usually, it is ignorance of the concept of trust.
  • And also from the characteristics of the believers that came in al-anfal surah that the believers are the ones who establish prayer; That is, they perform it with complete elements and conditions as Allah commanded us to do, at its appointed times, with reverence of the heart, calmness of the soul, intimacy with the Most Merciful, and contemplation of reciting the Qur’an.
  • Those believers who spend some of their money in the cause of Allah for the sake of goodness, and for the sake of the nation’s interest, and to strengthen it, and spending is by paying out the obligatory zakat and giving voluntary alms.

Surah Anfal read online

Surah Anfal read online
Surah Anfal read online

Why was surah Anfal revealed?

The main and direct reason for the revelation of anfal surah is the treatment and clarification of some of the matters that occurred before and after the Battle of Badr.

Al anfal surah was revealed according to the incidents and occasions experienced by the Muslims at the time.

Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) is quoted as saying: “they ask you about Anfal, say Anfal to Allah and the messenger.” he said: “Anfal is a mechanism, it was for the messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), especially none of them have anything that has hit the sarasat of Muslims so fear Allah and fix yourself between you to say it (if you are believers) and then send down Allah- “Then divide that five for the messenger of Allah, and for whom kinship means the kinship of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and orphans, the poor, and the mujahideen in the way of Allah, and make four-fifths of the booty among the people in it, whether for the Persians two arrows, and for his owner one arrow, and for the man one arrow.

This is an indication that the reason for the descent of surah al anfal is the difference of some of the companions in dividing the Al-Anfal; since anfal surah was revealed in the invasion of Badr, and it received the first booty of the Muslims from the polytheists, and in it, some of the companions differed in how to divide the spoils, so they asked the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) about it, and Allah sent down saying: “they ask you about the surah an anfal. “And he explained to them how to divide it and to whom it is given, just as the truth – blessed and exalted – showed that the al anfal of Allah and his messenger put it where they want, so it is not permissible for anyone to object to the judgment of Allah and his messenger in it, but for Muslims, if Allah and his messenger judge something of that, to satisfy their judgment, and deliver the matter to them, hence the name surah e anfal.

Where was surah Anfal revealed?

Al-anfal surah was revealed after the Muslims’ victory in the Battle of Badr was completed, which was undoubtedly the battle between truth and falsehood and which had a great influence on the history of Islam, and it was the beginning of its revelation before the Muslims left Badr.

The Qur’an consists of one hundred and fourteen surahs, divided into three parts, divided into a Quranic wall in the Mayan wall, which is the al anfal surah removed from Mecca, and the Madani wall of twenty-eight chapters. Al-Anfal descended from Madinah from the Madani Surah. They ask you about al anfal, you say anfal surah. To Allah and the Prophet ”. Surah anfal came in the tenth and nineteenth halves and came to take care of the provisions of prisoners and spoils, whereas surah an anfal came down after the conquest of Badr.

When was surah Anfal revealed?

Surah e anfal was revealed in Ramadan of the second year of Hijrah, specifically between the invasion of Badr and the reconciliation of Hudaybiyah, and the number of verses seventy-five verses, and the words amounted to one thousand six hundred and thirty-one Words, and the number on it some companions Surah Badr, and named Al-Anfal to ask the Companions about the provisions of anfal surah, which is the spoils, which was mentioned in the first verse of them.

Why the surah was named Al-Anfal?

The al-Anfal surah is the spoils obtained from war. The Al-Anfal Battle was called by this name;  For her talk in several places about the spoils that Muslims obtained from the Battle of Badr, where Allah said at the beginning of al anfal surah:

(يَسأَلونَكَ عَنِ الأَنفالِ)

Benefits of surah anfal

Al-anfal surah has many virtues that a Muslim can apply to his life, including:

No matter how much he thinks he is good for himself, there is no good except in what Allah values for his servants.

Realizing that the Holy Quran is a constitution for the Muslim in all the affairs of his life, accurate or great, the Muslim seeks as much as possible to apply it in all aspects of his life.

The realization that trust in Allah is after taking the Muslim for reasons, otherwise it is a Tawakkol, and it is definitely sinful.

Realizing that the conflict of Muslims is a strong cause of the enemies of the Muslim community, and a fortiori conflict in the case of war, the Muslim ruler is keen to spread the reasons for the harmony of Muslims and their causes in the cases of peace and war.

Knowing that the reverence of hearts when reciting the Quran is a sign of faith, the Muslim is keen to recite the Holy Quran to free his heart from the distractions of life because of the great impact of evoking reverence and evoking meanings during the recitation of the Holy Quran.

The provision of it is material, such as the zakat of crops and fruits, and of it is moral, such as giving oneself in the way of Allah, may He be exalted.

What is the main theme of surah al Anfal?

There are several themes dealt with in surah e anfal, including the following:

  1. Your companions ask you about the spoils, how did you divide them? – And who is the division? Say, ‘ the spoils are to Allah and his messenger, and their rule is to Allah and His Messenger. so fear Allah, and make amends between you, and obey Allah and His messenger, if you are true believers, for faith induces obedience. This question was after the fall of Badr.
  2. The true believers are those who, when Allah (SWT) mentions them, their hearts and their bodies are reduced to obedience, and when the signs of Allah are read to them, they manage them, and they increase their faith and rely on their Allah alone to bring their interests and to pay off their sins.
  3. For those who continue to perform the prayer in its full capacity at their times, we have provided them with the necessary and desirable expenses.
  4. those who are characterized by these qualities are true believers; for they combine the qualities of faith and Islam, and their reward is high houses with their Allah, the forgiveness of their sins, and a generous livelihood, which is what Allah has prepared for them from Bliss.
  5. Allah has taken away from you the division of the spoils after your disagreement and dispute and made it to him and his messenger, and your Allah has commanded you to leave the city to meet the polytheists with a revelation that he sent down on you, with the hatred of a group of believers.
  6. The sect of believers will argue with you in the fight against the polytheists after it became clear to them that it is a reality as if they were being driven to death while they looked at it, because of the intensity of their hatred to go out to fight, because they did not take his gift and did not prepare his kit.
  7. And remember, when Allah promises you that you will have one of the two sects of the polytheists, and you will take it as a trophy, or Al-NAIF, and you will fight them and help them, and you will like that you will have the right to take possession of it, and Allah wants you to do the right thing, so that you may kill them and take many of them captive until the power of Islam appears.
  8. May Allah has the right to manifest Islam and his people, by what he shows evidence of his sincerity, and May he invalidates the falsehood by what he shows evidence of his invalidity; and if the polytheists hate it, then Allah has his appearance.

Is surah al anfal makki or madani?

Anfal surah is Madani, except for some of its verses that were revealed in Mecca, and the number of its verses is 75, it is considered from throughout the wall, and has summarized its events about talking about the invasion of Badr, its results, and the initial stages, and the victory of Allah for the Muslims and his support for them in that invasion, and included mentioning Anfal and the spoils that Muslims took in that invasion, and how to distribute them.

In which para is surah an anfal?

Surah an anfal is a Madani surah except for verses from 30:36. It is Meccan. Al anfal is one of the seven long surahs. Its verses are 75 verses. Surah e anfal is the eighth surah in the order of the Qur’an. It was revealed after Surah Al-Baqarah. Party “19”  Quarter “1.2”.

How to memorize surah an anfal?

There are many ways to memorize surah an anfal

In the beginning, always start by hearing the Surah alone well and try to understand the meaning of it.

1- Join a group for memorizing the Quran

You can join a memorization group so that you can share your experience with others and encourage each other.

2- Through online lessons

There are interesting teachers who can teach you the Quran and memorize it easily.

3- Via YouTube:

Search for the al-anfal surah and listen to it and repeat it more than once and listen to it through more than one video.

Surah al anfal is one of the seven long surahs, and Al anfal is one of the seven long surahs, but in the end you can memorize al anfal by following the mental map of the surah, which is as follows:

Surah al anfal is one of the Madani surahs, and the number of its verses is seventy-five, about Victory Laws.

From(1:40) The shari’a of Islam that Allah commanded us to.

From(41:75) The physical laws of life.

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Hadith on surah al anfal

In the merit of al anfal, there are two fallen hadiths that are not authentic on the authority of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him) Owd, I intercede for him, and he will witness on the Day of Resurrection that he is free from hypocrisy, and he was given the reward according to the number of each hypocrite in the worldly life, ten good deeds, ten bad deeds erased from him, ten degrees raised to him, and the throne and its bearers used to pray for him during the days of his life in this world. On the authority of the Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – that he said: “O Ali, whoever recites al anfal surah, Allah will give him the reward of a fasting person who is standing.” You can also find out the reason for the revelation of anfal surah by looking at this article: The reason for the revelation of surah e anfal.

Surah anfal summary

Al anfal surah is one of the Madani surahs, and the number of verses seventy-five, the number of words one thousand six hundred and thirty-one, and the number of letters five thousand two hundred and ninety-four characters, and it is the eighth Surah among the surahs in the order of the Quran.

Topics of surah e anfal there are several topics addressed by al-Anfal surah, including the following:

Educating believers to obey the commands of Allah, may He be exalted, and draw closer to him, thanking him for his many blessings, and urging them to obey His Messenger and abide by his commands. Statement and clarification of the factors of victory and defeat in wars, and talk about the laws of war of spoils, prisoners, treaties, and charters. It is a statement that the reference in the legal provisions is Allah-may he is exalted – and His Messenger-peace be upon him.