Importance Listen to Quran recitation, the comparison between acts of worship in which it is necessary to find out the evidence, and the recitation includes listening to the recitation of oneself, and it includes an addition, which is a recitation by moving the tongue with the words of Allah Almighty, and looking at the Noble Quran, if the recitation is looking at, and that is why the recitation is better.

Is reading the Quran better or listening to the Quran recitation?

  • The scholars differed: Is reading the Quran better or listening to someone who is reading it?
  • A sect went to the first because of the large number of explicit texts urging people to read the Quran.
  • Another group was of the view that Listening to Quran recitation is better, given that it is more contemplative and wise.
  • And that is the greatest meaning of the Quran as if Imam Al-Nawawi tends to this in his next speech.
  • What a person should do is combine all of that, so he reads sometimes and listens sometimes.
  • Here are some of the benefits of listening to the recitation of the Noble Quran with its principles and evidence.

Importance Listen to Quran recitation

We will mention in the following lines Listen to Quran recitation Follow us:

Listen to Quran recitation A companion will gain light in this world

  • Likewise, its owner earns a light in the Hereafter: he walks with it on the path, and with it.
  • He is saved from destruction until he attains the Paradise of Allah.
  • Listening to the Quran is a reason for the heart’s reverence and the weeping of the eyes
  • That is the case of the Companions when they listened and recited the Great Quran, and their example in that was Nina Muhammad.
  • The imam of the humble, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.
  • As we will mention shortly, Listening to Quran recitation enhances mental powers.
Importance Listen to Quran recitation
Importance Listen to Quran recitation

Electrical frequencies

The electrical frequencies emitted by the sounds of reciting the Holy Quran are effective nourishment for the mind and soul together.

Listen to Quran recitation makes the mind enlighten

  • Listening to the Quran makes the mind emit a stream of energies and frequencies that are scientifically known as: “the waves of the mind.
  • If you really want to provide your mind with nourishing sound waves.
  • Listen to the Noble Quran and listen carefully to its verses and watch how your mental powers increase, and how to become creative in your thinking?

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Listen to Quran recitation daily

In the following lines we will mention the benefits of Listen to Quran recitation:

Hearing the Noble Quran is a reason for guiding mankind and the jinn

  • Where the Noble Quran described those who listen to the Quran as having sound rational minds.
  • That is why they follow the best saying, and the best saying is the word of Allah – the Mighty and Sublime.
  • Then the words of his Prophet – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.
  • In addition, Allah Almighty promised them guidance for the best of words, deeds, and morals, both outward and inward.

Hearing the Quran is a reason for tears in the eyes and reverence of the heart

  • As it happened when the Messenger of Allah – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – asked Abdullah bin Masoud to recite the Quran to him.
  • He said: “Recite to me.” He said: “I said: Will it be recited to you, and upon you has it been revealed?
  • desire to hear it from someone else.
  • He said: I recited to women even when they reached puberty.
  • The request of the Messenger – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – may have been to hear the Noble Quran; To learn and understand.
  • Because the listener has the ability to reflect on verses more than the reader, listening is more effective in understanding and reflecting on his reading of it himself.

Hearing the Noble Quran is a reason for Allah’s mercy

Where he – the Almighty – enjoined on his honorable soul mercy for the listener of the Quran if he fulfilled the conditions for listening and being attentive.

Listening to the Noble Quran is worship

Just as the Holy Quran is worshiped by reciting it, listening to it is also an act of worship to Allah Almighty.

Etiquette of reading the Noble Quran

There are many etiquettes for reading the Noble Quran, including:

  • The sincerity of intention to Allah – the Mighty and Sublime – when reading the Noble Quran.
  • toothache; As stated in the Sunnah of the Prophet, it starts from the right side of the mouth.
  • purity; If he recites the Quran in a state of hadith, it is permissible for him to do so, even if the reciter by doing this has committed the abomination and left the best.
  • Read the Noble Quran in a clean place; Therefore, it is desirable to read in the mosque; Because it is clean.
  • In addition to that, he achieves another virtue, which is seclusion.
  • However, it must be noted that before entering the mosque, it is preferable for a Muslim to make the intention.
  • Facing the qiblah when reciting the Noble Quran, and sitting with reverence and dignity.
  • It must be pointed out that it is permissible to recite while standing or lying down, but the reward for sitting recitation is better.
  • Glorify the Noble Quran by avoiding talking during its recitation, and avoiding looking at what distracts the mind.
  • Reciting the Noble Quran from the Mus-haf is better than reciting it by heart.
  • Because looking at the Quran is an act of worship for which the reader will be rewarded.
  • Where reading and consideration meet.
  • Avoid thinning the voice while reading.
  • Stop reading when you yawn until it is gone.

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