He is Bilal ibn Rabah al-Qurashi al-Taymi – may Allah be pleased with him – the slave of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq – may Allah be pleased with him – and his mother is a pigeon, and he was nicknamed Abu Abd al-Rahman.

Bilal rabah was born in Sarat in the people of Levant, a loyalist of Bani Taym, Abu Omar said about him: He has a brother whose name is Khaled, and a sister called Ghufaira or Aqrah, and she is the slave of Omar bin Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him.

Bilal bin rabah (بلال بن رباح ) was loyal to Banu Jumah from Quraysh. He declared his conversion to Islam and Umayyah bin Khalaf tortured him until the Prophet, may Allah bless him and his family, freed him. He was a trustee of the Bait al-Mal and a participant in all wars.

Throughout the life of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, he remained a special muezzin for him during his travels and his presence, and after the death of the Prophet, he did not call the azan.

when was bilal ibn rabah born?

First black Muslim Bilal was born three years after the Year of the Elephant.

where was bilal ibn rabah born?

Bilal ibnn Rabah or bilal azan as he was known, was born in Mecca.

who were bilal ibn rabah’s parents?

Bilal ibn Rabah mother was a hamama who was loyal to Bani Jumah.

did bilal ibn rabah have a sister?

Abu Omar said: bilal rabah had a brother named Khaled and a sister named Afra, but he was not born to him.

was bilal ibn rabah born a slave?

Yes, bilal bin rabah was the mawla of Banu Jamh until the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, freed him.

who owned bilal ibn rabah as a slave?

First black Muslim bilal bilal azan was a slave of Abdullah bin Jadaan.

how was bilal ibn rabah freed?

Umayyah bin Khalaf was beating Bilal with a whip, and Abu Bakr bought it, released him, and became free. After the migration of the Messenger of Allah and the Muslims to Medina.

The Messenger made a brotherhood between Bilal and Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah, and the Messenger of Allah prescribed the call to prayer and chose Bilal to be the first muezzin in Islam.

when bilal ibn rabah was freed?

Bilal ibn Rabah believed in the Battle of Badr, that battle whose motto the Messenger – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – commanded to be (One of the Ends).

Ibn Khalaf, I did not survive if he survived) and Abd al-Rahman Ibn Awf could not do anything after the Muslims gathered against him and Bilal threw Umayyah’s body, which fell under the swords for a long time, then ran away from him quickly and his voice shouted someone.”

what was bilal ibn rabah skin complexion?

Bilal rabah – may Allah be pleased with him – is characterized from an ethical point of view as a man of severe blood; i.e. tan, skinny, tall, and fairer; That is, he leans his upper back against his chest, and he has light cross-sections, as he used to have a lot of hair, and he does not change his gray hair.

was bilal ibn rabah married?

Scholars agreed that bilal bin rabah was married, but the accounts differed, on who exactly is his wife.

bilal ibn rabah wife

The biographies mentioned that first black Muslim bilal– may Allah be pleased with him – had married Hind Al-Khawlani, but she did not have any children. It has no consequence, as Ibn Ishaq and others mentioned.

bilal ibn rabah story

The story of the torture of Bilal bin Rabah

After bilal azan declared Islam, the polytheists began torturing him, as he owned umaya Ben Khalaf, making a rope in his neck and pushing him to the boys playing with him, saying, “Someone, ” and his master, Amaya, took him out in the afternoon into the hot sand.

He puts a great rock on his chest, threatens to keep him so until he dies or returns from His Islam and worships their idols, and he says to him: Someone, as he was over-torturing him to return from His Islam, but Bilala remained patient and steadfast in his religion.

On the other hand, Abu Jahl tortured him, making him towards the sun, putting mercy on him until the sun melted him, and ordering him to disbelieve in Allah, but without Allah’s satisfaction with him, he remained steadfast in his Islam.

Bilal ibn Rabah was one of the believers who suffered greatly from the disbelievers because of his Islam, and they insisted on him to disbelieve in Allah, but he was meeting all of this with rejection, and he was saying.

One, and he says, “If I knew a word that angered them more than I would tell them,” Ibn Saad stated that one of the types of torture he encountered because of his Islam was that they were taking him and providing him with a snout, and telling him, 

“Allah, Allah, Allah, and condolences.” One of them, sometimes answers them: There is no Allah but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, so Abu Bakr bought it, and then I arrested him, to save him from torturing them.

The story of Islam Bilal bin Rabah

Bilal rabah, may Allah rest his soul, was the first to believe in the slaves, where he was caring for a sheep for Abdullah bin Jadaan.

And the Prophet saw him, peace be upon him, retired in the laurel with Abu Bakr, may Allah rest his soul, and called him and asked him for milk, and he told him that he had only one sheep with him, and asked him to bring it.

The Prophet milked it, and he drank until it was raised, and then Abu Bakr and Bilal, may Allah bless them, were thrown out of it, and the shah was more active than it was, and the Prophet invited him to Islam, and he Islamized.

Bilal bin rabah kept coming to the same place for three days to learn Islam. Abu Jahl passed by Abdullah bin Jadaan and told them that their sheep had been growing for three days and that Bilal went to the pasture of Abu Lashaba’s son, preventing first black muslim bilal from going to the place.

One day he entered the Kaaba, and he turned and did not see anyone from Quraysh, so he spat on the idols and said: “Disappointed and lost from Abdken”, so Quraysh did so.

So Bilal ibn Rabah fled to the house of his master Abdullah bin Jadaan after he was asked by Quraysh, and Abdullah took him out to them, and gave it to Abu Jahl and Amaya Ben Khalaf, to do whatever they wanted.

The status of Bilal bin Rabah

Our master  Bilal ibn Rabah was highly regarded by the Prophet Muhammad, for Abu Hurira narrated about the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as he told Bilal at morning prayers: “Tell me about the work I did in Islam, I heard tonight the hiding of your slippers in my hands in paradise.”

Bilal rabah said: “I did not do a job, I hope that I did not completely cleanse in an hour of the night and no day, except to pray to my Lord what was written to me to pray,” and Anas ibn Malik recounted about the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, saying: Race four: I am a former Arab, and Salman is a former Persian.

“We were with the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, six people, and the polytheists said, “Expel these people from you, so they don’t dare us, and I, the son of Massoud, Bilal, a man from Deli and others, were me,” he said.

So, may Allah almighty not expel those who call their Lord for food and life, they want his face, whatever you have to do with them and nothing from your account on them.

So you expel them, so you are oppressors, and you are one of the oppressors, and we have fascinated each other to say that those are from Allah among us, isn’t Allah aware of the thankfulness?}

Yahya bin Saeed al-Ansari recounted that Omar ibn al-Khattab mentioned Fadl Abu Bakr, so he described his necks, and then said: This is our master Bilal Hasna of his good deeds, and it is no better than the words of Our Lord Omar, may Allah rest his soul: Abu Bakr our master, and I think of our master.

The story of Jihad Bilal bin Rabah

1- Badr Day

Fighting between Muslims and the Army of Quraysh began, and Bilal ibn Rabah within the Muslim army, and as the battle came to an end.

The head of disbelief hinted at The Nation of Ibn Khalaf, our master, and our role force, Abdul Rahman bin Ouf, the owner of the Messenger of Allah, took refuge in him and asked him to be his captive, please save his life.

Bilal bin rabah revealed to him: Ras al-Kufr, Amaya Bin Khalaf! I do not survive if he survives, and he raises his sword to behead him, and Abderrahmane Ben Ouf shouted: Bilal is a prisoner, Bilal felt that he alone would not be able to break into his brother’s fever in religion;

2- Al-fath Day

First black muslim bilal lived with the Messenger of Allah and witnessed with him all the scenes, and he was getting closer to the heart of the Messenger of Allah.

who described him as a man of paradise, and came to open Mecca, and the Messenger of Allah entered the Kaaba with Bilal and ordered him to be authorized, so Bilal went up, Allah satisfied with him – over the Kaaba and ear.

Bilal bin Rabah Is The muezzin of the Messenger of Allah

When the Messenger of Allah died, Abu Bilal, may Allah bless him, authorize anyone after the Prophet, peace be upon him, to be authorized only once to appeal to him to be authorized.

And he authorized until he was told that “I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”, and he broke down in tears, and he could not make the adhan.

Bilal ibn Rabah came to caliph Abu Bakr al-Siddiq asking him to authorize him to participate in the conquests, and Abu Bakr answered him: I appeal to you by Allah, Bilal, and my sanctity and right, I have grown up and weakened, and approached my time, so he stayed with him until Abu.

 When one day I was cleared and then I prayed, if the polytheist had been accepted into a gang of merchants, when he saw me, he said, “Habshi! I said, “Oh, my Allah, you’re ignorant of me.

And he said to me, “Do you know how much you have between you and the month?” He said: I said, “Close, ” he said, “But between you and him there are four, so I will take you with what you have, so I want you to graze the sheep as you were before.

So he took into me what is taken in the soul of people, even if I prayed darkness, and the Messenger of Allah returned to his family and I asked for permission, so I said, O Messenger of Allah.

With my father, you, and my mother, the polytheism from which I was condemned told me so and so, and you have nothing to do with me and I have nothing to do with me.

He is scandalous, so he authorized me to speak to some of these living people who have been Muslim so that Allah may give his Messenger what he will kill me, so I went out even if I came home.

So I made my sword, my grap, my top, and my genie in my head. Even if the first column of the morning broke, I wanted to go, so if a person seeks to pray: Bilal, answer the Messenger of Allah, so I set off.

Until I came to him, if four passengers had their loads on them, I would ask for permission, and the Messenger of Allah said to me, “Preach, Allah has brought you your justice”, and then he said.

“Haven’t the passengers seen the four climates? I said, “Yes, he said, “You have their necks and what they have to do, they have clothing and food to give them to me, so take them.

And spend your religion, so you did and mentioned hadith, and then I set off to the mosque, and if the Messenger of Allah is sitting in the mosque, then I say hello to him and he said.

What did he do before you? I said: Allah has destroyed everything that was on the Messenger of Allah, so there is nothing left that said.

The best thing? I said: Yes, he said: Look, to comfort me from him, I am not in on any of my family until you relieve me of him, and when the Messenger of Allah prayed the darkness called me.

He said, “What did he do before you?” He said: I said: He is with me, I said: Allah has relieved you from him, Messenger of Allah, in the mosque, and he cut the hadith even if he prayed the darkness, I mean from tomorrow he called me, he said: What did he do before you said: I said: Allah has relieved you from him, Messenger of Allah;

Bukhari narrated in his support of Abdullah ibn Abi Qatada, about his father, who said: We walked with the Prophet Laila, and some people said: If you married us, Messenger of Allah, he said, “I fear that you will sleep from prayer,” Bilal said: I wake you up, they will be happy.

Bilal ibn Rabah turned his back on his departure and his eyes beat him and he slept, and the Prophet woke up and the sunbed came out, and he said.

Bilal bin rabah, where did you say that? He said: “Allah wills your souls when he wants, and he answers them to you when he wants, Bilal, so he authorized people to pray.”

As for Abu Saeed al-Khedri about bilal rabah, he said: The Messenger of Allah said, “Bilal, throw Allah poor, and don’t find him rich.” He said: “If you have a living, do not hide, and if asked, do not prevent.” He said: I said, “How can I do that, Messenger of Allah?” He said: It is that or it is fire.

His novel of prophetic talk

Our Master Bilal ibn Rabah narrated about the Messenger of Allah, many hadiths about him, narrated about our master Bilal: Abdullah bin Umar and Abu Osman al-Nahdi, Al-Aswad bin Yazid al-Nakhi, Abdul Rahman bin Abi Leila, Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, Omar bin Khattab.

And Osama bin Zeid, Kaab bin Ajara, Abdul Rahman bin Asila al-Sanabihi, Abu Idris al-Kholani, Saeed bin Al-Musayib, Hakam Ben Mina, Ali bin Abi Talib, Abdullah bin Massoud, Jaber bin Abdullah bin Amr bin Haram.

And Abu Saeed al-Khedri, Al-Bara bin Ahab, Al-Harth bin Maaouiya, Suhail bin Abi Jandal, Suwaid bin Gahla, Shaddad Mola Iyadh bin Amer, Shahr bin Hoshab, Tarek bin Shihab, Qubisa bin Da’ib, Naeem bin Ziad, Abu Ziada al-Bakri, Abu Salma al-Homsi and Abu Amer al-Houzni.

Ibn Mukhald for bilal rabah was counted in his 44-year-old post, including four hadiths, one agreed upon, and Bukhari was singled out for two hadiths, and a Muslim with a suspended hadith and Ibn Majeh narrated his support.

About bilal bin rabah said that the Prophet told him the day after the gathering: “Bilal, silence the people or listen to the people,” and then said, “Allah prolongs you in collecting you this, give your abuser to your benefactor, and give your benefactor what he asked, pay in the name of Allah.”

As for Bilal, he said: I authorized a cold day, and the Prophet came out and did not see anyone in the mosque, and he said, “Where are the people?” “Allah, go cold,” he said, “I saw them go in prayer.

what was the reward of bilal ibn rabah ra?

Our master Bilal ibn Rabah had a great position with the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him. Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated on the authority of the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

That he said to bilal rabah at the morning prayer, tell me of the most hopeful deed you have done in Islam; Tonight I heard your sandals clap before my hands in Paradise.

So Bilal said, I have not done a deed that is more hopeful than that I did not perform a complete purification in an hour of the night or the day, except that I prayed to my Lord as He has not decreed for me to pray.

And in another narration by Anas bin Malik on the authority of the Prophet, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, the race is four: I precede the Arabs, Salman precedes the Persians, bilal bin rabah precedes Abyssinia, and Suhaib precedes the Romans.

facts about bilal ibn rabah 

Information about Sahabi Bilal bin Rabah

His name is Bilal ibn Rabah al-Habshi, his nickname Abu Abdullah, a former to Islam, fought with the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – all the invasions.

So when the prophet of Allah died, and then stopped calling, his mother Dove, the mawla of Bani Jameh, and he was very tan, thin-bodied, tall, light-looking, with thick, dark hair. 

Manaqab Bilal bin Rabah 

is the first to authorize the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, and the first to enter Islam from slaves and Abyssinia, and after entering Islam he was subjected to severe torment by Quraysh infidels, so Quraysh was subjected to the heat of the noon sun in Mecca by putting his chest on the stones of the desert, which is fixed on his religion, he says and repeats: “One of them.”

He was one of the examiners in their religion who is steadfast in his religion, who is dependent on Allah, who is confident of Allah’s support for him, and remained so until Abu Bakr al-Siddiq bought him from his lord and arrested him.

Omar said: “Abu Bakr is our master and I have freed our master,” and he was one of the companions who was distinguished by their wealth and his many worships.

And when he emigrated to Damascus he worked as a teacher in addition to the reason for which he emigrated, namely jihad for the sake of Allah, and he was appointed by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, to betray the house of Muslim money.

Characteristics of Bilal bin Rabah 

Our master was without a very tan and thin Rabah, and he was very tall, thick-haired, his voice beautiful and single.

So he did not like to hear any of the words of praise and praise, and he was also always shy, turning his eyes and bowing his head, and he always said I was a Habshi yesterday I was a slave.

He even went one day to propose to himself and his brother a couple and said to their father, I am Bilal and this is my brother, two slaves from Abyssinia.

We were lost, god destroyed us, and we were slaves, so Allah thought to us that if they marry us, thank Allah, and if you prevent us, Allah is greater, May Allah blesses our master, Bilal.

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how did bilal ibn rabah die?

It was said that the great companion Bilal ibn Rabah, may Allah be pleased with him, died of the plague of Emmaus, and that was during the caliphate of Omar bin Al-Khattab – may Allah be pleased with him.

When bilal rabah asked him for permission to go out to the Levant stationed for the sake of Allah – the Highest – so he stayed there for a while and then died in Damascus in the twentieth year of Migration and it was said eighteen or seventeen years of migration.

At the age of sixty years old, he was buried – may Allah be pleased with him – at Bab al-Saghir in the Damascus cemetery, and it was said in Aleppo, and it was said at Bab Kisan. 

where did bilal ibn rabah die?

Bilal bin rabah – may Allah be pleased with him – died in Damascus, and it was said: in Aleppo, in the twentieth year of the Hijrah, and it was said: in the eighteenth year of the Hijrah. He died in the twenty-first year of the Hijrah, when he was seventy years old.

It was said that he died in Damascus in the twentieth year of the Hijrah, and he was over sixty years old. 

It is one of the villages of Damascus in Ghouta, and was buried in the Damascus cemetery at the small door, and upon his death, he said: “Tomorrow we will meet the loved ones, Muhammad and his party.”

how old was bilal ibn rabah before he died?

First black muslim bilal passed away in the twentieth year of the Hijrah, and he was sixty years old, and he was buried at Bab al-Saghir in the Damascus cemetery.

In the end, Bilal ibn Rabah is one of the companions of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, and of Abyssinian origin, and his mother was a hamama, a slave of Banu Jamh, and he was tortured a lot for renouncing Islam.

So bilal rabah tasted many types of torture, by Umayyah Khalaf. On the ground, he puts a very large rock on top of him, and says: (He will continue to do so until he dies or disbelieves in Muhammad), bilal bin rabah refuses, saying: (My Lord is Allah, He is one of the Ones, and if I knew a word that I memorized for you, I would have said it).