Surah al an’am (in Arabic: سورة الانعام, meaning: cattle) is the sixth surah of the Qur’an, and alanam contains 165 verses.

Surah anam comes in its order in the Qur’an after(Al-Baqarah, Al-Imran, Al-Nisa’ and Al-Ma’idah).

Surat al an am is one of the seven long surahs.

A question comes to your mind, what is surah anam talking about, and what are the topics covered in surah al an’am?

Surah al an am includes many important topics in the foundations of faith, evidence of monotheism, justice, prophecy, time, and the refutation of corrupt beliefs, as follows:

  • Among the most important topics of surah anaam is the unification of Allah Almighty, the consolidation of the divine belief, and the unification of divinity, where people are called to look at the features of the universe, and the indications it contains the greatness and oneness of Allah and that there is no partner for Allah. He made them look at the wonders of Allah’s creation in the heavens and the earth, the growth of plants from the dry solid from the earth, and the splitting of seeds and seeds from plants and trees.
  • Surah e anaam includes such as the issue of revelation, resurrection, and retribution, as it showed the main methods of da’wah, its origins, and methods, and indicated the two methods of reporting and indoctrination.
  • Al anam is the basis for the arguments of the polytheists and other innovators who denied the Resurrection, as in surat al an am as an explanation of the greatness and power of Allah, where the argument was established against those who disbelieved, the polytheists, and those far from monotheism, and the pillars of Islam were established, by the method of debate and argument, and how to confront the polytheists and atheists.
  • And Allah clarifies the lawful that Allah made lawful of foods and the clarification of the forbidden ones, and the misguidance of the polytheists in what they forbade themselves, without relying on evidence and proof from Allah in what they went to.
  • The consolation of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for what he received from his people: Of insults, harm, and ridicule, by mentioning the harm and denial of the apostles before him from their people, and how perdition came to them as a reward for that.
  • The stubbornness of the polytheists and their failure to respond to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and they reached in denial that if a book came down to them from Allah, So they touched it with their hands, but they rejected it, and said, “Clear Magic.”
  • It also came in Surah e anaam that every person will be rewarded for his deeds, no one bears the sin of another, and the offender is not saved from torment by the good deeds of others.
  • Allah has mentioned the ten commandments that Allah commanded us in alanam, which include the various virtues that make man and humanity happy.

Surah Anam read online

Surah Anam read online
Surah Anam read online

Why was surah anam revealed?

The reason for the revelation of surat an am ( الانعام ) comes to help the Prophet (peace and be upon him) in destroying the Meccan public opinion in favor of the current way of life and redirecting it to support his new religion.

surah al an am was revealed to change what happened to the polytheists to change their lives from ignorance to knowledge and the Islamic religion, as they were doing things that Allah and His Messenger(peace and be upon him) didn’t accept, as they killed their children, and ate what Allah prohibited of dead, and associating partners with Allah.

Surah anaam was revealed in its entirety once to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the reason for the complete revelation of al anam is the basis for the arguments of the polytheists and other innovators who denied the resurrection, and also for its inclusion of the principles of belief, evidence of monotheism, justice, prophecy, time, and invalidation of corrupt beliefs.

Where was surah anam revealed?

Surat al an am was revealed at Makkah, according to a tradition of Ibn Abbas, the whole of surah anaam was revealed at one sitting at Makkah. Asma, a daughter of Yazid and a first cousin of Hadrat Mu’az-bin Jahl, says, “During the revelation of surah e anaam, the Holy Prophet was riding on a she-camel and I was holding her nose-string. The she-camel began to feel the weight so heavily that it seemed as if her bones would break under it.” We also learn from other traditions that the Holy Prophet(peace be upon him) dictated the whole of the surah e anaam the same night that it was revealed.

Among the evidence for the revelation of al anam is what was proven on the authority of Abdullah bin Abbas – may Allah be pleased with him – he said: “surat an am was revealed in Makkah at night in total, around it seventy thousand angels chanting glorification around it”.

When was surah anam revealed?

Surah anam was revealed in its entirety during the last year of the Meccan era of Islam. This explains the timing and contextual background to the belief.

The date of the revelation of surah anaam differs on it, but there is agreement that it was around the fifth and tenth year of the revelation. It seems likely that most of it was revealed around the fifth year with some verses being revealed later in the tenth year due to criticism of Meccan collective opinion which appears to be consistent with the prophetic redirection seeking to challenge it in the fifth year.

Surah anam benefits

After what we have mentioned from the hadiths about the aim of al anam, it must be pointed out that surah anam has a special virtue, but there is no authentic hadith that indicates special merit in surah e anaam except for the hadith of Abdullah bin Abbas(may Allah be pleased with him) referred to previously, so surah al an am has no virtue.

Especially as it is reported by the general public that it is a reason for fulfilling needs, and it has not been proven that it is permissible to recite alanam for the dying, and it is worth noting that the entire Qur’an can be prayed from, and this is not limited to some surahs without others, and that is because the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: (Whoever recites the Qur’an, let him ask Allah for it, for there will come people who will recite the Qur’an and ask people for it.)


And surah anaam has other importance and benefits, including the following:

  • The merit of surat an am  comes in that it arranged events and treated human behavior, nature and belief, and his incorrect beliefs to Islam and monotheism in Allah.
  • The merit of alanam, in general, is not different from the virtue of the rest of the Holy Qur’an, in reciting each letter of it with ten good deeds, as the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) proved: “Whoever reads a letter from the Qur’an.” Allah wrote for his good deeds and good deeds like him ten times.
  • It also benefits: The Qur’an says that death is the greatest sermon and one must preach it., surat an am showed that many good deeds benefit the person in his religious and worldly affairs, and led him not to care about a lot of money, children, and the pleasures of the mortal world.


Why the surah was named Al-An’am?

Surah al an’am was named by this name(Al anam) because of its talk about the cattle, where the word “Alanam” is repeated in it six times, as in the saying of Allah Almighty:

From verse 136 to verse 144, in al anam.

What the main theme of surah al an’am?

Surah al an’am is a late Meccan surah that relates to Allah’s relationship with His Messenger. The main theme in these verses is the refutation of polytheism and guidance for monotheism. These verses describe Prophet Abraham’s attempt to know Allah.

The aims of surah e anaam are related to the numerous events that occurred between the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the polytheists.

Surah al an am deals with topics such as the clear signs of Allah’s authority and the rejection of polytheism, blasphemy, and foundation.  Monotheism, revelation, message, and resurrection.

Surah anaam also tells the story of the Prophet Ibrahim, who calls on others to stop worshiping the heavenly bodies and turn to Allah, as follows: The story of Abraham(peace be upon him) came to establish an argument against the polytheists who used to worship idols, and the Almighty commanded the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to follow the example of Abraham and his sons, then came the verses that spoke about the Jews who distorted the Book of Allah, and how their condition is.

Allah says:

(وَإِذْ قَالَ إِبْرَاهِيمُ لأَبِيهِ آزَرَ أَتَتَّخِذُ أَصْنَاماً آلِهَةً إِنِّي أَرَاكَ وَقَوْمَكَ فِي ضَلاَلٍ مُّبِينٍ)(١٥)إلى قوله تعالى: (لَقَد تَّقَطَّعَ بَيْنَكُمْ وَضَلَّ عَنكُم مَّا كُنتُمْ تَزْعُمُونَ)

The verses of surah al an am came and mentioned the evidence for the existence of Allah Almighty, and the denial of the polytheists to it then mentioned the fate of those who believed in the power of Allah Almighty.

And Allah made clear the state of the creatures on the Day of Resurrection, and that each of them will be held accountable according to what he did, then mentioned His gratitude to the creatures who disposed of their sustenance unjustly, then mentioned what the Almighty has forbidden to the infidels, ending with the Ten Commandments that make Muslims happy and make their lives happy.

Is surah al an’am makki or madani?

Surah al an’am is Makki, and surat al an am is named as “Cattle” in English.

It was revealed to the prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) at night in Makkah With seventy thousand angels.

In which para is surah al an’am?

Surah al an’am in the ninth part, its verses are 165 verses, its words are 3,056, and the sixth in the order of the Qur’an comes after(Al-Baqarah, Al-Imran, Al-Nisa’ and Al-Ma’idah).

Alanam is the fifty-fifth in the order of revelation, revealed after Surah Al-Hijr and before Surah Al-Saffat.

Hadith on surah al an’am

And the importance of surat an am, there are hadiths that clarify its importance, but there are incorrect hadiths about surah al an am,

so here are the most correct hadiths about al anam:

The first Hadith

In the interpretation of Ibn Katheer, a hadith narrated by al-Hakim in his Mustadrak and he said it is authentic according to the conditions of Muslims, that Jabir – may Allah be pleased with him – said: When surat al an am was revealed, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), then said: “surah anaam was spread among the angels that blocked the horizon.”  A similar one was narrated by Ibn Mardawayh on the authority of Anas, and Ibn Mardawayh narrated on the authority of al-Tabarani on the authority of Ibn Umar that the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)- said: “Alanam was revealed in one whole, and seventy thousand angels followed it, for them Zajal with glorification and praise.”  There were narrations on the authority of Ibn Abbas that it was revealed in Mecca at night in one sentence.

The second Hadith

The interpretation of Al-Qurtubi is similar to that and that not all of them are Meccan, for two or six verses were revealed in Medina, and Al-Bukhari narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas saying: If you are pleased to learn the ignorance of the Arabs, then read the more than thirty and one hundred of surat an am to his saying: (And they were not guided) Al-Qurtubi believed that it was revealed only once. Because she was arguing with the polytheists and other innovators and deniers of the Resurrection.

How to memorize surah anaam?

Surah anaam is one of the seven long surahs, and surat al an am was revealed as a whole surah once, and it was not revealed from the long surahs one sentence as another, but in the end, you can memorize al anam by following the mental map of the surah, which is as follows:

 Surah al an am 165 verses about establishing the argument against the infidels and establishing the belief.

From (1:90) Allah’s power in the universe.

From(91:144) Confronting and threatening the polytheists.

From(145:165) Guidance and consolation for the Messenger and the believers

When you understand the mental map of surat an am, you will memorize it well and correctly.

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Surah anam summary:

And at the end of our talk about surah al an am, here are facts about surah al an’am, as it is one of the long surahs that were revealed all in full at once to our Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) in Mecca.

surah e anaam was the first Meccan surahs in the order of compilation of the Qur’an.

surah anaam, like the other Surahs, revealed in Mecca, we find the emphasis on monotheism or the oneness of Allah.

Surat al an am  discusses the different angles of the pillars of the Islamic faith: the oneness of Allah, prophethood, and life after death, and shows their practical application to human life. Side by side, he refutes polytheists and pre-Islamic superstitions regarding animals and confronts them with Islamic values ​​and beliefs.  And Allah ends Alanam with the ten commandments in which there is happiness for man.

It came in surat an am about some wonderful matters such as: drawing the parameters of the true religion,

and methods of virtuous behavior by establishing prayer and piety of Allah and leaving sin outward and inward.

The happiness of nations by obeying the prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and following their guidance, and their misery by moving away from their guidance, and the spread of injustice and corruption.