Seerah ( Arabic: السيرة النبوية ) written Seerah of prophet Muhammad, Sirah, Al Sira al nabawiyya , Sira al nabawiyya, Sira ) translated as the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad is an Islamic science that is particularly specialized for the life of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

How he lived, how he ruled our Islamic nation”Ummah”, how he dealt with his friends, family, and non_muslim people, and also how he loved us although we hadn’t ever met.

Seerah Meaning

seerah of prophet Muhammad ( Arabic: سيرة رسول الله ) is an Arabic word that came from the verb “sara” which means that he walked, the cause of this literal meaning is that we followed our prophet’s footsteps, that’s the verbal meaning which refers to the idiomatic meaning that means the biography of the person’s life, the details, actions, and stories of his life.

What are hadith and seerah?

In the beginning, we will explain the individual meaning of each word:

What is hadith?

  • Hadith is an Arabic word that means ”talk”, that’s the literal meaning.
  • Hadith in Islam is the science of each statement, action, and even the silent approval of our prophet PBUH that has been recorded by his companions and then transmitted by the narrators over decades.

What is the definition of the seerah of Prophet Mohammed?

  • Seerah of Prophet Muhammad is the biography of Muhammed PBUH, the way that he lived before and after the prophethood, how he looked like, the way he dealt with his servants, and each story about his life.

Now, are they the same?

  • Actually, each Hadith is involved in seerah and not vice versa, that’s about the content, but in fact, Hadith, not seearah, is the second source of legislation after Quran as Allah said in surah aLNajm verses 3 and 4 that “our prophet doesn’t speak about his desire but revelation has been revealed”
  • The way that both have been recorded and proved to be related to our prophet Muhammed PBUH by the Islamic scholars is almost the same.

Sira definition Islam

ِAllah said in surah taha vese21” grasp it and don’t be fair, we will turn it back to the way it first looked or the former state”seeratha alaula”

The literal meaning of sira is the way of dealing, and acting, the full state of our prophet PBUH from inside and outside, and from his birth till death.

The science of sira is the stories that had been delivered to us by the Islamic narrators from the time of prophethood over decades, they were checked, studied, and verified then delivered to us by our Islamic scholars and scientists.

Al Sira Al Nabawiyya

Before sending our beloved prophet PBUH by Allah, humanity was sinking in the darkness of ignorance and the depths of bewilderment.

Allah revealed to our prophet the Islamic mission to rescue humanity all over the earth, over the generations, and till the hour of resurrection.

Al sira al Nabawiyya takes us back to live with our prophet from his birth to death, here we will see the community even before the birth of our prophet, not only the community even the whole universe that was changed by his holy birth.

So, al Sirah is all the stories that have been delivered to us about our beloved Prophet PBUH

Why is the Seerah of Prophet Mohammed important?

Here, we will mention some reasons about the importance of studying Seerah:

  • The way of love of Muhammad PBUH

Our prophet Muhammad PBUH said “No one  will have faith unless he loves me more than his children, father, and all the humanity”

That was narrated by Anas may Allah be pleased with him and grant him.

Now how we could love our prophet without knowing about him.  How he was strong with mercy, how he loved his wives, and how he is very valiant in the war.

He was rough with hypocrites and was merciful with his friends.

He loved us without seeing us because he knew that we will love him without meeting, and we will seek to meet him in heaven.

  •  proof of love and faith

In surat Al-Ahzaab verse 21 Allah said” certainly, there had been for you in the messenger of Allah a good role model for those who believed in Allah, and the last day, and remember of Allah often”.

Now it’s a sign of the faith of Allah to take our prophet Muhamed PBUH as a role model.

So, how could we look up to him without studying his seerah?

Many Muslims knew our prophet, but when they talk about him they discover that they don’t, here is the problem, how could you follow someone’s steps without knowing his way?

Sure you couldn’t, so if you are seeking up for following Muhammed PUBh you will have to study his seerah.

  • Source of Tafseer: explanation of Qur’an

In surat Al-najm in verses, 2,4 Allah said”  he doesn’t talk by his desire but by the revelation that has been revealed”

Allah revealed the verses of the Qur’an and revealed to our prophet what is the explanation of them, and also we knew from seerah the reasons for the revelation of each verse, the time, and the place,  Medinan or Meccan.

  • Studying the history of the perished nations and the causes of their disappearance:

As we previously explained that Sirah is a source of Tafseer, so in sira, Muhammed PBUH explained the reasons for their perishment.

  • Gives us the hope to continue and the strength to fight:

At the beginning of the prophethood of Muhammad PBUH, he and his companions were suffering from the torment of the disbelievers, but later Islam became strong, and although Muhammed  PBUH had the power to torture them as they did before, he let them free in Fatih Macca.

Here, we learned from Seerah of prophet Muhammad that hard days will be over because Allah will help you and you working on this.

What is the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad?

Now, we will dive together into the depth of Seerah of prophet Muhammad and learn the biography of Muhammed PBUH according to what was mentioned in Seerah books:

What is the full name of our beloved prophet PBUH?

Our beloved prophet name is Mohammed Ibn (the son of) Abdullah, Ibn Abdul Muttalib, Ibn Hashem, Ibn Abd Zanat, Ibn Abd Kusay, Ibn Kilab, Ibn Murra, Ibn Kaab, Ibn Louay, Ibn Ghaleb, Ibn Fehr.

His name reached Ismail PBUH the son of Ibrahim PBUH, the father of the prophets.

His father is Abdullah IBn Abdul Muttalib.

His mother is aminah bint(the daughter of) wahb.

His birth and upbringing:

  • Muhammed PBUH was born in 571 AD, which was called the elephant year, he was born in mecca in a place called she’ab ِAbi Talib.
  • His father died before his birth during his pregnancy.
  • In the beginning, his grandfather took care of him, then after his death, Abi Taleb, Muhammed’s uncle, took care of him.
  • Our beloved prophet Muhammed PBUH was sent to be grown up in a rangeland region in the house of Halimah El Sa’diyah.

Why our prophet was sent to a place apart from his family?

That days Arabs used to send their child out of Macca because of the following:

  1. There,  they could be stronger and learn the skills of the rangeland region.
  2. The weather is healthier than in mecca.
  3. Also learning the intact Arabic accent, without learning different accents that could affect their language.
  • His beloved mother died when he was six in a place near Macca called Al Abwa, then he returned to his uncle Abi Talib when he was eight.

The splitting of the prophet’s chest:

During this period, and when prophet Muhammed PBUH was a kid, he was playing with two children, Gabriel came and take him away,  then he split his chest, and bring his heart out, then he extracted a small mass of blood from his heart,  Gabriel said that’s the devil’s share of you, then he washed his heart in a golden bowl then he put it back to his chest and make a thread on it.

This accident was narrated by Anas Ibn Malik and he saw the mark of the thread on our beloved Prophet’s chest.

The prophethood and revelation?

The prophethood begins when the prophet was forty years old and that was the beginning of the revelation by Gabriel, and it continued twenty-three years.

He turned from the secret seeker for Allah to the leader of our nation.

How many wives did our Prophet PBUH have?

He had 11 wives, the mothers of believers( Muhammad’s wives ), two died when he PBUH was still alive and they are:

  1. Khadiga Bnt Khuwaylid
  2. Aisha Bnt Abi Bakr
  3. Souda Bnt Zam’ah
  4. Hafsa Bnt OMar Ibn Al Khatab
  5. Zeinab Bnt Al Harith
  6. Umm Salamah
  7. Zeinab Bnt Gahsh
  8. Juwairyah Bnt Al Harith
  9. Um Habibah, RAmla, Bnt Abi Sufyan
  10. Safiyah Bnt Hoyay Ibn Akhtab
  11. Maymouna Bnt Al Harith

How many sons and daughters did he PBUH have?

He had three sons and four daughters ( Muhammad’s children )  and they are:

  1. Al Qassim
  2. Zaynab
  3. Ruqayah
  4. Um Kalthoum
  5. Fatimah
  6. Abd Allah
  7. Ibrahim

All of them were born from the mother of believers, Khadigak Allah please her, except Ibrahim his mother was Marriyah Al Qibtiyah.

All of them died during our Prophet’s life except Fatimah, Allah please her.

What are the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad?

What did the Prophet PBUH look like?

Prophet Muhammad PBUH was beautiful from inside and outside, no one met him and didn’t love his company. Now we will talk about his external appearance, And that was narrated by Al Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib:

  • His skin’s color

the Prophet was whitish with redness that’s mean nor white nor brown.

  • His face

His face was bright like the moon in its completeness night, wasn’t rounded, with a wide forehead.

  • His hair:

His hair was black not completely straight but slightly curly and about to reach his shoulders.

  • His eyes

Wide, brown eyes with long lashes, and his eyebrows were curved and slightly continued.

  • His body:

He wasn’t too tall or short. He had wide shoulders and a firm stomach.

How were the manners of our prophet?

As the mother of believers said about his manners when the believers asked about The Holy Prophet PBUH, that his manners were Al Quran and told them to read surah ِAl Mu’minun.

In surah Al Mu’minun Allah Said:

The believers will certainly succeed, verse1.

Those who are praying with full submissiveness, verse2.

And those who turn away from the worthless talk, verse3.

And those who guard their private parts, verse4.

That was the manner of our beloved Prophet PBUH.

What are the main teachings of Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet’s Muhammed life was full of teachings not only by his straight commands but even with his manners and silent approval.

Daily life dealing, sleeping, awakeness, what to do when you’re full of anger or deep in sad, your manner with your lovers, or your enemies, with your servants or with managers each situation in your life will need his help and you will find.

Now we will mention some of his teachings:

  • Anger-management:

Our beloved prophet taught us how to deal with anger as the following:

  1. Saying “I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan”
  2. Ablution means using water for purity before praying, as water put off the fire.
  3. Change your position if you are standing sit, if you’re sitting lie down.
  4. Leave the place of the accident.
  • Financial manners

In Islam, our community is a complementary community. Rich give poor” Zakat” when their wealth reach quorum limit that is called in Islam “ Nisab”.

  • Dealing with non-muslims

He was sent as a mercy for all mankind, even Non-Muslims who don’t fight us because of religion or don’t expel us out of our home we should treat them with justice, respect, and kindness.

Who wrote al sira el nabawiyyah?

In the era of our prophet PBUH, his beloved companions had narrated the sira to the followers.

Actually, the first writing was in the era of Muawiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan.


Allah send our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a mercy for all mankind. To rescue them from the darkness of ignorance.

Allah told us that we can’t be faithful without loving our prophet more than our family and all humanity.

Learning Seerah of Holy Prophet PBUH is the only way to know our Prophet PBUH in order to love him.

Seerah of Prophet Muhammad is also the way to understand and learn Holy Quran and to understand the Islamic legislation.

Sira is the way to love and live as our Prophet PBUH did.

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